Always include all software and driver reinstallation discs for free (or at least let us get the option to)... don't make us pay extra

May 1, 2007

2247 Votes

Status: Implemented

Always include ALL software AND driver reinstallation discs for FREE (or at let us get the option do get the for free if we want as follows)...don't make us pay extra in case that we have a disaster and need to reinstall from scratch...! No Discs Included (Included In Price) All Discs Included (this means everything -- all software discs -- OS/Security software/etc., and all driver discs -- this means Windows or Linux drivers or both, whatever applies -- add $0) Other options (OS disc only, all software discs only, driver discs only, etc. -- add $0) For some computers, Dell does not include the reinstallation discs. Even if Dell offers them, Dell charges extra for us to get them. In fact, the only time I seen reinstallation discs being offered without charge were for Dell XPS desktops with the flashy lights -- that is, the Dell XPS 600, 700, and 710 systems, for those ware the only systems to offer operating system options like "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center WITH REINSTALLATION CD". Also, most of the time when software reinstallation discs are not included, driver reinstallation discs (such as XPS flashy lights, as well as printers and monitors) are not included either. Therefore, don't just include the software reinstallation discs -- include as well the Windows/Linux drivers for the hardware (depending on the OS purchased with the computer, if any, which in turn depends on the user's preferences). Besides, Microsoft as well as ALL software companies include the discs when you get the software seperately, so why can't Dell do the same when the software is preinstalled...? Status Update Customers no longer have to pay extra for re-installation media.

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Update Vostro 3550 AMD 6630/Intel HD 3000 Switchable Drivers

Jun 20, 2011

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Status: Implemented

I just bought a Vostro 3550 for my sister a few weeks back and she is a fairly avid gamer. I specifically went for the Vostro 3550 for the fact that it is made better than the Inspiron series and has a nice graphics card, along with Sandy Bridge CPUs. One game she plays is Brink, which requires OpenGL 3.1. With the switchable graphics that Dell has implemented in the 3550, the Intel part of the driver is older than the April 29, 2011 driver update that Intel put out which supports OpenGL 3.1. Why does the Intel driver need to support OpenGL 3.1? Because the card that Brink detects is the Intel. Since the 6xxx series AMD cards use PowerPlay, it only switches to the discrete card based on a program list. My 5xxx series card in my laptop (non-Dell) doesn't have the app-based switching. It's either in High Performance or Longer Battery mode. So the long and the short of it is that Dell needs to update the drivers for the Vostro 3550 that include newer Intel driver components along with the AMD drivers. These types of things are OEM custom so using an AMD driver won't work. Installing the Intel and AMD separately disables the AMD card completely. So Dell, please update this. The switchable graphics works for some applications and not for others.  Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comments here, here and here about the updates for effected systems.  Thanks for posting!

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DellConnect preinstalled

May 20, 2007

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Status: Implemented

I know I voted for no additional software on dell computer but, please, for people who will choose to keep their softwares, add DellConnect in the bundle. As tech support, sometimes it takes more time to download / find it than resolving the issue. For people who doesn't know this software, it's a remote control used by dell support (like vnc, pc anywhere, ...) very usefull when a broadband connection is avaliable. Thanks for voting and helping us to fix grandma's computers ! Status Update As of May 1, 2008, Dell systems will have DellConnect pre-installed.

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Dell Dock

Jun 27, 2008

18 Votes

Status: Implemented

The new Dell Dock software should be downloadable (free of charge) under the drivers section of the Dell Support site for all Dell computers. Whether it should only be factory-installed on the Studio line or not is another matter. This is clearly possible since there is a demonstration video of it running on an XPS M1530. Status Update Please see this blog

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Use Ubuntu Netbook Remix instead of the custom Dell application strip

Feb 9, 2009

14 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please use the netbook remix images on your netbooks. This will help users get used to a single simple UI developed for netbooks. The Dell strip is "ok" but seems tacky and out of place. Also please continue using teh 8.04 images not the 8.10. the non-LTS releases tend to have small glitches that case some serious headaches (PulseAudio). Thank you so much for listening. Status Update Please see this blog for details

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