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Offer an attractive green trade-in program

Feb 25, 2007

88 Votes

Status: Implemented

Like most power users I love to get new equipment often, but older equipment keeps accumulating because reselling it is usually a lot of hassle and recycling programs are few. I'd love to see a regular trade-in program that would give reasonable compensation for used Dell computers offered without MarketVelocity. It would be better to think in advance about possible uses of returned equipment and in-source the processing of it. Status Update Please see todd_d's comment below

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Feb 18, 2007

40 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dell should join the product (red) initiative - launching the first (red) desktop or laptop could go a long way in giving Dell a better social reputation than the seemingly horrible (perhaps somewhar unwarranted) one it's products seem to project now. Launching a special edition XPS notebook might be a great start - but I don't see why it couldn't be transfered down the line to it's other products, such as the television or montior range, so existing (and non) Dell customers could take the plunge without feeling left out. Status Update Check out the Idea in Action to find out how Dell is partnering with (PRODUCT) RED.

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New TV commercials!

May 29, 2007

39 Votes

Status: Implemented

Let's see some new commercials! The recent HP ad campaign is incredibly appealing, incorporating famous people/characters and emphasis on the personalization part of the personal computer. All Dell is offering is the same old assembly line commercial with a little blip about a sale at the end. Surely you can do better than that. Status Update Check out our latest commercials here.

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Expand Photo Gallery for Notebooks and Desktops

Feb 19, 2007

24 Votes

Status: Implemented

Expand the photo gallery so customers can see what they are purchasing. For Notebooks - More photos of where the ports are. Especially for the XPS systems. For Desktops - More photos of general size You can easily place a video showing ports and general size. Status Update We have a new photo gallery, complete with close ups of the ports and more! Check out the details.

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Post a video of your Global Mobility Event

Aug 8, 2008

20 Votes

Status: Implemented

On August 12th Dell executives from around the world unveil a new generation of Dell mobility products that will re-invent the way people do business. Can you please post some video of the event that night for those of us who cannot attend. I know there is a sign up for media streaming but some people will not be able to watch at that time due to work or other issues. Also remember that home users may also be interested in some of these products. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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Dell (PINK)

Jan 24, 2009

17 Votes

Status: Implemented

I love Dell's product (RED) campaign to end AIDS in Africa.  How about a (PINK) campaign that does similar work to eliminate breast cancer by partnering with the Susan G. Komen foundation (  You can see companies that are already doing this, everything from KitchenAid to the Ford Mustang.  Dell has laptops that come in pink already... this might be easier to implement than ever. RENOVAK

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Do A Deal With Tesco (

Nov 17, 2007

10 Votes

Status: Implemented

Tesco are the biggest if not one of the biggest supermarket chains here in the UK. They buy in electricals in bulk and sell them cheap. Cheap PCs with a decent spec will sell like hot cakes. I just bought a 40" TV for £500 in store. I don't know what the price would be in the US but here that's an amazing prince. Similar products were £1000+. The more people using Dells the better. Status Update Please see our Direct2Dell blog about retail expansion in Europe and Asia.

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On FaceBook Dell Spot add something to denote it`s a Canadian site.

May 13, 2010

5 Votes

Status: Implemented

I think Dell Spot should show on the page, that they are Canadian. There is only one small reference on the home page that shows where they are and it`s a Twitter link. Perhaps inside the Blue Dell circle, you could put CA. or the Canadian flag. Something to make the reader realize it`s not a US site. . Status Update The links provided in the updates now show they are for Canada

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Compellent Logo on drive carriers

Apr 15, 2011

5 Votes

Status: Implemented

Following Dell's acqusition of Compellent, it appears that a decision was made to remove the Compellent logo from the front of each drive carrier. I discovered this after purchasing (and recieving just yesterday) a new shelf of 15K SAS disks for my Compellent SAN. Here's the new shelf as installed (the new shelf is on the bottom).As you can see, not only do the new drives not match the rest of the system, but also (and perhaps more importantly) the Compellent branding is significantly decreased, making the array look like a generic no-name disk array. Yes, the Dell|Compellent logo is present on the right-side bezel, but that's a miniscule amount of real-estate compared to having a logo on each drive carrier.Please consider bringing back the Compellent logo on these drive carriers.Thank you![Personal information redacted]

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Laptop for Kids

Feb 22, 2007

0 Vote

Status: Implemented

Design and market a Laptop exclusively for Kids for age range from 3-10 years. Or is there a way I can share my laptop and also allow my kid to play along with me when I am working on my laptop. Status Update Please check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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