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Dell Tablet PC

Feb 17, 2007

1138 Votes

Status: Implemented

The XPS and E series notebooks are great, but a move into making 12.1 and 14.1 inch tablet PC convertible notebooks would be fantastic. I can easily see the m1210 and the e1405 being ported to the tablet medium. Status Update Check out what Glenn from the tablet team has to say about the Latitude XT.

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Ubuntu on 12.1 or 13.3 inch laptops

May 31, 2007

1103 Votes

Status: Implemented

Preload Ubuntu on your 12.1 (XPS M1210) or 13.3 inch (XPS M1330) laptops. As it is now, there's only one choice for a laptop, and that choice is not a light laptop. The 12.1 inch and 13.3 inch laptops are much better to carry around than heavy 15 inch++ laptops. Status Update Check out the 13.3 details here Check out the 12.1 details here

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Now You Choose - Concept 2

Apr 25, 2007

785 Votes

Status: Implemented

Participate in the product design process! Dell is using IdeaStorm to decide between two new product design concepts. Vote on your favorite and weigh in to tell us what you think. When we unveiled the XPS 710 H2C at CES this year, we also uncovered it. There were a limited number of systems sprinkled throughout the show floor that had a clear side panel allowing easy viewing of the patent-pending two-stage H2C liquid cooling system. Since then, more than a few people have suggested we offer a “panel with a view� as an option for our XPS 710 line. Now we need you to vote for one of these two options and, most importantly, share some reasons why you like it. This “Now You Decide� vote campaign will be open from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, May 11. The design that gets the most votes will be featured in a future generation of XPS gaming desktops. Status Update Check out the latest Idea in Action on the new XPS 730.

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Please make Ubuntu XPS Notebook cheaper than XPS Vista Notebook

May 26, 2008

742 Votes

Status: Implemented

Hi, I have tested the price of the default Vista-Notebook XPS M1330 (in Germany) and the Ubuntuversion with the same Configuration. The result was amazing :(: Vistaversion: 909,00 € Linuxversion: 923,44 € Is Vista cheaper than Ubuntu?? I can not imagine. So my wish: Make Ubuntu-Laptops competitive! Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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15.4 size XPS system

Feb 17, 2007

263 Votes

Status: Implemented

I think theyre needs to be another 15.4" size XPS system, currently the XPS lineup has no middle ground, theres either the m1210 which is too small, or the m1710 which is too large ( I dont count the m2010, since its not really a laptop, its more of its own hybrid desktop/laptop comptuer thing) use the e1505 chassis, give it the cool XPS lights, and a D-dock connectior below Status Update Check out the Idea in Action post for details about our new 15in system.

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XPS M1530 Resolution ??

Nov 27, 2007

140 Votes

Status: Implemented

SCREEN RESOLUTIONS for XPS Laptop Line Why on God's green earth would Dell throw in such a cheapy LCD screen into the XPS 1530 ? I've been waiting for this laptop religously since it was 'announced', in the hope of a 1680x1050 screen, or at LEAST 1440x900. What is this, Dell ? Are you trying to scare away your customers with blocky icons and low resolutions ? Ok, on a less rampaging note .. Is there any possibility this might change in the future ? Would i be foolish to order immediately, only to see a couple of LCD options pop up over the next few days ? Status Update We now offer 1440 x 900 and 1680 x 1050 panels as an option. Take a look at the Direct2Dell blog post on the idea.

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8GB memory support for XPS M1330

Sep 22, 2008

106 Votes

Status: Implemented

Linux Ubuntu x86_64 and Vista x64 editions support 8GB without any hassle. It's an important feature when working e.g. with many virtual machines. Please enhance your BIOS to support 8GB for the XPS M1330! The M1330 features the PM965/GM965 chipset and for this chipset you developed already support for >4GB for the following notebooks. Just reuse the code: . Dell XPS M1730 8GB support . Dell XPS M1530 6GB support . Dell Precision M4400/M6300 8GB support We'd even appreciate this feature as an undocumented and unsupported feature. Just there and working for those who need it. Status Update 8GB memory is now supported in the XPS M1330

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Provide Upgrades for XPS 700 Owners

Feb 20, 2007

61 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dell originally marketed the Dell XPS 700 as a fully featured, fully upgradable gaming computer - this included a motherboard engineered for enthusiasts that you could upgrade down the road if you wanted to. However, a lot of Dell XPS 700 owners are a bit angry over the use of the BTX motherboard. BTX seems to have lost its backing and ATX is the popular standard. Not only that, XPS 700 owners can not upgrade their systems to Quad Core due to the motherboards design, however this issue was fixed in the XPS 710. Lets quote Lionel Menchaca on this one: "For folks that are concerned about future upgradeability, note that the XPS 700 is the first system we’ve introduced that was designed to support an industry-standard BTX system board down the road. This means if you want to swap out the system board down the road, to accommodate future technology, you can. Some custom cables are required for certain connections." Go to or or anywhere else and tell me where you can find a NVIDIA 680i Chipset BTX Motherboard! Didn't think so. There has been a long, long discussion at the Dell Community Forum (Link: regarding the Dell XPS 700, it's issues, and how Dell have seemingly pulled the wool over several peoples eyes. I believe that Dell needs to set the record straight once and for all, either the XPS 700 is fully upgradable or it isn't. Status Update Read more about the XPS 700 upgrades here.

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Start the XPS 700 Exchange program NOW

Jul 1, 2007

50 Votes

Status: Implemented

Deliver on the promise made to XPS 700 customers from the Exchange program that was announced Mar09, 2007 here: Start shipping the kits yesterday! It is ridiculous that the XPS 720 was shipped before this program was ready to go. Status Update Please see jackie_c's comment

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