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Dell could offer "GPU upgrade kits" for M18xR1 (and perhaps other models, e.g. M17x)

Apr 27, 2012

28 Votes

Status: Under Review

The new generations of upper top class of both AMD and Nvidia cards are coming and many of us, M18xR1 owners, would like easily and without stress upgrade our laptops with the newest GPUs without the necessity to either replace them with brand new R2 or worry and stress about aftermarket upgrades and matching extra parts.I am hence proposing the idea of M18x GPU upgrade kit.An M18xR1 kit like that could include:NVIDIA:2x GTX 680M card2x 680M heatsinks1x SLI cableAMD:2x 79702x 7970 heatsinks1x Crossfire cable+ necessary BIOS updatesIntroductory write up:A lot of M18xR1 users upgraded their machines using top notch hardware meaning not only the most powerful GPUs to date, e.g. AMD 6990 Crossfire or Nvidia 580M SLI, but also RAM, SSD drives, WLAN cards and so on just few months ago, and the vision of either replacing their R1 with R2 or not being able to upgrade selected components (i.e. GPUs) becomes quite dreadful. We don't want to re-order and wait for weeks for new laptops, at the same time trying to sell our current R1 on 2nd hand market. We are fine with our M18x. We just need new GPUs for them.This becomes especially interesting as M18xR2 offers pretty much nothing R1 didn't offer, yet what I would like to rock 680M SLI this summer. Hence, I came with the idea of "a GPU upgrade package" Dell could offer to its M18xR1 customers.A package like that could easily be ordered in the same way Alienware's optional hardware is (e.g. TactX mouse or AW2310 display) and thus, we don't have either to buy components from shady ebay shops or negotiated for hours the purchase of new cards with Dell representatives on Dell hotline (please note that most Dell reps don't know much about Alienware and customers are often given misleading or simply incorrect information).I hope the "upgrade package idea" can be discussed further, in any terms.Status Update:  Please see the comment from Francisco_S for further details.  We will be limited in what information we can share during this process.  Thank you for posting!

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Jan 20, 2012

4 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

The Alienware X51 is a brilliant and compact PC which provides a small form factor with a lot of power. This model can be built upon and become a new and progressing line of compact Alienware PCs. Here are some ideas to make the PC even better: CPUAdd intel Ivy Bridge CPUs when they arrive. They crave less power, produce less heat and have an improved performance. GPUOffer something more powerful than nVIDIA GTX 555. This is not a really powerful GPU and can barely handle new games at high settings. You advertise that it can handle Battlefield 3 @ 30FPS @ 1080p, but unless you're setting every general setting to low, this is not possible. As an avid gamer, I like to play at max settings on my lovely 24''. A step up to a nVIDIA GTX 570 with official modifications from a company like ASUS, Gainward, Zotac etc. (or a custom Alienware solutiuon) would provide a much better performance at a decent temperature. HDDI really miss SSD as an option. Less noise, heat and weight are three really positive features that comes along with a SSD - which is also faster and provides a nicer user experience than a HDD. PortsI was really disappointed when I learned that the X51 has only two USB 3.0 ports, and that they're on the front of the chassis where I rarely plug in anything, except a USB key now and then. Would it be too much to ask for USB 3.0 only or at least two ports on the back in addition to the ones on the front? SDHCI was surprised when I learned that there isn't a SD card slot to be found on the unit. One can buy addons for that, but that takes away from the overall impression of this gorgeous stationary PC. A simple SDHC slot near the USB slots on the front would be a lovely addition. Sound cardWhat disappointed me the most with the Alienware X51 was the lack of a dedicated soundcard or a built-in solution with high performance. When I play games, I use high-end headphones, and without a good soundcard  the sound is rubbish. Creative have some solutions for buil-in soundcards which are really good. The newest addition is the Creative Sound Core 3D. If you add this, I can as good as guarantee that you will please more gamers and get free PR. Good sound is important for gamers.>>More about the Creative Sound Core 3D<< CoolingI saw the cooling solution of the X51, and while it looks decent, there is room for improvement. A more effective fan could be added and you could also add quality thermal compound or offer it for an added price. I would be willing to pay up to 20$ for added thermal compound because it can mean several degrees in difference when compared to a unit without the paste.>>Numbers don't lie - a big test of thermal compund<<Status Update: This idea has been partially implemented with the X51 R2. Please see the comment from Jeff_C for further details. Thank you for posting!

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IPS Display for upcoming xps and alienware should included.

Jan 5, 2012

37 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

Since hp already use IPS display on HP envy 15. It'll be better for dell to use this technology for xps and alienware model. Do this for xps 15 and 17 and all alienware models please. Thx.Status Update:  This idea is has been partially Implemented with the new Alienware 14's optional Anti-Glare, IPS Full HD screen.  Thank you for posting!  

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DELL Tablet

Oct 21, 2011

9 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Develop a tablet with alienware technology. A super tablet that has extra-terrestrial power. Call it the D.E.T. or something with an aliean pun.

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What users want in the m18x R2

Oct 5, 2011

28 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

Hello everyone,I create this topic to gather what user (or prospective users) wants to find in the future m18x R2.IN RED what's absolutely needed (Point known to prevent the purchase of m18x)Evidently no need to say that we always want the best CPU and better GPU configuration. It is obvious and D/AW has been well understood.I'll update this first post with what you want.HARDWARE1) Optimus and/or iGPU/GPU 's(SLI or CF) switch without reboot pain2) RGB-LED or IPS RGB-LED @ 120Hz 3D screen (Nvidia 3D vision 2 with Light Boost)3) Bigger screen that fit 16:10 natural ratio at 1920x1200 reolution4) Matte/Anti glare screen for all type 60Hz and 120Hz (And not a matte paper sticking to add !)4b) Look at that anti-glare glass : Look at that high-resolution Lotus glass :, No ghost keys when using keyboard (Allow 3 simultaneous key pressed)6) No flex Keyboard (particularly in the center).7) 2, 3 or 4 all copper heatsink option for the CPU & GPU8) 2 THUNDERBOLT port replacing the Displayport and the very OLD VGA ouput.(THB is fully compatible with DP)9) Only USB3 port and at least 6 port, and located on the left side (because of the problem using the mouse).10) Better front camera11) JBL speaker (that apparently sound great better)12) Easy way to access component (RAM(4 Slots), GPU, CPU)13) A tray loading optical drive.(No CD stuck and the ability to remove it to put more HDD / SDD )14) A docking station (with an integrated cooler)15) Blue-Ray Burner16) Change the 4 pin jack setup for the fans, they are too fragile.17) Integrate Fingerprint reader18) No contact between the screen and the touchpad ring when lid is closed19) A small LCD screen to view all temperatures, speeds and memory (GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD,...), integrated or external USB version.20) 4.0 bluetooth21) HDMI 1.4a and a bit more "firmness" and-Adding a set of features i.e recording22) Better RAM options, like 4x4Gb 2133Mhz @ 9-9-9-2723) Optional full-sized keyboard to consume the space occupied by TactX keys.24) Dedicate button to control the brightness25) Fn Key or button to set on/off the screen26) Do an AC connector at 90° so that it's parallel with the laptop.27) Do the AC connector has a much better clip to avoid unwanted disconnections. (Maybe a slide-lock)28) Dust filters, easy to remove and wash for a better protection of the hardware29) A Firewire port (often used for the effect pedals, or music interface)30) More Keyboard layout options (wirhour Tactix, without numpas, with mor larger touch, ...)31) Easy GPUs interchange, by mean of a slot in which we can plug/unplug GPUs. (allow Quadro or similar and CF/SLI 4 Gamers + big upgradability) (more info here)COSMETIC & SERVICES1) Much better (and transparent) manufacturing & pre-sell/packaging testing QC (Quality Control)2) Total user fan control3) No dead pixel assurance4) Control the color LED on the Alienhead on the back.5) More of the AW stuff done in hardware so there don't need to be 70-90 processes running just for the cosmetics.6) Capabilities to choose a color only for AWSD (QWERZ version ) and to have a separate colors for function touch like F1 to F4 evidently if it's possible the capabilities to choose the color for each different key would be the top.7) CPU & GPU Artic Cooling repasting service8) More color option for the body of the m18x (Lunar, Yellow, ...)SOFTWARE & Issue to be resolved1) No more Aero bug (Last OSD update resolve this )2) OSD more quik to load and stop3) Do something for the Nvidia Throttling (DEll actually work on it, and there's already a good évolution with the last vbios )4) Macro keys working 100% of the time5) No DPC latency6) No 3D Prototype OverlayYou can follow and tel us what you want in a thread on NBR: Update:  This idea is has been Partially Implemented.  Please see Francisco_S' comments for further information.  Thank you for posting!

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Offer the Alienware m14x with a 1080p screen

Sep 20, 2011

8 Votes

Status: Implemented

Currently the highest resolution screen available for the Alienware m14x has a 1600 x 900 resolution. It would be the perfect gaming laptop if it had a 1080p screen. Even a 1680 x 1050 screen would be better than the 1600 x 900 that it comes with. There is alot of space wasted as it is, look at the width of that bezel...If Sony can shoehorn a 1080p screen into a 13 inch laptop (Vaio Z), why can't Dell fit one into a high end 14" gaming laptop?Status Update: The new Alienware 14 offers an optional 14" antiglare, IPS Full HD screen. Thank you for posting!

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Alienware optimization software

Aug 3, 2011

11 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

I think it would be great if Alienware had some kind of optimization software to improve performance, allow users easy access and ability to turn off programs except what is nessicary to run games to free up every last possible resource (game mode), also programs to clean and repair registries, overclock controls in command center, a central place to view temps and speed on everything, check and repair the health of desktop/laptop. I think it would be a great program to have in the alienware command center rather than having to go with 2nd party software. A guage system of telling you where your system is performing (ie. peak performance, stock performance, under performing, not using all resources, program alerts of software causing bottle necks and such). Also a software to tell me if my internet connection is optimized and guage what my band width is, how much im using and whats my max capable bandwidth with the connection im using. From day one that i received my m17xr3 it has felt like it has not been optimized to run at its full poltential and it just seems like it would be a great tool to have some software that is specialized for alienware hardware. Even if it was a package something like "Advanced Alienware Command Center Controls" and cost extra i think would be something people would want to maintain their investment. Status Update:  Please see David_V's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Dell upgrade/parts needs more products and competitive pricing

Jul 30, 2011

11 Votes

Status: Under Review

Im disappointed by the dell upgrade and parts page. It should list all parts and options of each system for purchase, just because someone doesn't buy something fully spec'd out doesn't mean that they wouldn't want add it later. Dell is losing alot of business to companies like newegg, ebay, amazon, mxmupgrade because either dell doesn't sell it or its way overpriced.  I own a m17xr3 that i have had only a month that has been on the market over 6 months and theres hardly any upgrade options for purchase, all you offer for my system are some hard drives, power brick and cables. Wheres the options for Ram, Dvd/blu-ray drives, network/wifi cards, GPU cards, LCD displays, CPU's, thermal compounds, i mean I and alot of people buy alienware laptops because of there upgrade ability yet we have to look else where for parts. I just feel if the parts are there to be configured on new machines that it should be available to current owners. I heard from few people you can call dell and order parts by part number like the gtx580m, but it sure would be nice to just be able to see them click and buy from the website, especially since i hate calling dell and talking to someone with a heavy accent. So how about helping out loyal customers with a better parts store at reasonable prices, thanks Status update:  Please see Russell_T's comment for further details. We will be limited in the information we can share while the idea is under review.

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GTX 580m for Alienware M17x 3D!!!

Jul 20, 2011

6 Votes

Status: Implemented

Hello, I have posted this before and I am posting it again here...hoping that you don't put it "Under Review" and leave it for about a month without any reponse. You guys should launch the GTX 580m for the Alienware M17x 3D. People are desperately waiting for the arrival of a good DPU for the 3D M17x. It's been more than 6 months now and there are no updates taking place with the 3D M17x. Other companies are coming up with great new ideas and we do expect the same from from the "Ferrari of Laptops"-Alienware. Please it's high time now!! Are you thinking that you would lose the customers for M17x non-3D and M18x ?? If so than speak up so we don't wait for the 3D anymore..... The NO REPLY and NO REPONSE thing is killing the fun of buying a good laptop!!! At least speak up if it is going to get implemented or not?? Anytime soon?? How long?? You bosses can at least give some approximation for the arrival of the new GPU for M17x 3D. Please RESPOND to this idea with the REQUIRED answer !! :) -Xeno Status Update:  Please see Ron_D's comment about the GTX580m with 3D now being available on the M17x.  Thanks for posting!

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M17X R3 485M Official Support Including 3D Support

Jun 7, 2011

29 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dear Dell Marketing,             I speak on behalf of many frustrated Alienware M17X Owners with the following. We would like to request that the M17XR3 model get the option of a more powerful nVidia Geforce graphics card. Yes we know there is a 560m coming fairly soon, however that is a minor upgrade. Our issue is that there is an enthusiasts option for a 3D 120Hz LCD with a Geforce 460M or an enthusiasts option for a very powerful ATI 6970 graphics card. There is no option to get a 3D system with a top graphics card. Many in our community ( have already purchased the 485M card from other retailers and have installed it in the M17X with no problems performance wise. The card performs really well and has really nice thermals (60c-70c), some are reporting the same temps as the 6970m. The only problem those people are facing are the 3D not functioning because you guys do not officially support it. That also means there is no warranty regarding the card. I brought this to the attention of a Dell employee forum liaison and he informed us that this has been on the table several times but the marketing department has not gone forward with it. It is in my personal opinion that from a marketing standpoint there is a huge market for this more powerful nVidia card mainly because of the 3D option. There are many customers that are interested in a 3D / nVidia config combo but are passing up on it because the 460m is older technology and even close to being as powerful as the 6970. This thread is to show you that there is a audience for this card to be used in the M17X. Also we have taken note that originally this card was suppose to be an option because even as of today some of the descriptions of the M17X on the site state that the highest option for the system is a 2GB nVidia Geforce GTX 485M. There are several other brand gaming laptops that have been released in recent times that have the 485M / 3D combo and it is rather discouraging that it has not made it to the Alienware brand as it is a much larger more powerful company now that it is part of the Dell family. I hope somethnig can be done to make this change. We appreciate you taking the time out to read this and look forward to your replies and action. -DeeX Status Update: Please see Ron_D's comment about the GTX580m with 3D now being available on the M17x. Thanks for posting!

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