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Battery Life

Mar 20, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

We all have the technology that we carry everywhere with us, and it always seems to die before we are done using it. I know, personally, I am tired of carrying around multiple chargers in my daily bag for all my techonology devices. Maybe if we could evolve the way we charge our tech products? By the sun, energy, longer batteries being installed, etc. I think solar powered charging could be really beneficial, especially people who do not have the benefit of working inside with plugs. 

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Dual laptop monitor

Feb 15, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

You better do if fast..the first to market wins the lion share of the profits... Please come up with a dual monitor laptop. Every one has one on their desk, except on tdy trips or travel. Wouldn't it be a site to behold if someone had a dual monitor laptop while on travel... wow!! It would force everyone else to produce one or be out of date.Respectfully,Glenn Corbett 

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IdeaStorm Feedback - Actual Dell Rep Respond to Posters of Ideas

Nov 1, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Here's an idea... how about Dell or a Dell rep acknowledge the threads on this site?Yes, I see that the status is "Acknowledged", but that looks scripted to me - automatic server process.We're taking time out of our day to give Dell free ideas, when we actually don't even know if our posts are being read.Perception is everything.

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Photo-reactive Chassis

Jan 24, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

I think it would be cool if there was a case design with photo-reactive features (i.e. when the system is running, parts of it become transparent).It wouldn't have to be a lot, as the coating is placed on tempered glass areas only, so you could add it to sections where there might be led fans, or the gpu/ram areas.

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Dell 3000 Series Dock

Jan 22, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Can engineering add a power button on the top of the D3000 series dockingstation?Most if not all of my customers who use this, have their laptop lid closed already.  Why should they have to open the lid, hit the power button, then close the lid.  The old style dock has a power button on the top.

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Double-sided or front-and-back monitors

Nov 25, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Produce monitors with the same, interactive screen on both the front and back. This would prevent having to turn ones monitor so that a person sitting opposite can view what is being discussed. This would be useful in financial markets, doctor offices, insurance companies, businesses,  schools, and anywhere that an individual wants to show another what is on their screen, but had to constantly turn the screen for the other person to view it. One side (front) monitor allows the presenter to continue without turning it for the viewer to see, while the viewer can see what is being presented, no screen turning, no craning necks. Both presenter and viewer could have access, by mouse, of pointing items of concern.

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