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Car technology

Mar 21, 2018

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With all the deaths each year that is caused by drunk driving, you would think that someone would try to create something to prevent it. We have autonomous vehicles, but they are not as safe as they were marketed to be. An autonomous vehicle just killed a woman crossing the street after failing to brake. I suggest that all vehicles come with a sent detection system and will detect alcohol. Once it does, every driver will be required to pass a breathalizer, built into the car, before the car will allow entry. 

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Battery Life

Mar 20, 2018

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We all have the technology that we carry everywhere with us, and it always seems to die before we are done using it. I know, personally, I am tired of carrying around multiple chargers in my daily bag for all my techonology devices. Maybe if we could evolve the way we charge our tech products? By the sun, energy, longer batteries being installed, etc. I think solar powered charging could be really beneficial, especially people who do not have the benefit of working inside with plugs. 

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BIOS update numbering

Mar 1, 2018

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Within the past year, Dell has slightly changed how they give version numbers to BIOS updates for newer models.  For example, before this change BIOS version 1.1.9 gets replaced with 1.2.0.  But after the change, instead 1.1.9 gets replaced with 1.1.10.  Or, 1.9.1 gets replaced with 1.10.1.  There is a problem with this change. When organizations use SCCM OSD imaging to update the BIOS, they often will WMI query the version number of the BIOS to see if it needs to be updated with the one on the server.  However, it thinks that version 1.1.9 is higher than 1.1.10, because in reality 1.1.9 is a larger number, so it thinks the BIOS doesn't need to be updated but in reality it does.  Please go back to the older BIOS numbering system

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Honest suggestion

Feb 20, 2018

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Ok here it goes for both alienware 15 & 171. Heat is still issue like other brands have more mesh at back. Dust may be issue but the gain of airflow will reduce temps significantly. Pls also make back cover of 15 & 16 so that one can buy it as optional accessory.2. The user have very old looking limited control on alienware i am watching same command centre past 5 years plus. Have a look at asus, lenovo, msi. The functionality and quality of software really outshines the alienware decade old look.3. Alienrespawn was best to get system restored, even though microsoft gave something new win win 10 still alien respawn is best and would take few seconds to restore entire ssd.4. Keep old loyal customers with you else with more offerings from other brands you will see people switching .5. Listen to feedback just do not document it.6. My laptop is new alienware 15 with 7820hk but the moment i enable overclocking via bios at OC level 1 it does not boot but throws win 10 not able to boot error.7. Both software and hardware needs more integration and something new for consumer to feel cared for.

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Dual laptop monitor

Feb 15, 2018

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You better do if fast..the first to market wins the lion share of the profits... Please come up with a dual monitor laptop. Every one has one on their desk, except on tdy trips or travel. Wouldn't it be a site to behold if someone had a dual monitor laptop while on travel... wow!! It would force everyone else to produce one or be out of date.Respectfully,Glenn Corbett 

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Product design - hybrid keyboard

Jan 25, 2018

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Think of a device something like a keyboard (foldable to make the size smaller so that it can be carried in pocket) with embedded projector or something like that( I believe a mobile was available in market similar to that ).Then this will be connected to network through WiFi and office servers.This should be used as laptop in offices.What is the benefit:Major one is data security that is threatening most of the organizations. This is because no data is saved in the device, everything directly gets stored in secured servers.Added advantages,1)less physical network requirements in office2) less office space, since no space required to install docking stations or desktop3) no data breach due to loss of deviceNot sure if this is something that is achievable or its already available.Your views please.

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