Make A Wireless Dell

Aug 7, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Apple has a real, valid point: Too many cables in a typical PC setup. I think Dell could make a combo cable, or a unified display (display/camera/stereo speakers). Dell should work on a nice clean design - like Apple's clean design - less cable rat nests, more computing power. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on Dell's All in One systems.  Thanks for posting.

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Provide Upgrades for XPS 700 Owners

Feb 20, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Dell originally marketed the Dell XPS 700 as a fully featured, fully upgradable gaming computer - this included a motherboard engineered for enthusiasts that you could upgrade down the road if you wanted to. However, a lot of Dell XPS 700 owners are a bit angry over the use of the BTX motherboard. BTX seems to have lost its backing and ATX is the popular standard. Not only that, XPS 700 owners can not upgrade their systems to Quad Core due to the motherboards design, however this issue was fixed in the XPS 710. Lets quote Lionel Menchaca on this one: "For folks that are concerned about future upgradeability, note that the XPS 700 is the first system we’ve introduced that was designed to support an industry-standard BTX system board down the road. This means if you want to swap out the system board down the road, to accommodate future technology, you can. Some custom cables are required for certain connections." Go to or or anywhere else and tell me where you can find a NVIDIA 680i Chipset BTX Motherboard! Didn't think so. There has been a long, long discussion at the Dell Community Forum (Link: regarding the Dell XPS 700, it's issues, and how Dell have seemingly pulled the wool over several peoples eyes. I believe that Dell needs to set the record straight once and for all, either the XPS 700 is fully upgradable or it isn't. Status Update Read more about the XPS 700 upgrades here.

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USB 3.0 Motherboards

Jan 3, 2011

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Status: Implemented

A motherboard with integrated USB 3.0 would be nice. A number of other companies are now selling desktop computers with integrated USB 3.0 motherboards, not a separate card. In Dell and Alienware, if you want dual graphic cards, there is no room for a USB 3.0 controller card, due to not having enough PCI-e slots. So if you want high-end graphics control, you have no high-speed file transfer, and vice versa. Are Dell and Alienware getting left behind in the "cutting edge" department? Status Update:  Please see David_V's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Nov 26, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Provide Different colors on Desktops like what is going on with the notebooks...on desktops, provide same color ideas like all notebooks...maybe even skins to go around a desktop. Status Update Please see vida_k's comment below and Lionel's blog:

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Desktop colors

Oct 2, 2008

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Status: Implemented

Make it available to purchase Desktops in diffrent collors as-well. Both of my high schools(Robert E. Lee in Baytown, TX and Mendota high school in Mendota, CA) have dell computer labs. Im tiyerd of seeing all plain black computers. It could also be used in bussness. How about a midnight blue computer for the teacher/administrator and spring green for the students/employee's. Plus I would Love a Spring Green computer w/ black trim-also a possible option-trim color. Status Update We now offer color on desktops.  Please see Lionel's blog:

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