Vostro 3555 never run at top speed. Need bios fix!!!

September 22, 2011

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I'm pretty sure Vostro 3555 bios does not support AMD Fusion APUs correctly. These APUs are run lower frequency as advertised, which is not fair from Dell. I've tested Fusion laptops with A4, A6, A8 APU and seems Dells A8 APU run slower than even HPs A4 APUs.

 Lets see some benchmark (I try to link official scores as much as possible):


Dell Vostro 3555 A8-3500M 6GB Ram:

3DMark2001SE: 15023

3DMark2003: 10859


HP Pavilion G4 A4-3300M 6GB Ram:

3DMark2001SE: 17659

3DMark2003: 14413


Dell Vostro 3555 A8-3500M 6GB Ram:

CB10 Rendering Single 32Bit: 1598

CB10 Rendering Single 64Bit: 2085

CB10 Rendering Multi 32Bit: 5171

CB10 Rendering Multi 64Bit: 6852

CB10 OpenGL 32Bit: 3536

CB10 OpenGL 64Bit: 3546

CB R11.5 CPU 64Bit: 1.88

CB R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit: 16.06 fps


Samsung Serie 3 305V5A-S01DE A6-3410MX 6GB Ram:

CB10 Rendering Single 32Bit:1713

CB10 Rendering Single 64Bit:2209

CB10 Rendering Multi 32Bit: 5617

CB10 Rendering Multi 64Bit: 7226

CB10 OpenGL 32Bit: 3884

CB10 OpenGL 64Bit: 3986

CB R11.5 CPU 64Bit: 2.03

CB R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit: 20.34 fps


I hope after these examples nobody will doubt me, that Vostro 3555 far not as fast as supposed to. If yes, I will link lot more examples.


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