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Light up keyboards for business laptops

Tue Dec 12 18:07:38 GMT 2017 - Dec 12, 2017

Wow!  It''s been a while.  I'm glad I could provide some info for you.  I'm still in the industry with the same company and I'm more than willing to provide more.  Thanks!

Better keyboard

Tue Dec 05 08:50:16 GMT 2017 - Dec 5, 2017

I won't reconsider to ensure your blog section to any person who needs and needs bolster about this range.


Double-sided or front-and-back monitors

Tue Dec 05 08:40:24 GMT 2017 - Dec 5, 2017

individuals online have the ill defined excitement like mine to comprehend wonderful blueprint more around this condition.

I recognize there are different more pleasurable open gateways ahead for people that looked site.

Better keyboard

Tue Dec 05 08:29:25 GMT 2017 - Dec 5, 2017

The four-time champions dominated ownership but struggled to build enough clear-cut chances, as Sweden anchored an initial appearance at the finals since 2006 thanks to Jakob Johansson's first-leg affect in Stockholm


Dell Premier Ordering Site

Thu Nov 09 20:04:49 GMT 2017 - Nov 9, 2017

Common Dell, are you serious?   This is an excellent idea!!
If it wasn't you wouldn't see Amazon doing it and believe me, I can only imagine how many people on that site hit the "Reorder Item" button.

Please promote!!

IdeaStorm Feedback - Actual Dell Rep Respond to Posters of Ideas

Wed Nov 01 16:04:27 GMT 2017 - Nov 1, 2017

Its almost as if Dell has abandoned this site.   Check the "Storm Sessions" tab.  Nothing.
The only thing you will find there is if you check the "view archived sessions" checkbox and those sessions are over 3 years old.  

Then check the list of ideas here.  Page after page after page, of posts with only 1 vote. (The person that submitted them.)   Ideastorm appears to be a "Fire and Forget" website.   Submit your idea and forget about it.
If this site was so important, perhaps we should have heard about it at the last Dell EMC conference, but we did not.

Provide Contact Person for Dell's IdeaStorm

Wed Oct 25 18:23:52 GMT 2017 - Oct 25, 2017

Even acknowledgement that a "Dell Rep" has even reviewed your post.  How does anyone here even know this is reaching Dell?    Good idea CPescher, got my vote.

Clear cart button

Wed Oct 25 17:43:01 GMT 2017 - Oct 25, 2017

I concur.  Not asking Dell much for implementing that idea.

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