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Battery Life

Mar 20, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

We all have the technology that we carry everywhere with us, and it always seems to die before we are done using it. I know, personally, I am tired of carrying around multiple chargers in my daily bag for all my techonology devices. Maybe if we could evolve the way we charge our tech products? By the sun, energy, longer batteries being installed, etc. I think solar powered charging could be really beneficial, especially people who do not have the benefit of working inside with plugs. 

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Upgrade Parts Availability and Inventory

Oct 25, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Things have been really heading South between Dell and me lately.   Within 2 weeks I now have two products, of which I've been trying to purchase additional supplies for and I cannot.1) MD 3220i Storage Array.    Consists of 12, 7200rpm 500G drives.     I would like to expand my array by adding more hard drives.  Can I do that?   No. Dell doesn't carry these anymore.    Can I just get any 2.5" 7200rpm drive and use it?   No.  Has to be Dell branded with the firmware that is compatible with a Dell 3220i.Only solution - purchase expensive SSD drives and segment my array.  I can still extend my warranty for another 2 years, but the upgrades for it will be non-existant.2) Dell M115HD projectorAttempted to get a new bulb for it today.   Dell rep says, "Sorry, this part is not avialable and we won't know when it will be."    Unit was purchased in 2014 with a 30,000 hr bulb.  That's around 3.4 years of use. We didn't even get to a fraction of that and now this part is unavailable.  That would significantly imply that Dell has ran out of these bulbs because everyone else who purchased this M115HD has also burned out their bulb?As reference: Remember the Dell 1765C printer that Dell used to sell back in 2013?  In less than 1 year it was removed from the shelf.  No warning. Most companies try to keep their consumables the same so they're not ordering several types of toner.  So what do we tell our clients (one who happens to have bought 5 of these Dell C1765 printers) that they're no longer available?   Typical response from Dell, "Get the new E525".  Great! But are the toners compatible from the C1765 to the E525?   Nope.  If you put them side by side though, you won't be able to tell.  (IDEA) As a dedicated Dell customer and reseller, Dell needs to revamp its inventory process.There is absoluely no reason why any Dell customer should spend this much money and suprisingly find out that: 1) Its unknown as to when parts will be available and 2) Additional parts or upgrades are no longer available (even if your system is under warranty).Many of you should ask your Dell Account Representative:  If I buy this Dell product, will I have the availablity of getting upgrade parts for it in the future?  Granted, we all have our reasonable timelines as to when we can expect a merchant to keep items on hand, but lately, this hasn't been the case.   Everything points to bad logistics on Dell's part and Dell's customers are taking the hit for it. 

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serverless and IOT

Sep 27, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

The Internet of things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. using this we can create a hub of wireless network where all these devices are connected intermidiately on the same network and the exchange of data takes places between the devices without the necessity of servers. Here devices are peer to peer. only the required information will be exchanged between each other devices. This creates a serverless platform where data exchange can be made more accurate and reliable by using some techniques of data compression so whatever the data stored on the internet can be compressed and divide and deposit the data on each device that are connected on our network. Here only we need a strong server and no else where servers are required. this can help in bringing big data solution and also saving up power consumed by servers and also a way to change the concept of internet access. 

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Pure Air PC

Dec 5, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I would like to present to you interesting idea to make the cases for desktops better home and office equipment.   Every desktop collects inside the dust. At the same time, it moves more than 1.000 CF of the air every hour, 2-4 times the volume of the air in small room or individual office space.   When the interior of the desktop is coated with FNNANO and illuminated by UVA LED, the desktop will efficiently purify all the passing air, it will eliminate the contamination in the room and it will reduce the inside dust, keeping the fast rate of processing data.   We can achieve three concepts at once: help clean the environment, share the pure room concept and make the PC run faster.   If you are interested to develop this option with us we would be happy to provide more details.

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Emergency Power Unit (EPU)

Feb 15, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

FUNCTIONS Its an Emergency Power Unit When Charging the laptop main battery, energy from the main battery is also stored into the Emergency Power Unit (EPU). It is also compatible with wireless charging.The Emergency Power Unit (EPU) lasts for 48 this way, users avoid charging their Laptops on a daily basis as it saves time. eg: Monday, Wednesday etc.It works similarily to the Uninterupted Power System (UPS).it main purpose is to allow Laptop users to user their Laptop longer as the main function of the Emergency  Power Unit (EPU) is to provide longer lasting power for Laptops. LOCATION The Emergency Power Unit (EPU) is mounted onto the Laptop, next to the main battery.

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Preconfigured mirroring (RAID1) on every PC with 2 disks

Apr 13, 2007

13 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

Every Desktop and Notebook which has at least 2 disk slots should be optionally availible with preconfigured RAID1 managed by the motherboard RAID controller The obvious objective is to almost transparently survive disk crashes for casual users. Reinstalling after a crash si a several day long nightmare, even if you have backed up your data , which is itself a nightmare, considering these data are spread everyware. So most casual users do nothing and live with this sword of Damocles hanging above. SW RAID managed by Windows is not an attractive option; not available with basic XP, difficult to setup. HW based RAID preconfigured at BIOS level is transparent and relatively easy to live with. Wasting 50% of disk space is not a problem with the tiny GB price we see today. Preconfigured RAID 1 exists in Dell line but is limited to very few high end workstations and servers. Status Update Please see mano_g's comment

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Add an SSD HD option to all notebooks configurations

Jul 6, 2007

68 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

As notebook mobility is becoming more and more important, battery autonomy and NOT available disk space is becoming a major decisive factor.It would thus be very useful to be able to build a notebook without the standard power guzzling hard drive.A Solid State Device HD would lower heat generation and lower power consumption. Status UpdateGreat idea! We are already offering SSDs on some of our products.

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This amazing supercomputer is a Dell - but few know about it.

Jul 5, 2007

33 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

This amazing supercomputer that apparently went in to operation 3 days ago is a Dell. Yet looking for info on Dell's web site it's so hard to find (I couldn't find it) that feels like they're embarrassed of it. Did Dell just overlook a great marketing opportunity? Or does Dell have some other reason not to make as hard to find on their web site as other Dell products running the same family of operating systems? NCSA: A look inside one of the world's most capable supercomputer facilities ... Abe is the latest supercomputer to join NCSA. It is scheduled to go into full production on Monday, July 2, 2007. It's currently operating at full capacity and is rated #8 in the world. It operates at a maximum computing capacity of just under 90 teraflops. Its sustained computing capacity is documented at around 63 teraflops. It is a Linux-based cluster comprised of 1200 Dell PowerEdge 1955s blades. Each blade sports two 2.33 GHz Quad-Core Xeons (Clovertown core) on a 1333 GHz FSB operating in Intel64 mode (true 64-bit computing). That's 2400 physical processors housing 9600 cores. The system communicates with itself and the outside world using an Infiniband network at 10 Gbps. It has 200 TB of disk storage and each core has a dedicated GB of memory all to itself, resulting 9.6 TB of DDR2 memory total. ... #90 - “Tungstenâ€� - 2003 – 16.4 teraflops debuted at #3 in the a Red Hat Linux-based cluster comprised of 1750 Dell PowerEdge 1750 Yet when I go to and look for more info: some stuff on Abe Milstein, but nothing on this impressive Dell computer. I see a bunch of old news about 2005 and 2002 computers; but if the newest, most impressive ones are in there, you don't make it easy to find. Ideas: Put a block describing this stunningly impressive Abe computer in your (small and large) business and government Server pages like this one:  Put a block describing this stunningly impressive Abe computer in the rotation on the big spot on your home page. Yes, I know not many customers will buy that exact same computer; but they might want to buy a scaled down version. And it'll let them know that Dell can grow with them however big there needs are; while I suspect most people's first impression is that Dell is more the small windows-file-server vendor rather than serious computers.  Make a whitepaper that describes in detail the hardware & software used to make a computer like this one. in case you do have customers that want to build a scaled down version of this.   Or can't you let people know that you made one of the most impressive computers in the world because it runs Linux - so you bury it in hidden parts of the web site like your Ubuntu products? Status Update Dell has had a longstanding relationship with NCSA and we're really proud of the work that's being done on Dell systems. To read more about Dell's high-performance computing clusters click here.

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