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Backlit Keyboards

Feb 21, 2007

3227 Votes

Status: Implemented

I find myself many, many times in dark or poorly lit environments having to guess the various keys - would be fantastic to have a backlit keyboard - with backlit individual keys as the best option. I would actually pay extra for that convenience if the option was available. This could be done for desktops or notebooks. Status Update Please see bill_b's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Add some colors!

Feb 25, 2007

114 Votes

Status: Implemented

In my opinion nowadays colors like gray or black are getting too old. Why Dell does not follow other companies like Sony or Apple or the tiny Flybook. People like colors because it expresses their personality, not everybody is a businessman or businesswoman, we like colors. For example white is getting more and more popular but there are other trendy colors out there. So PLEASE ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR NOTEBOOK AND DESKTOP LINES and make them look like jewelry and not like a piece of plastic, do some cool design. We like to show a laptop to which people say WOW. So the "WOW STARTS NOW"! Status Update Please see Lionel's blog:

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Include nvidia and ati video cards in ubuntu laptops and desktops

Aug 2, 2007

97 Votes

Status: Implemented

When shopping for an Ubuntu Dell, I've noticed that it is not possible to order one with a video card from ATI or NVIDIA. For some users of Linux, such as those into 3D modeling work for artistic or scientific purposes, the Intel video card option may simply not be enough. And with laptops, upgrading or changing the video card is much more of a hassle than with desktops. Therefore, why is the option to buy a laptop with an nvidia or ati card listed under a Vista machine, but not under an identical machine pre-loaded with Linux? Unfortunately, users that require both Linux and superior 3d acceleration performance may wind up forced into buying a Vista-preloaded Dell (and subsequently tossing the Vista disc in the garbage) just so they can have a Linux box with an ati or nvidia graphics card preinstalled. In addition to adding unnecessary cost to the consumer, this scenario will also distort sales figures information regarding Vista and Ubuntu. Please consider offering Ubuntu-preloaded Dells with the option of an nvidia and/or ati graphics card preinstalled. Thank you. Implemented Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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Update Vostro 3550 AMD 6630/Intel HD 3000 Switchable Drivers

Jun 20, 2011

95 Votes

Status: Implemented

I just bought a Vostro 3550 for my sister a few weeks back and she is a fairly avid gamer. I specifically went for the Vostro 3550 for the fact that it is made better than the Inspiron series and has a nice graphics card, along with Sandy Bridge CPUs. One game she plays is Brink, which requires OpenGL 3.1. With the switchable graphics that Dell has implemented in the 3550, the Intel part of the driver is older than the April 29, 2011 driver update that Intel put out which supports OpenGL 3.1. Why does the Intel driver need to support OpenGL 3.1? Because the card that Brink detects is the Intel. Since the 6xxx series AMD cards use PowerPlay, it only switches to the discrete card based on a program list. My 5xxx series card in my laptop (non-Dell) doesn't have the app-based switching. It's either in High Performance or Longer Battery mode. So the long and the short of it is that Dell needs to update the drivers for the Vostro 3550 that include newer Intel driver components along with the AMD drivers. These types of things are OEM custom so using an AMD driver won't work. Installing the Intel and AMD separately disables the AMD card completely. So Dell, please update this. The switchable graphics works for some applications and not for others.  Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comments here, here and here about the updates for effected systems.  Thanks for posting!

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Preload Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Apr 30, 2009

60 Votes

Status: Implemented

The new Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope GNU/Linux has many great features to make it a significant upgrade from the 8.04. Some improvements are: Much faster boot times due to ext4 file system and other optimizationsCleaner graphics and a better notifications mechanismNewer Linux KernelImproved Power ManagementImproved cd burner applicationImproved handling of multiple monitors, formerly a sore spot for LinuxPerformance increases across the boardBetter themes and backgrounds I also suggest that Dell keep with the latest LTS upgrades yearly to remain cutting edge. Shannon VanWagner Status Update Please see this blog for more details

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Feb 18, 2007

40 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dell should join the product (red) initiative - launching the first (red) desktop or laptop could go a long way in giving Dell a better social reputation than the seemingly horrible (perhaps somewhar unwarranted) one it's products seem to project now. Launching a special edition XPS notebook might be a great start - but I don't see why it couldn't be transfered down the line to it's other products, such as the television or montior range, so existing (and non) Dell customers could take the plunge without feeling left out. Status Update Check out the Idea in Action to find out how Dell is partnering with (PRODUCT) RED.

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Preload 8.10

Jan 25, 2009

34 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please include Ubuntu 8.10 with your linux systems! 8.04 is outdated. Do you intend to upgrade only when a new LTS comes out? 9.04 is almost here and you're not even up to 8.10. If system 76 and zareason can do it, why not you? Status Update Please see this blog about info on updated Ubuntu offerings

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Try to push Adobe to fix their Flash Player.

Jul 25, 2008

31 Votes

Status: Implemented

I know it hasn't much to do with Dell, but Dell has been busy to improve drivers for Linux by working in cooperation with developers like Ati, so let's give this idea a try: I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 on all of my PCs and my laptop and it's a great operating system, but there's one thing I hate: Adobe's slow development of their Flash-plugin for Linux. Some bugs are in their plugin for years now, but it looks like Adobe doesn't want to fix them. Some examples: 1) Menu's dissapearing behind Flash-object. For an example go to the website of ASUS: Move the cursor to "Products" and see the menu dissapear behind the Flash-object. 2) Impossible to scroll when the cursor is on top of a Flash-object. When you move you're mouse to a Flash-object, you can't scroll. You first have to move your mouse away from the Flash-object to be able to scroll. 3) Transparancy won't work. When a Flash-object is using transparancy, you will see a white background, in stead of the underlying objects. 4) Sometimes Flash Player let's FireFox crash to the desktop. For example when watching videos at YouTube. After watching a couple of movies, FireFox crashes. I've got these troubles on all of my PC's and my laptop, different versions of FireFox and different versions of Ubuntu. I hear a lot of people complaining about these problems, but it doesn't seem like Adobe wants to fix these problems. Maybe Dell can do something. I know it's not Dell's task to fix these problems, but they've worked with other developers to get better support for Linux and look at the big improvement Ati made in the last year (although I don't know how much Dell has to do with it). Status Update Please see jesse_l's comment

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