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Provide Ubuntu on all computers and 8.04-current ubuntu releases

Aug 23, 2009

19 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

 2 ideas in 1: 1. Make ubuntu an option for ALL computers, not just a few ALL! People are really liking ubuntu, provide it as an option. 2. Offer 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04 as options, i want the most up to date ubuntu without 3 hours downloading + 3 upgrading. Status Update Please see this blog for details

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Preload Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Apr 30, 2009

60 Votes

Status: Implemented

The new Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope GNU/Linux has many great features to make it a significant upgrade from the 8.04. Some improvements are: Much faster boot times due to ext4 file system and other optimizationsCleaner graphics and a better notifications mechanismNewer Linux KernelImproved Power ManagementImproved cd burner applicationImproved handling of multiple monitors, formerly a sore spot for LinuxPerformance increases across the boardBetter themes and backgrounds I also suggest that Dell keep with the latest LTS upgrades yearly to remain cutting edge. Shannon VanWagner Status Update Please see this blog for more details

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Use Ubuntu Netbook Remix instead of the custom Dell application strip

Feb 9, 2009

14 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please use the netbook remix images on your netbooks. This will help users get used to a single simple UI developed for netbooks. The Dell strip is "ok" but seems tacky and out of place. Also please continue using teh 8.04 images not the 8.10. the non-LTS releases tend to have small glitches that case some serious headaches (PulseAudio). Thank you so much for listening. Status Update Please see this blog for details

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Preload 8.10

Jan 25, 2009

34 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please include Ubuntu 8.10 with your linux systems! 8.04 is outdated. Do you intend to upgrade only when a new LTS comes out? 9.04 is almost here and you're not even up to 8.10. If system 76 and zareason can do it, why not you? Status Update Please see this blog about info on updated Ubuntu offerings

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Please provide dell mini 12 with Ubuntu

Nov 13, 2008

66 Votes

Status: Implemented

hi,  I use Ubuntu in my dell. it just great specially the Ibex which just works for everything and really fast in 1GB ram. I am looking to buy a netbook .. I was eagerly waiting for dell mini 12 for 2 months when the news came up, as I don't like 10 inch screen with low resolution. But I am disapointed  to find that dell decides Vista instead of Ubuntu. Vista is even slow in 2GB dual core machines .What performance will it give in netbook ?? Ultimately I have to remove the OS to install Ubuntu in it. So there no reason to pay microsoft for it's OS which I am not going to use. It would be nice if dell mini 12 is also lanched with ubuntu like mini 9 with less price .So lot of people like who wanna use Ubuntu will save some money . Status Update Please see vida_k's comment

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The SSD in the mini 9 should have a partition as big as the actual size (currently limited to 4GB)

Oct 17, 2008

26 Votes

Status: Implemented

Regardless of the size of the SSD (mine is a 16GB), the disk has a 4GB partition where the Ubuntu OS is installed. The rest is not even formatted. This is a BIG bug, because for the partition to be resized it takes actually a high level of expertize. The unoccupied space can be formatted as an additional partition, but the original is simply to small to accommodate more than the bare minimum. But this is besides the point. If I buy 16GB of space I demand all of it to be available with no further action. Status Update Please see john_h's comment

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Dell Mini Ubuntu (Linux) Missing Webcam

Oct 4, 2008

72 Votes

Status: Implemented

It would be great if the Dell Mini product site would add back the webcam option for the Unbuntu Linux version of the product. When the site first launched , both the 0.3 megapixel camera and the 1.3 megapixel camera were available as configuration options, but they have since been dropped from the site when ordering the linux version of the product. Any ideas from Dell on why the change in product offering? Any chance that this will be added back in as a product configuration offering? I have to imagine that the drivers for a webcam are available, and if not, there are plenty of developers who would be interested in building them. This site lists a lot of information on getting a webcam running on a linux pc: Status Update

Categories: Dell Web Site, Linux, Netbooks,

Try to push Adobe to fix their Flash Player.

Jul 25, 2008

31 Votes

Status: Implemented

I know it hasn't much to do with Dell, but Dell has been busy to improve drivers for Linux by working in cooperation with developers like Ati, so let's give this idea a try: I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 on all of my PCs and my laptop and it's a great operating system, but there's one thing I hate: Adobe's slow development of their Flash-plugin for Linux. Some bugs are in their plugin for years now, but it looks like Adobe doesn't want to fix them. Some examples: 1) Menu's dissapearing behind Flash-object. For an example go to the website of ASUS: Move the cursor to "Products" and see the menu dissapear behind the Flash-object. 2) Impossible to scroll when the cursor is on top of a Flash-object. When you move you're mouse to a Flash-object, you can't scroll. You first have to move your mouse away from the Flash-object to be able to scroll. 3) Transparancy won't work. When a Flash-object is using transparancy, you will see a white background, in stead of the underlying objects. 4) Sometimes Flash Player let's FireFox crash to the desktop. For example when watching videos at YouTube. After watching a couple of movies, FireFox crashes. I've got these troubles on all of my PC's and my laptop, different versions of FireFox and different versions of Ubuntu. I hear a lot of people complaining about these problems, but it doesn't seem like Adobe wants to fix these problems. Maybe Dell can do something. I know it's not Dell's task to fix these problems, but they've worked with other developers to get better support for Linux and look at the big improvement Ati made in the last year (although I don't know how much Dell has to do with it). Status Update Please see jesse_l's comment

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