Sell ink cartridges at local retail

Feb 21, 2007

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Status: Implemented

So, for convenience and ease of access, can Dell sell ink cartridges through local retail stores? I realize Dell is an online store; and not suggesting you stop the online part, but also make it available through retail stores. Considering weather or other natural occurrences, and the latest discomfort from DHL leaving the ink cartridges on the door just to be stolen gets annoying. Status Update We now sell ink cartridges at Staples. Click here for more details

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Less waste from toner cartridges

Jul 1, 2007

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Status: Implemented

This is probably the BIGGEST polution issue with computers in general. The printer cartdriges CANT be re-used, CANT be re-filled, and for some reason, i CANT just buy 1 colour, for my colour printer.... like BLACK (word docs...). Instead, dell could have the cartridges sent BACK to Dell, to be cleaned re-filled. etc.... Just a thought. Although i dont go through that many cartridges (so far, 1 re-load in.... 5 years), comapnies, printer places (kinko's or whatever) school's, they all use a horendus amount of ink. Status Update Please see todd_d's comment

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Make A3 Printer

Jun 26, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Dell make great printer but they only have A4/Letter format. They should start making A3 printer Status Update Please see paul_n's comment

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Dell Ink and Printers - Sell them at Best Buy and other stores. ******Edited******

Mar 1, 2008

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Status: Implemented

Now that DELL computers AND printers are starting to be sold at Best Buy, I believe that selling Dell Ink and possibly more Dell Printers at Best Buy is a good step to take for DELL. Maybe selling more Dell printers would be a good thing when DELL ink is easier to get or at least its sold in the same plac e the printer is being sold. The reality is that buying Dell ink is a total hassle for some people. My mother in law has spent hours waiting on the phone trying to order an ink only to get the wrong ink sent to her in the mail and sometimes even faulty ink that didnt work. You might say, order it online, its faster, but when she tried that they also sent her the wrong ink. This is not an efficient way of handeling the retail of a product that needs to be replaced every so often. This ineficiency pushes costumers just as her to go to the local Walgreen's store or Office Max to simply refill the cartriges (which is cheaper too), hanging dell to dry in this department. The recent contract that allows dell to sell ink at Staples is a very good step forward, but I think its not enough. I mean, we dont even have a Staples here in Puerto Rico. But we do have Best Buy (as of yesterday actually :D). Lets get DELL ink into other major stores like Best Buy. The truth is that this kind of hassle of having to order your ink makes me shy away from buying any DELL printer. Why buy a DELL printer if I can buy an HP printer and get the ink anywhere I want? Older people prefer to get in their cars and drive to a store to buy things, instead of logging in and trying to buy it online. And trust me, with the amount of baby boomers around, you would benefit a lot from making this kind of changes. EDIT: **************************** Best buy has the product red printer. Seriously, if you are going to sell the printers at Best Buy, you need to sell ink there too. If someone is going to buy that printer, many will ask: "Ok what ink do I buy for it?" because many people when they buy a new printer take extra ink cartridges. The Best BUy person will then tell them that they will have to go online to order the ink. What do you think many people will do on that moment? Many will simply say, thats not pratical at all, I want my ink now and NOT buy the printer. Plus, the person doesnt even know how the dell ink service works online, so he will have to make a decission on a purchase he doesnt even know how its going to work out or doesnt even know how much the ink is worth because he cant see it infront of him. Many people will simply NOT buy the printer due to this uncertainty especially older people who find internet a scary business. The availability of Dell printers at Best Buy makes the availability of Dell Inks at Best Buy even more needed. Thanks! Status Update Please see paul_n's comment

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Out put tray should support input tray on Dell 5110CN printer

Jan 22, 2009

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Status: Implemented

We bought a Dell 5110cn laser printer last year and the default input tray supports 500 pages.  Unfortunately, the output tray only supports 250 pages and for jobs larger than 250 pages, the printer pauses printing after it reaches 250.  It will then resume once the printed paper have been removed.  This is inconvenient and doesn't make sense.  I suggest that you build an output tray that will mimimally support the input tray amount. Status Update Please see paul_n's comment

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