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Don't make us buy Vista

Feb 22, 2007

957 Votes

Status: Implemented

From all of the press I have read it is plain that Vista is a big bomb. To buy the cheapest version I hear it isn't even as good as XP SP2. At the same time you need at least 4 Gig to run it. Offer other options... I don't care if it's Linux, XP, or a rat running on a wheel. Don't make us buy Vista. Status Update You can read more about this the OS options Dell offers here.

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Solid State Drive as option in Notebooks

Mar 28, 2007

821 Votes

Status: Implemented

Definition A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive. A solid state drive is based on non-volatile memory instead of the spinning platter and mechanical-magnetic head found in a conventional hard disk drive. With no moving parts, a solid state drive eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive. Advantages * Faster startup - Since no spin-up required. * Faster read time – In some cases, twice or more than that of the fastest hard drives. * Low read and write latency (seek) time, hundreds of times faster than a mechanical disk. * Faster boot and application launch time - Result of the faster read and especially seek time. But only if application already resides in flash and is more dependent on read speed than other issues, eg. OS bootup that detects devices will not be significantly sped up even with faster seeks & reads. * Lower power consumption and heat production - no mechanical parts results in less power consumption. * No noise - Lack of mechanical parts makes the SSD completely silent. * Better mechanical reliability - Lack of mechanical parts results in less wear and tear. High level of ability to endure extreme shock, vibration and temperatures, which apply to laptops and other mobile devices, or when transported. * Security - allowing a very quick "wipe" of all data stored. * Deterministic performance - unlike mechanical hard drives, performance of SSDs is constant and deterministic across the entire storage. "Seek" time is constant, and performance does not deteriorate as the media fills up (See: Fragmentation). * Lower weight and (depending upon type) size * Faster than conventional disks on random I/O Status Update Check out the Idea in Action on the SSD enhancements Dell is making.

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Now You Choose - Concept 2

Apr 25, 2007

785 Votes

Status: Implemented

Participate in the product design process! Dell is using IdeaStorm to decide between two new product design concepts. Vote on your favorite and weigh in to tell us what you think. When we unveiled the XPS 710 H2C at CES this year, we also uncovered it. There were a limited number of systems sprinkled throughout the show floor that had a clear side panel allowing easy viewing of the patent-pending two-stage H2C liquid cooling system. Since then, more than a few people have suggested we offer a “panel with a view� as an option for our XPS 710 line. Now we need you to vote for one of these two options and, most importantly, share some reasons why you like it. This “Now You Decide� vote campaign will be open from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, May 11. The design that gets the most votes will be featured in a future generation of XPS gaming desktops. Status Update Check out the latest Idea in Action on the new XPS 730.

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ubuntu on my computer: open source for education

Mar 23, 2007

747 Votes

Status: Implemented

I am a french teacher working in the south of France .The school's computers are Dell and Nec computers. Like most of my colleagues, I am using "opensource" (free) softwares, and specially Ubuntu for 2 years. It works perfectly and the pupils who tried Ubuntu like it very much. I hope it will be possible to buy a Dell computer without Windows very soon and I hope that all the Dell computers of my school will use Ubuntu. Not only because Ubuntu is free (even if it's not insignificant in a french school...) , but because working with Ubuntu forces you to understand and to think how and why you are using your (Dell) computer. I know that I'm speaking and writing english language like a spanish cow, so I'm sorry. I just want to finish my message with this: please be the first big computer manufacturer offering Ubuntu or Windows (which is very performant, but not the only one and specially at school) . Status Update Check out the Latitude 2100.

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Please make Ubuntu XPS Notebook cheaper than XPS Vista Notebook

May 26, 2008

742 Votes

Status: Implemented

Hi, I have tested the price of the default Vista-Notebook XPS M1330 (in Germany) and the Ubuntuversion with the same Configuration. The result was amazing :(: Vistaversion: 909,00 € Linuxversion: 923,44 € Is Vista cheaper than Ubuntu?? I can not imagine. So my wish: Make Ubuntu-Laptops competitive! Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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Make A Wireless Dell

Aug 7, 2007

660 Votes

Status: Implemented

Apple has a real, valid point: Too many cables in a typical PC setup. I think Dell could make a combo cable, or a unified display (display/camera/stereo speakers). Dell should work on a nice clean design - like Apple's clean design - less cable rat nests, more computing power. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on Dell's All in One systems.  Thanks for posting.

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Laptop Fans

Feb 19, 2007

606 Votes

Status: Implemented

Heat rises! Get the exhaust ports off the bottom of the laptops where it just blows back up into the machine. Put them out the side or the top and everything including processors, drives, batteries and the cooling systems themselves will run cooler and more efficiently. I already burned out one mother board, which thankfully was replaced under extended warrantee. I am so protective now that I never use my laptop without a supplemental cooling pad underneath, which blows the air out the sides. Unless this changes I would think twice about buying another or recommending a Dell laptop to anyone else without advising them of the problem. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on laptop cooling.  Thanks for posting!

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Organize the sales pages by need, not product line

Feb 4, 2007

537 Votes

Status: Implemented

The Dell shopping experience is all about Dell -- not the user. Currently, you have to walk through each product line, narrow by model, etc. This isn't very useful to my mom, or anyone new to Dell. Even the latitude/inspiron choice is never explained. Start with features -- walk the user through the choices until they get the perfect PC. What size do you want? What are you going to do with it? Etc. Status Update Check out our new Assistance Seeker to shop by what you need, not by price!

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Mini 9 netbook Ubuntu price must be cheaper than XP price with same config

Sep 4, 2008

439 Votes

Status: Implemented

OK, one more time. Dell marketing must think we are stupid or can't figure out how to add. There are three Mini 9 configurations: WinXPHome_fat, WinXPHome_lean, and Ubuntu_superlean. They are priced at $449, $399 and $349, respectively, after the usual mystery Dell discounts on only the WinXPHome versions. However, when you price out the Ubuntu model with the features of the WinXPHome versions it comes out the same compared to the WinXPHome_lean, and $65 more than the WinXPHome_fat. DUH??? Where is the inherent discount because there is no external cost to build it with Ubuntu, and how can you explain a surprise $65 charge to build it like the WinXPHome_fat model (1GB RAM/16GB SSD/0.3MPxl Camera)? They do have a chance to fix this before the Ubuntu version ships IN OCTOBER!! I guess Dell developers are as clueless as the marketers since they need an extra month to figure out how to install Ubuntu. Here's a hint, use PXE. I've used it for a little 5W geode-based server, so I am sure that an Atom CPU can do it! " Glad I could help, but I'll wait to order one of these until you get your act straight on the Ubuntu version. You should also add a disclaimer that the WinXP version is the XPHome and that it is really crippled compared to WinXPPro, while the Ubuntu is the full featured version (well except that you are probably still removing Wine and the OpenOffice suite from your install so you don't PO that chair throwing ogre in Redmond. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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Affordability and Durability for Student Laptop Initiative

Feb 21, 2007

427 Votes

Status: Implemented

If our district was to even consider a 1:1 student to computer ratio, we would need something much more affordable than what is out there now. Money could be saved by cutting storage space, video quality, and more. What our students generally need at their desks is the ability to surf the net and work in an "office" suite. Advanced projects can be done in our more robust labs. Also, a laptop initiative is no good if in-house support increases 10-fold. These have to be durable. If they fall off a desk, they have to keep working. Replacement batteries need to be less expensive or an extra battery should come with each purchase. Status Update The Latitude 2100 offers this.  Please check out this blog for more details.

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