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IdeaStorm Feedback - Actual Dell Rep Respond to Posters of Ideas

Wed Nov 01 16:04:27 GMT 2017 - Nov 1, 2017

Its almost as if Dell has abandoned this site.   Check the "Storm Sessions" tab.  Nothing.
The only thing you will find there is if you check the "view archived sessions" checkbox and those sessions are over 3 years old.  

Then check the list of ideas here.  Page after page after page, of posts with only 1 vote. (The person that submitted them.)   Ideastorm appears to be a "Fire and Forget" website.   Submit your idea and forget about it.
If this site was so important, perhaps we should have heard about it at the last Dell EMC conference, but we did not.

Provide Contact Person for Dell's IdeaStorm

Wed Oct 25 18:23:52 GMT 2017 - Oct 25, 2017

Even acknowledgement that a "Dell Rep" has even reviewed your post.  How does anyone here even know this is reaching Dell?    Good idea CPescher, got my vote.

Clear cart button

Wed Oct 25 17:43:01 GMT 2017 - Oct 25, 2017

I concur.  Not asking Dell much for implementing that idea.

Laptop battery with USB plug for charging phones

Wed Oct 25 17:41:34 GMT 2017 - Oct 25, 2017

Personally, the Dell tablet I bought has this for an accessory and its a great fit for idea your mentioning.
Its a Dell Companion.  (
Even though its extra power for my Dell tablet, I can also use it for my cell phone. I keep it in my backpack so if my tablet is running low or my phone, walla.. up and running with enough battery power to get me through the day.



Sun Oct 15 17:57:41 GMT 2017 - Oct 15, 2017

Google Translate.
All computer equipment and appliances require wires to be connected to the electricity to operate or to recharge energy, these cables are unsightly generate more expenses to hide them so it would be great to have wireless computers that charge with solar energy or some other way, the ideal is to eliminate these devices cables, in addition in the cases of those who use a laptop and the battery is discharged an emergency outlet has to be searched urgently and sometimes there is no one nearby so my need as user of is that computers and devices are wireless.


Sun Oct 15 17:56:23 GMT 2017 - Oct 15, 2017

Google Translate.

One option that could help raise awareness about the environment could be to propose to take your old laptop and be the equipment of a new one that has a fast processor and that has as energy load the sunlight, or an integrated panel, because at
having a solar panel we would get load naturally, which prevents the environment of garbage that does not decompose easily and thus achieve a recycling revolution


Sun Oct 08 05:48:15 GMT 2017 - Oct 8, 2017

Google Translate.
They should make a campaign for DELL and competition users to renew their equipment as part of payment and receive their used equipment as part of payment for the new, this value must be established according to the state and seniority of the equipment used.

With this, users can renew and opt to do so and DELL also contributes to the planet, recycling parts and parts and managing waste in a responsible way.

Inteligencia artificial

Sun Oct 08 05:47:14 GMT 2017 - Oct 8, 2017

Google Translate.
It would be very useful for DEL to incorporate artificial intelligence software (similar to Apple's SIRI) that helps browsers interact with the machine easier, especially for people with physical disabilities.


Sun Oct 08 05:46:11 GMT 2017 - Oct 8, 2017

Google Translate.
As a DELL consumer it would be important to have your own chat software, the same that is installed on all computers, be these desktop or laptops, which will allow consumers to have online answers to their different problems or needs, customers DELL will not have to wait for a response via email. As a consumer it is ideal to have an agile and timely response to the inconveniences presented, this chat should have the versatility to connect to any device, this in cases where the DELL team has suffered technical problems that prevent the communication through the chat

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