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The Clutter Is Forming: We Need A Moderator

Feb 17, 2007

1151 Votes

Status: Implemented

Approximately 48 hours into its life, and Ideastorm is filling up with repetition and senseless comments. Since moderation cannot be exercised by the participants a moderator a la Dell Employee must put up her hand. Or his hand. We aren't picky! One: Repeating the same ideas from earlier posts is a pain to the reader and a waste of space and time. These should be removed. Two: Suggestions which are without applicability to the issues at hand should be removed: one post states that "Dell should set up Dell Pay to compete with Paypal." Sigh. Why? For what unique purpose? Dell's business is not online payments, in the same way Apple's is not selling music (they sell music at a loss to sell iPods at a gain). There is no benefit to Dell and it meets no need. Since this format is experimental and fully funded by Dell, I encourage Dell to cut the wheat from the chafe and remove as much as they see fit. For all of the "I have rights" and "freedom of speech" advocates, you don't. This is a place where the good keep going and the bad go out. The less posts the better. It provides Dell what they want: the opportunity to test strong ideas properly. Without the removal of clutter, the good ideas will by dint of the time they are posted (e.g. 3am) and the increasing volume of posts, inevitably suffer at times the forest's size despite the grandeur of the tree in question. I may be going against the grain of popular opinion, but you add your vote to this post if you believe in the goal of this site, and not the freedom it offers to utter the first inane thing which comes to mind. Status Update jackie_c is IdeaStorm's moderator. Also, for any mod updates, check out the talk with the moderator blog at the top of the page.

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Dell E-vote on which linux distro Dell will offer- "The Dell Linux Distro Elections"

Feb 24, 2007

116 Votes

Status: Implemented

Why not have a online E-Vote about which linux distro to offer.As the Ideastorm community update pointed out, even though there is a lot of interest in "linux"- there is diverse opinions about what is the best distro and which ones Dell should offer. Its not practical to offer all of them, yet in the end any single distro will result in complaints and be a compromise. Rather then try to decide independently which distro to offer first, host a online e-vote election where distro's can be nominated and run in a large online election. By having an organized election: *it will be limited to clear choices (distro's that were nominated)*Each will get the same exposure to voters, and in the same time frame.In the long run, any number of distros could be offered but this could help make it clear what distro has a lot of support and take the 'heat' off Dell for whatever choice it does make. If a distro team is angry they did not get elected its the community not Dells fault, and they could always run again next year in another linux election.Consider this excerpt from the Dell IdeaStorm February 23, 2007 release: "As this community knows, there is no single customer preference for a distribution of Linux. In the last week, the IdeaStorm community suggested more than half a dozen distributions. We don't want to pick one distribution and alienate users with a preference for another. "Dell does not have to pick, the community can choose for them with an election.--Update March 13th--They heard! From Ideas In Action: March 13, 2007Linux – We’re listening... Now Tell Us More... : ) The IdeaStorm community’s interest in open source solutions like Linux on Dell platforms has come through loud and clear. Many of you have suggested a survey to help Dell determine which distribution is most popular, and we think that’s a great idea. Based on your idea, we now have a short survey, which will be open until March 23, where you can tell us more about your favorite distribution of Linux, your preferred method of support, and more.To access our Linux survey, see today’s blog post on Direct2Dell. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of this discussion on Direct2Dell and IdeaStorm, and check back for more details as we gather your input. Here are the links (survey ended)Link to the blog here hereLink to the survey here (survey ended link removed)--Update March 24th--The Dell linux survey ended. Status Update Check out the Idea in Action that gives the details on the Linux survey.

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You Ask Us Questions

Aug 19, 2008

71 Votes

Status: Implemented

Why don't you guys (Dell R&D) ask us some questions on ideastorm and let us vote on them like we do now? This way if you guys have an idea you want to include in an upcoming product, you can ask our opinions and let us promote or demote the ideas. This would be much better than developing something, then waiting for us to complain about the finished product. I am sure that costs you money in sales, redesign, and development. Status Update Please see vida_k's comment

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On ideastorm please can we organise ideas by popularity

Nov 14, 2007

60 Votes

Status: Implemented

I mean, I want to press a little button to arrange all ideas by the total number of positive votes from most popular to least and everything in between. I mean since you introduced the half life thing to ideas I am not even sure what is the most popular idea any more or how to find it, if you get my meaning and all. ps. I don't know if this is a duplicate, so please merge in case it is. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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IdeaStorm would be more active, and more productive, if Dell itself participated more

Sep 22, 2010

49 Votes

Status: Implemented

Many people have lost interest in IdeaStorm lately, because IdeaStorm, the way it stands now, is, frankly, stagnant. Tomorrow marks the day that 8 months have passed since the last Ideas in Action update. I'm sure many people have lost interest in IdeaStorm in part because they're lead to believe that their ideas are disregard/ignored now (or, have always been). I'd say they're not far off. And the Storm sessions...we haven't had one of those in 2 months, either. And no response from Dell on the most recent one (customization versus FastTrack), even though IdeaStormers clearly called for more customization. And it's not just like Dell doesn't implement any ideas now. I don't think Dell has even commented or updated many ideas lately, even the most popular or most requested ideas. For example, I've lost count on how many people have posted requests calling for Dell to return to 16:10 on more or all screens. I haven't heard much there, either.

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Highlight Words Dell Doesn't Like!

Mar 17, 2008

43 Votes

Status: Implemented

For whatever reason Dell has taken it upon it's self to include unoffensive every day words in it's naughty words list. As I don't find these words offensive I'm often left bewildered and bemused as to which word it is that Dell are taking offense to.To minimize frustration please highlight the "offensive" word or phrase when a post is rejected.Status Update:  With the update to IdeaStorm we have added error messaging to cover this need.  Thank you for the idea!

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ideaStorm should be more than a glorified suggestion box.

Jan 25, 2011

40 Votes

Status: Implemented

IdeaStorm desperately needs a makeover in order to make the site successful.  A new home page and content would go a long way in helping improve things.  The home page needs to do more than just show the top ideas in order to make visitors want to participate.  Dell could still show some of those ideas but also some of the newly posted ideas as well as other content such as the ideas in action posts, storm sessions, member spotlights and Dell product announcements.  If done properly it would make the site inviting to new visitors and keep it interesting for older ones as well. Status Update:  We have changed the home page to reflect Recent and Tending idea as well as featured content in an upgrade to the site.  Thank you for Posting!

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Fix the log in function on IdeaStorm

Nov 20, 2008

38 Votes

Status: Implemented

A few of issues need to be fixed with the log in for IdeaStorm. 1. The site forgets my log in information. While it might not be a large problem for those who log in once a day it is a huge pain for others. 2. The area for inputing your username and password are already populated. We shouldn't have to delete out the words "username" and "password" in order to enter our log in. This also causes problems with password saving and form filler programs. 3. The log in actually occurs off site. We don'tt actually log into IdeaStorm but some SalesForce security program. Cross scripting is a pain and bogs down the lsite's oad times. 4. We still do not have a universal log in for the Dell Community sites. You would think that since IdeaStorm and the other community sites were upgraded within weeks of each other Dell would have made they had a single log in.

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