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Backlit Keyboards

Feb 21, 2007

3227 Votes

Status: Implemented

I find myself many, many times in dark or poorly lit environments having to guess the various keys - would be fantastic to have a backlit keyboard - with backlit individual keys as the best option. I would actually pay extra for that convenience if the option was available. This could be done for desktops or notebooks. Status Update Please see bill_b's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Desktops and Laptops, Sales Strategies,

Always include all software and driver reinstallation discs for free (or at least let us get the option to)... don't make us pay extra

May 1, 2007

2247 Votes

Status: Implemented

Always include ALL software AND driver reinstallation discs for FREE (or at let us get the option do get the for free if we want as follows)...don't make us pay extra in case that we have a disaster and need to reinstall from scratch...! No Discs Included (Included In Price) All Discs Included (this means everything -- all software discs -- OS/Security software/etc., and all driver discs -- this means Windows or Linux drivers or both, whatever applies -- add $0) Other options (OS disc only, all software discs only, driver discs only, etc. -- add $0) For some computers, Dell does not include the reinstallation discs. Even if Dell offers them, Dell charges extra for us to get them. In fact, the only time I seen reinstallation discs being offered without charge were for Dell XPS desktops with the flashy lights -- that is, the Dell XPS 600, 700, and 710 systems, for those ware the only systems to offer operating system options like "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center WITH REINSTALLATION CD". Also, most of the time when software reinstallation discs are not included, driver reinstallation discs (such as XPS flashy lights, as well as printers and monitors) are not included either. Therefore, don't just include the software reinstallation discs -- include as well the Windows/Linux drivers for the hardware (depending on the OS purchased with the computer, if any, which in turn depends on the user's preferences). Besides, Microsoft as well as ALL software companies include the discs when you get the software seperately, so why can't Dell do the same when the software is preinstalled...? Status Update Customers no longer have to pay extra for re-installation media.

Categories: Sales Strategies, Software,

Ubuntu on Studio Notebooks

Jul 3, 2008

275 Votes

Status: Implemented

The new Dell Studio laptops look great! Taking the best design features from many other Dell products, and put them all into one. This laptop actually looks like it should run Linux (that is the first thing I thought when I saw it). I don't know why I say that, but it just does. So, why not give it ago? I don't have a Studio, though I suspect it shouldn't take too much to get Ubuntu working (may need one or two drivers written, but from my experience with Dell laptops and Ubuntu, most things work well). This is one of the products I would particularly like to see Ubuntu as an option to be pre-inatlled on if Ubuntu can't be an option on all models. Status Update Ubuntu is available on the Studio 15

Categories: Linux, Sales Strategies, Studio,

Carbon Neutral

Feb 18, 2007

186 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dell should adopt a Carbon Neutral program for its products or at least make it an option for consumers in their ordering process. People seem to have the impression that Apple is doing a lot for the environment, when the reality is - Dell's doing more and can do even more! Status Update Check out the Idea in Action on Dell's goal for carbon neutrality.

Categories: Environment, Sales Strategies,

Sell ink cartridges at local retail

Feb 21, 2007

99 Votes

Status: Implemented

So, for convenience and ease of access, can Dell sell ink cartridges through local retail stores? I realize Dell is an online store; and not suggesting you stop the online part, but also make it available through retail stores. Considering weather or other natural occurrences, and the latest discomfort from DHL leaving the ink cartridges on the door just to be stolen gets annoying. Status Update We now sell ink cartridges at Staples. Click here for more details

Categories: Printers and Ink, Retail, Sales Strategies,

Lower the price on your LED backlit screens.

May 24, 2008

69 Votes

Status: Implemented

Currently Dell charges $150 to upgrade a notebook to a LED backlit screen. A recent article shows the price difference between the two technologies is only about $8 now. I know there are additional costs for Dell to build the thinner casing to hold the LED but I don't see plastic costing $100 (leaving $42 for profit). I expect that Dell could drop the cost by $50 to $75 easily which would drive sales and continue to drop the cost of the technology.

Categories: Laptops, Sales Strategies,

Dell and Ubuntu

Aug 19, 2007

47 Votes

Status: Implemented

I think Dell should do more with Ubuntu to optimize the whole OS for Dell computers. Implemented Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

Categories: Linux, Sales Strategies,

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