Now You Choose - Concept 2

Apr 25, 2007

785 Votes

Status: Implemented

Participate in the product design process! Dell is using IdeaStorm to decide between two new product design concepts. Vote on your favorite and weigh in to tell us what you think. When we unveiled the XPS 710 H2C at CES this year, we also uncovered it. There were a limited number of systems sprinkled throughout the show floor that had a clear side panel allowing easy viewing of the patent-pending two-stage H2C liquid cooling system. Since then, more than a few people have suggested we offer a “panel with a view� as an option for our XPS 710 line. Now we need you to vote for one of these two options and, most importantly, share some reasons why you like it. This “Now You Decide� vote campaign will be open from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, May 11. The design that gets the most votes will be featured in a future generation of XPS gaming desktops. Status Update Check out the latest Idea in Action on the new XPS 730.

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Include nvidia and ati video cards in ubuntu laptops and desktops

Aug 2, 2007

97 Votes

Status: Implemented

When shopping for an Ubuntu Dell, I've noticed that it is not possible to order one with a video card from ATI or NVIDIA. For some users of Linux, such as those into 3D modeling work for artistic or scientific purposes, the Intel video card option may simply not be enough. And with laptops, upgrading or changing the video card is much more of a hassle than with desktops. Therefore, why is the option to buy a laptop with an nvidia or ati card listed under a Vista machine, but not under an identical machine pre-loaded with Linux? Unfortunately, users that require both Linux and superior 3d acceleration performance may wind up forced into buying a Vista-preloaded Dell (and subsequently tossing the Vista disc in the garbage) just so they can have a Linux box with an ati or nvidia graphics card preinstalled. In addition to adding unnecessary cost to the consumer, this scenario will also distort sales figures information regarding Vista and Ubuntu. Please consider offering Ubuntu-preloaded Dells with the option of an nvidia and/or ati graphics card preinstalled. Thank you. Implemented Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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New NVIDIA Geforce GTX 200 GPUs

Jun 18, 2008

34 Votes

Status: Implemented

The GeForce GTX 280 GPU has 240 multi-threaded processing cores, and can convert high-quality video more than 18 times faster than the latest CPUs. The new GeForce GTX 280 GPU can support 3-way NVIDIA SLI technology, delivering amazing performance scaling for the world's fastest gaming solution under Windows Vista.

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Impliment the Nvidia Geforce GTX 485M into the Alienware x17x!

Jan 8, 2011

32 Votes

Status: Implemented I would really like to see Alienware offer the GTX 485M as an option alongside the Radeon 5870 Mobility in the m17x. The GTX 485M is far more power efficient than the GTX 480M was (by around 20%) and also has performance levels up to 60% faster than the currently in place 5870, plus almost double the performance of the also offered single GTX 295. This is a new GPU just released that would take the already extremely powerful m17x to a new dizzy height of performance level. Would also like to see the Radeon 6970 Mobility replace the currently used 5870 as it's far more powerful! Thank you Dell!! Status Update: See David V's comment. The GTX 580M has been implemented in the latest M17x and M18x. Thanks for your submission.

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M17X R3 485M Official Support Including 3D Support

Jun 7, 2011

29 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dear Dell Marketing,             I speak on behalf of many frustrated Alienware M17X Owners with the following. We would like to request that the M17XR3 model get the option of a more powerful nVidia Geforce graphics card. Yes we know there is a 560m coming fairly soon, however that is a minor upgrade. Our issue is that there is an enthusiasts option for a 3D 120Hz LCD with a Geforce 460M or an enthusiasts option for a very powerful ATI 6970 graphics card. There is no option to get a 3D system with a top graphics card. Many in our community ( have already purchased the 485M card from other retailers and have installed it in the M17X with no problems performance wise. The card performs really well and has really nice thermals (60c-70c), some are reporting the same temps as the 6970m. The only problem those people are facing are the 3D not functioning because you guys do not officially support it. That also means there is no warranty regarding the card. I brought this to the attention of a Dell employee forum liaison and he informed us that this has been on the table several times but the marketing department has not gone forward with it. It is in my personal opinion that from a marketing standpoint there is a huge market for this more powerful nVidia card mainly because of the 3D option. There are many customers that are interested in a 3D / nVidia config combo but are passing up on it because the 460m is older technology and even close to being as powerful as the 6970. This thread is to show you that there is a audience for this card to be used in the M17X. Also we have taken note that originally this card was suppose to be an option because even as of today some of the descriptions of the M17X on the site state that the highest option for the system is a 2GB nVidia Geforce GTX 485M. There are several other brand gaming laptops that have been released in recent times that have the 485M / 3D combo and it is rather discouraging that it has not made it to the Alienware brand as it is a much larger more powerful company now that it is part of the Dell family. I hope somethnig can be done to make this change. We appreciate you taking the time out to read this and look forward to your replies and action. -DeeX Status Update: Please see Ron_D's comment about the GTX580m with 3D now being available on the M17x. Thanks for posting!

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XPS 730 Memory Upgrade

Aug 21, 2008

18 Votes

Status: Implemented

Make an option for more than 4 GB of RAM in the XPS 730. Dell's Precision has this option, why not their best gaming machine? In some ways 4 GB can be limiting. You would probably sell more with this upgrade! Status Update Please see chris_m's comment

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Annoying hardware configurations on new XPS range

Dec 23, 2010

15 Votes

Status: Implemented

The only thing that is stopping me from ordering your new XPS 15 laptops is your ANNOYINGLY STUPID HARDWARE CONFIGURATIONS. Nvidia 435M 2GB....!! are you serious...?? that card doesnt have enough power to use 1GB of memory effectively and you are throwing 2GB at if i go for the 435M i have to upgrade my CPU to i7-740QM (again why on earth did you skip a i7-720QM option) which further increase my cost unnecessarily and i have to let go the Nvidia OPTIMUS tech also which should have been highly useful for conserving my laptop's battery. Also why have you not included cards like 445M and 460M as upgrades is out of my common could have had a killer laptop in the form of XPS 15 if it was not for your STUPID HARDWARE CHOICES. It may get you more money (as the users opting for a 435M also have to take i7-740QM) per laptop but it will also drive away some aware users like me.learn some lessons from ASUS on matching hardware configurations. I hope you take this seriously. Status update: See Bill_b's comments below.

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