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Studio XPS page UK

Nov 20, 2008

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Status: Implemented

Your Tech Specs page say is Operating System Genuine Windows Vista®  Home Premium 64-bit Genuine Windows Vista®  Ultimate 64-bit For UK.     When you pick a Studio XPS there no Windows vista 64-bit on the page?         

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Expand the ability to buy the OS DVD from the Inspiron line to include the XPS line.

Jan 17, 2011

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Status: Implemented

I built an Inspiron desktop earlier today and saw that I could buy the OS DVD for the modest fee of $15.00.  I had already asked for that to be done in this idea and it has been implemented on the Insiron`s. I needed more features than the Inspiron allowed in the build, so I built an XPS. You can not get the OS DVD in the XPS build. Dell, offer the disc`s in XPS to. Status update: See comments from Bill_b below.

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XPS Size

Apr 29, 2011

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Status: Implemented

I think Dell should redesign the XPS. The current XPS (even XPS 15) is too bulky to carry around. I love the specifications that Dell offers for XPS. But, the only thing that draws me back from buying it is the bulkiness  status update: The new XPS z line systems are much more portable and thinner. The 15.6" XPS 15z just recently launched with more sizes to come. Thanks for the idea!

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