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Solid State Drive as option in Notebooks

Mar 28, 2007

821 Votes

Status: Implemented

Definition A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive. A solid state drive is based on non-volatile memory instead of the spinning platter and mechanical-magnetic head found in a conventional hard disk drive. With no moving parts, a solid state drive eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive. Advantages * Faster startup - Since no spin-up required. * Faster read time – In some cases, twice or more than that of the fastest hard drives. * Low read and write latency (seek) time, hundreds of times faster than a mechanical disk. * Faster boot and application launch time - Result of the faster read and especially seek time. But only if application already resides in flash and is more dependent on read speed than other issues, eg. OS bootup that detects devices will not be significantly sped up even with faster seeks & reads. * Lower power consumption and heat production - no mechanical parts results in less power consumption. * No noise - Lack of mechanical parts makes the SSD completely silent. * Better mechanical reliability - Lack of mechanical parts results in less wear and tear. High level of ability to endure extreme shock, vibration and temperatures, which apply to laptops and other mobile devices, or when transported. * Security - allowing a very quick "wipe" of all data stored. * Deterministic performance - unlike mechanical hard drives, performance of SSDs is constant and deterministic across the entire storage. "Seek" time is constant, and performance does not deteriorate as the media fills up (See: Fragmentation). * Lower weight and (depending upon type) size * Faster than conventional disks on random I/O Status Update Check out the Idea in Action on the SSD enhancements Dell is making.

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XPS M1530 Resolution ??

Nov 27, 2007

140 Votes

Status: Implemented

SCREEN RESOLUTIONS for XPS Laptop Line Why on God's green earth would Dell throw in such a cheapy LCD screen into the XPS 1530 ? I've been waiting for this laptop religously since it was 'announced', in the hope of a 1680x1050 screen, or at LEAST 1440x900. What is this, Dell ? Are you trying to scare away your customers with blocky icons and low resolutions ? Ok, on a less rampaging note .. Is there any possibility this might change in the future ? Would i be foolish to order immediately, only to see a couple of LCD options pop up over the next few days ? Status Update We now offer 1440 x 900 and 1680 x 1050 panels as an option. Take a look at the Direct2Dell blog post on the idea.

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Invest in mini-projectors

Jul 23, 2007

49 Votes

Status: Implemented

Mini projectors are going to take the computer world by storm, and may even end the need for attached screens on some computer platforms. Invest in the development of mini projectors. Status Update Please see jackie_c's comment

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17" Precision with an integrated number pad

Nov 21, 2007

36 Votes

Status: Implemented

Seeing as how all other manufacturers of 17" workstation class laptops have integrated numberpads, it strikes me as odd that Dell has not produced such a system. I was excited to hear about the M6300, and then disappointed to see that it was essentailly just a newer M90. Those of us who spend large amounts of time dealing with numbers could really use a number pad that does not require the use of the [Fn] key. Status Update Please see mano_g's comment

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Children's PC

Oct 7, 2008

36 Votes

Status: Implemented

Build a pc just for kids. As a mother of two young primary school children I find that there is an enormous amount of pc games for my children, but I do not want to grant them access to my pc as they would possibly destroy any information or programmes that I may have on it. At the same time they are too young to use the internet or "eral" programmes. Can Dell build a kids pc, which would give them the speed necessary for the so-called skills games, the screen for optimum view especially now that you are venturing into different colours (soemthing all kids love). There is no need for internet connection, but you must be able to play a cd and/or dvd on it. Status Update Check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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Nov 26, 2007

24 Votes

Status: Implemented

Provide Different colors on Desktops like what is going on with the notebooks...on desktops, provide same color ideas like all notebooks...maybe even skins to go around a desktop. Status Update Please see vida_k's comment below and Lionel's blog:

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Rugged Laptop for Marine Use

Feb 17, 2007

16 Votes

Status: Implemented

I would like to see Dell produce a ruggedized laptop that would be safe to use in a salt water marine environment. For Dell management, that means a laptop intended to be used on a boat in salt water. Panasonic makes one but I think Dell could do a better job (maybe). However, given Dell's technical support , I'm aware that I would probably have to call Dell Mermaid Center to get any technical support help.

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Dell Magic Trackpad

May 18, 2011

14 Votes

Status: Implemented

Apple has a product called the magic trackpad. This is like the magic mouse, but  a giant trackpad with multitouch. If dell made one of these for their (or all) pc's, it would be awesome.Status Update:  This idea has been Implemented with the introduction of Dell's new wireless touchpad.  Thanks for posting!

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Please release the XPS 13z or XPS 14z already

Aug 15, 2011

10 Votes

Status: Implemented

I have been waiting for Dell to release XPS 13z or XPS 14z for a few months now. When Dell released XPS 15z they said the new (smaller) sizes will be released in the near future. It has been already 4 months, and I am still waiting for these new (smaller) sizes. Please release them already so I can buy the Laptop. Thanks. Status Update:  The XPS 14z is available on the Dell website.  Thanks for posting! 

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10" Screen Touch Pad to rival the IPad at affordable prices.

Jan 26, 2011

6 Votes

Status: Implemented

I am a musician and there are many of us that would love to go paperless with a 10 - 12" touch pad at an affordable price.  The only thing I see out there is the Music Pro and the Ipad.   Your 7 inch touch pad is too small to read on a music stand at sometimes farther than arms length. Status Update: This idea has been Implemented in the new XPS 10 Tablet.  Thank you for Posting!

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