Vostro 1500 with 7200 RPM harddrive option

Aug 21, 2007

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Status: Implemented

I was really looking forward to getting a Vostro over an Inspiron thanks to its durability, reduced bloatware and Vista Ultimate options but I cannot understand why Dell doesn't include a 7200RPM option. I'd be willing to put up with a delay if the option were made available but why isn't it an option? The HDD is the only thing stopping me and possibly others from making the jump to Vostro as speed is of great importance. I hope this is taken care of soon as the Vostro is otherwise a very slick machine. Status Update A 7200 RPM hard drive is an option on the new Vostro1510.

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Allow non-Dell Certified Drives to work with PERC H700 and H800 RAID controllers

Feb 11, 2010

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Status: Implemented

The newest PERC H700 and H800 RAID Controllers have this new "feature" that should be removed in the next firmware release: "Blocking of non Dell certified drives being used with PERC H700 or PERC H800" That quote was taken directly from perc-technical-guidebook.pdf Dell has confirmed that those controllers will prevent an off-the-shelf SAS or SATA drive from being used.  Right now there is no way around this besides purchasing a different controller. There is NO indication of this "feature" when purchasing the system.   Dell claims that they do this becasue their drive firmware is superior and that they will be selling them for at least 10 years.   What do I do after 10 years? What if I need a replacement NOW and can't wait a few days? What if I don't want to pay Dell's 250% markup on drives when I can get the same drive from the same manufacturer from for less than half the price? I (and many people on the linux-poweredge mailing list) propose this solution: The controller or OMSA should remind the user that the non-Dell drive is not supported by Dell and require the user to acknowledge this before the drive can be used. That way Dell can cover their behind and the user has the freedom they expect from Dell. The current approach of blocking the drive can only be described as greedy.  Especially because Dell does not make an effort to inform people before the purchase the hardware. Status Update:  Please see Dennis_s' comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Deliver M4300 with better Quadro graphics card

Jun 27, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Been using an M70 for two years and was eager to see the Santa Rosa based workstation laptop. Looking for 15.4" as the 17" is too much to carry around and I have a Precision 390 for hardcore work (solid modeling, FEA, CFD) at the office. It would be nice to offer a Precision M4300 with more than just the entry Quadro 360M and an analog VGA port - how about the Quadro 1600M and a DVI. This would give a powerful workstation class notebook that can be carried around. Status Update Please see mano_g's comment

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Dell Disk Space | No More Fears Of Losing Your Data

May 5, 2007

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Status: Implemented

In addition to storage space in your Dell, perhaps Dell should host an extended online storage system to let customers keep their important documents. This could eliminate customer's fear of losing their data. Online space will match your Dell hard drive space  Full back-up or use it as additional storage  Pay for additional space Status Update Please see dennis_s' comment

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AMD cpu's in servers and blade servers

Mar 3, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Dell is loosing sales on servers because you are not offering AMD cpu's for servers. In competition with e.g. HP and IBM for rack mounted servers Dell has no matching offer. As Enterprises are entering into Blade systems and Virtual servers the AMD equiped servers are not available from Dell and you are missing out an opertunity to develop og even stay in that market. Status Update Now offered on the PowerEdge M605

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Compellent Logo on drive carriers

Apr 15, 2011

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Status: Implemented

Following Dell's acqusition of Compellent, it appears that a decision was made to remove the Compellent logo from the front of each drive carrier. I discovered this after purchasing (and recieving just yesterday) a new shelf of 15K SAS disks for my Compellent SAN. Here's the new shelf as installed (the new shelf is on the bottom).As you can see, not only do the new drives not match the rest of the system, but also (and perhaps more importantly) the Compellent branding is significantly decreased, making the array look like a generic no-name disk array. Yes, the Dell|Compellent logo is present on the right-side bezel, but that's a miniscule amount of real-estate compared to having a logo on each drive carrier.Please consider bringing back the Compellent logo on these drive carriers.Thank you![Personal information redacted]

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