DELL - Where is the Vision?

February 25, 2012

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Hi there, I have just spoken to a Senior Sales Manager at Dell for the purchase of a phone & tablet. I am hugely disappointed that they do not have any options. Under the mobile phone section, u have only the Dell Venue Pro which is more expensive that the Dell Venue & does not have the 8MP camera that the original Dell Venue has among other features. Hence, I am made to believe I am paying a lot more for the Window's license on the Dell Venue Pro. U have discontinued the Dell XCD35 which was another reasonably priced option which I dont understand wh? In the tablet section u do not have the Streak 5 or 7 available & ur sales team r not sure when it will be available again..... When I spoke to ur sales team about theĀ lack of options in the phones segment, he said that is because Dell is a Computer Manufacturing Company. How come u do not have tablets then? Why r u not keeping upto date with technology. All u have for the home users are laptops & desktops. how many home users prefer desktops today?
A noteĀ about warranty: I purchase Dell products for its extended warranty. I currently have a 4 yr global warranty (NBD) for my Dell Studio 1558 laptop. This type of warranty is not seen in the mobile phones or tablets (if one is available)? Today, I have to pay as much for a Dell Venue Pro mobile phone as for a Dell Desktop. Then why cant I get the same type of warranty as I am putting the same amount of money at risk? I somehow feel that Dell needs to relook at what they r doing for the Home Users...................................