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USB 3.0 Motherboards

Jan 3, 2011

45 Votes

Status: Implemented

A motherboard with integrated USB 3.0 would be nice. A number of other companies are now selling desktop computers with integrated USB 3.0 motherboards, not a separate card. In Dell and Alienware, if you want dual graphic cards, there is no room for a USB 3.0 controller card, due to not having enough PCI-e slots. So if you want high-end graphics control, you have no high-speed file transfer, and vice versa. Are Dell and Alienware getting left behind in the "cutting edge" department? Status Update:  Please see David_V's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Desktops, Alienware,

Dell Preferred Account to Purchase Alienware Products

Nov 3, 2008

30 Votes

Status: Implemented

Dell,  Please add the option on the Alienware Website to checkout using DPA 'Dell Preferred Account'. I do not understand why we have to have a seperate credit account when you own Alienware. Please vote to promote! Thank you, Status Update You can now pay for your Alienware system using your DPA account.  Please configure the M17x and check out your payment options.

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Categories: Sales Strategies, Alienware,

Offer Complete Cover on Alienware Products

May 19, 2008

29 Votes

Status: Implemented

I recently went searching for a gaming laptop. I was previously unaware of Dells complete cover service but was extremely pleased to find it when configuring a m1730. When plans changed and I decided to get a 15" laptop instead I moved to the Alienware site. I searched in vain but was unable to find any way to get complete cover for my Alienware laptop. When paying over $4,000.00 for a laptop the security of complete cover is a great comfort. Considering that Alienwares target market is a niche of enthusiasts I would think that complete cover has a clear place as part of its offering. What does everyone else think? Status Update Configure the M17x and you will see that Complete Care is a warranty option.

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Categories: Service and Support, Alienware,

Ubuntu on Alienware

Apr 13, 2008

24 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

I am looking to buy an Alienware, and I think it would be awesome if Alienware products had the Ubuntu option.Status Update:  Congratulations! Your idea has been partially implemented with the introduction of the Alienware X51 with Ubuntu.  You can read about it in this Direct2Dell Post.  Thank you for posting.

24 Votes | 23 Comments

Categories: Linux, Alienware,

Add Alienware Products to EPP Site

Mar 14, 2007

16 Votes

Status: Implemented

Please consider making Alienware notebooks and desktops available to EPP clients. I am looking for a new notebook, 17" with full numeric keypad. You don't have one on the DELL site (please add numeric keypads to your 17" notebooks, you have the space) but you do have one through Alienware. If I could order it through the EPP program, I already would have. I like the Alienware products because I can get more powerful hardware and skip paying for unneeded software like MS Works. I can purchase full versions of MS Office via the MS HUP program so I don't need to be paying Dell for any software like it. Status Update  Please visit the EPP site and click on Laptops and you will see that Alienware is now offered here.

16 Votes | 2 Comments

Categories: Sales Strategies, Alienware,

Merge Alienware & Dell

Feb 22, 2007

73 Votes

Status: Implemented

Now that Dell has acquired Alienware, I think the two companies should merge and let Alienware take over Dell's gaming division. Drop or keep the XPS line, but let the gaming line be called Dell Alienware. This would allow Dell to mass market some of Alienware's exclusive home theatre products and take advantage of the slick design and appeal. Alienware already has a slick design, latest technology, high quality. With Dell's mass production and able to lower the price, Dell could quickly gain more consumer base to help drive their gaming line. Status Update You can now purchase Alienware products on Dell's website

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Categories: Dell, Alienware,

SLi and Quad Core Laptops

Feb 19, 2007

24 Votes

Status: Implemented

Alienware has done it, and believe Dell bought Alienware... so why hasn’t Dell put SLI into Dell Laptops? This would be huge; you could have fast, compact notebooks more powerful than most PCs. Also, the quad core CPU is about the same size as a single processor, so why isn’t it in a laptop? You could have Sli and Quad core Laptops... Great for multi-taskers and gamers. Best of both worlds. Status Update: See David's comment. This idea has been fully implemented in the M18x. Thank you for your submission.

24 Votes | 1 Comment

Categories: Laptops, Alienware,

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