What do You do if Your Roku Remote Stops Working?

December 14, 2017

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Using your Roku device and not able to use properly as your Roku remote is not working well. Stabbing at the buttons on your remote and nothing happens.  The electronics devices can show fault anytime but don’t worry if your Roku remote shows a problem. Roku customer service is also available for user support if you face the problem with your remote. Contact us anytime, or you can also try some tricks to make your remote working before contacting us.

Do not throw away your Roku remote and buy a new one before trying these simple steps to solve your remote problem. Here is the solution for your Roku remote troubleshooting problems. The steps are given below:

  • Set up a new pair of alkaline batteries in your remote.
  • The batteries are fitted properly in the compartment.
  • Open the battery cover then hold and press that pairing button to release.
  • You can see a green light flashing that can be found inside the battery compartment or in the front.
  • If the green light flashes out to watch your TV screen in a few moments you will see the remote pairing screen.
  •  Still, if your Roku remote is not working then try power cycling the Roku player.
  • From your remote unplug the Roku player first.  
  • Again remove the batteries to plug the Roku player.
  • If you see the Roku logo fill your screen, place the batteries back into your remote.
  • If you don’t see this screen hold and press the pairing button until the green light starts flashing about 3 seconds.
Still, if you find any trouble with your Roku remote feels free to contact us for the solution of Roku problem by dialing a call at Roku customer service number. The experts here are always available to provide support for your problems.