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Offer entry-level consumer laptops with option for more RAM

Apr 11, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

I was in the market for a small/light (11.6" screen) laptop or 2-in-1. I did not care about the fastest processor, as it would be a second computer, but I did want 8GB of RAM, which in 2018 is really the minimum 90% of home/office customers need for web browsing, videos, Office, etc. None of your 11.6" home options offer more than 4GB of RAM. Worse, none of them are user-upgradeable; the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. SO I could not even buy an Inpspiron 11.6" 3179, for instance, and upgrade it myself to 8GB of RAM. As a result, Dell lost my business to a competitor. I highly recommend you at least make an option for 8GB for even your basic, cheap laptops. I would have loved 8GB in the Inspiron 3179 with a Pentium N4200 or Core m3 processor, and a small 128GB SSD. And I would have paid a premium to have that configuration. I am sure I am not alone.

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Dell inspired - Chip on the shoulder

Apr 28, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Transform the persona of information technology. Give the IT services industry shoulder pads! Some scientist, techies, engineers, and mathematicians drink Red Bull too! Many IT organizations could use some competitive (trash) talk to get the juices flowing a bit. Really go after Cisco and others (Facebook) in the battle to improve cybersecurity and user privacy, through continuous exploration of new technology (i.e. quantum computing). I’m no expert but at the end of the day industry leaders are in battle, correct? Be the actively working change people want to see. This may mean rolling up your sleeves and showing a bit of muscle, or lack thereof, even if the technology is not within complete grasps or cost efficient at this time. Start by bumping the “Security” menu option under the Products & Services drop down to the top of the list on the Dell homepage. Current events show government agencies leading the charge to address concerns of cybersecurity and user protection. This should not be the case. Dell can be one of the world’s most ethical companies, with a chip on its shoulder, or not. 

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Honest suggestion

Feb 20, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Ok here it goes for both alienware 15 & 171. Heat is still issue like other brands have more mesh at back. Dust may be issue but the gain of airflow will reduce temps significantly. Pls also make back cover of 15 & 16 so that one can buy it as optional accessory.2. The user have very old looking limited control on alienware i am watching same command centre past 5 years plus. Have a look at asus, lenovo, msi. The functionality and quality of software really outshines the alienware decade old look.3. Alienrespawn was best to get system restored, even though microsoft gave something new win win 10 still alien respawn is best and would take few seconds to restore entire ssd.4. Keep old loyal customers with you else with more offerings from other brands you will see people switching .5. Listen to feedback just do not document it.6. My laptop is new alienware 15 with 7820hk but the moment i enable overclocking via bios at OC level 1 it does not boot but throws win 10 not able to boot error.7. Both software and hardware needs more integration and something new for consumer to feel cared for.

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XPS 15 9570 wishlist -- add your wishes here too

May 12, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Bought and with deep regrets, returned the 9560: - Arrived formatted in legacy boot, took an hour to realize BIOS were wrong and reconfigure- Service tag was unkown to Dell Support on day of delivery and first call- Basic web browsing was extremely laggy, apparently was a driver bugAs far as feature request: - more emphasis on quality control at the factory- no bloatware, pure Windows install- Intel Iris Graphics for those seeking power efficient option in CPU-bound workloads- 4K USB-C monitor, 27-32 inch size with 5 port USB hub to remove need to docking station and power cable- Better keyboard on par with Lenovo T and P series- Non-fingerprint magnet chassis- Keep up the excellent 4K display in the 9560. It is/was fantasticIf I get the XPS15 9570 it will be used as desktop replacement for video editing. Thanks!

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Dell Precision T7500 Severe Cooling Issue

Apr 23, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

You have released a product that was faulty since day 1 and I firmly believe you need to fix this issue. You have configured the BIOS to only turn up fan speeds when a CPU is at 87C average for all cores. That means you are allowing cores to hit 90C+ for absolutely no logical reason. You have server grade fans in this system that can handle high RPMs for extended periods of time, why are you letting them sit idle 24/7 regardless of if the CPUs are rendering and cooking themselves? You sold the system with processors I have, so you can't claim this is my fault. I have the largest heatsinks avaialbe for the system, as well. All I ask is that you release one last Dell Precision T3500/T5500/T7500 bios that changes the fan curve to start speeding up fans at 70-72C tops, beause only extreme workloads will ever cause those temps. Please don't let my hardware kill itself because you want to make money off of me. I'm struggling to stay afloat as it is and if this system goes bad because of this obvious issue that you didn't fix then bad on you. Not everyone can afford to upgrade their rendering machines, so don't force them to. I can use speedfan as a temporary fix (this does nothing bad to the system, don't start with me) but its obnoxious and doesn't automatically change speeds, I have to manually. TL;DR: make a revision A17 BIOS for the Dell Precision Tx500 series that changes the fan curve to start revving up at 72C average on any CPU instead of 87C average. THIS IS A CLEAR DESIGN FLAW, AND IS NOT THE CONSUMERS FAULT. My system is dust free, with fresh thermal paste and new heatsinks. I've even added additional fans to the system with no luck, you just need to change the fan curve for the main fans, that's the only way. I've tested this with SpeedFan and it works 100%. (speefan is 100% safe, don't try to use this to shift blame somehow)I'm asking for something so miniscule. Change the temperature value in the bios for the fan curve. That's it.

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Incorporate web cams in monitors

Jun 30, 2007

61 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

How about building webcams into Dell's line of LCD monitors.Status Update: This idea has been partially implemented with the release of Dell's new UltraSharp Multimedia Monitors. Thank you for posting! 

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Screen lighting

Apr 20, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

People’s eyes suffer from the negative impact of working on the notebook the most. We should work in conditions of various lighting: day and night, grey or extremely sunny weather. Evidently, it affects the eye not in the best way. Today, the techniques for regulating the screen lighting already exist. Indeed, it would be better the function of adapting the screen light to the surrounding could work automatically. The optimal screen lighting, the needed balances, and the contrasts should be developed by the ophthalmologists. Specialists on mental illnesses can also be involved in the implementing such “health programming” since the functioning of eyes and mind is in the strong relation.

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Keyboard in multiple languages.

Mar 26, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Recently, many users need to write in multiple languages on their PCs and it is very difficult in some cases to find sticker for specific language. So, is it possible to create a new keyboard (virtual keyboard)? In the other words, we will keep the recent buttons and instead of writing the letters for specific language we can create something can appear virtually under each button. For instance, is it possible to create a light under each button and this light can be shape the letters of the slected language?Best,

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