Sell ink cartridges at local retail

Feb 21, 2007

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Status: Implemented

So, for convenience and ease of access, can Dell sell ink cartridges through local retail stores? I realize Dell is an online store; and not suggesting you stop the online part, but also make it available through retail stores. Considering weather or other natural occurrences, and the latest discomfort from DHL leaving the ink cartridges on the door just to be stolen gets annoying. Status Update We now sell ink cartridges at Staples. Click here for more details

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Sell Dell at Best Buy

Apr 21, 2007

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Status: Implemented

This has been mentioned before but you need to sell sell Dell products at Best Buy. I was at Best Buy today and witnessed at least (6) HP notebook PCs sold in a period of 5-10 minutes. The laptop Isle was crammed with people ogling over Vista and the new HP notebooks. It was so busy the sales staff were all taking to customers and no one even approached me. Of course you will need to redesign your products because they look cheaply made and dated in comparision to the HP offerings. I am no HP fan boy but I was shocked how nice their stuff looks. No wonder you have lost the #1 spot to HP. Which would you rather own? Dell HP Status Update Dell systems are available at Best Buy, click here for more details.

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Need to be put in more stores...besides Wal-Mart.

Dec 8, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Sell your products in places besides sell products in Staples, or Future Shop, Audiotronic. Places that would sell Computers..... Maybe this would mean Dell wouldn't half to send out Dell Flyers anymore....but, just for the heck of it...send out flyers anyway...lov your products.

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Jul 16, 2007

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Status: Implemented

I would like to see proper recognition of value added resellers. At present, we are treated like corporate customers and get allocated an account manager who knows that we are buying on behalf of our customers. We have no idea what our margin will be on any purchase or if there will be any margin. Often, customers phone in and get as good, if not better deals than we get. There are a lot of VARs buying from Dell, mainly because we like the reliability of the products. Please setup a VAR channel with a structured commission system. Status Update Please see amie_p's comment

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