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XPS 13" with Anti-Glare Touchscreen

Jul 11, 2017

7 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

I live in Belgium and bought the XPS 13" for its touchscreen HOWEVER the reflective screen drives me nuts when i sit near a window at home or in the office with the lights on. Simple request: please make XPS 13" models that have an anti-glare touchscreen (FHD or QHD+) and also make it available in countries like Belgium. Please give this idea a vote up if you support it. Thanks. 

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AVG pre-installed

Jun 9, 2016

8 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Dell has pre-installed McAfee for years, and now I think it's high time to end that partnership and partner with AVG to pre-install their software on new Dell systems. AVG offers a free antivirus that never expires, and it's better than Windows 10's built-in Windows Defender (i.e. you can't schedule scans in Defender, but in AVG). When you purchase a Dell system, you can select either the free edition of AVG, or a paid subscription. Most people would want the free edition, but to get more features (such as Firewall), you would have to purchase a subscription. I think pre-installing AVG would be a good option for Dell, because it would be inconvenient for people to uninstall McAfee and install AVG.

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Dell Logo Change

Mar 16, 2016

2 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Yep, you read right. This is a big idea, in the sense that, it requires alot of time, effort and money! I was never a big fan of Dell's inspiron or Xps line of laptop machines or to be honest, any of their 'for home' systems. They looked unappealing and horribly outdated. However alot has changed and Dell seems to have done a fabulous job with combining practicality with elegant design. I'm a huge fan of their new XPS lineup and I'm sure alot of you reading this are too. However....there's just one little piece of aluminium that seems out of place....the logo. It just feels out of place and dated. A great example of an apporpriate logo refresh is HP...on their premium laptops, the new logo fits perfectly. Previous assosiations with the tradtional "work" related HP are almost forgetten when you look at their new logo ('s premium at least ;P) . Granted, it's not on all their products, and it doesn't need to be (that's debatable). But they're premium line has  a consistent elegant look and feel. Your XPS line are your "premium" line of changing the logo on those machines at least, would be a welcome change. Obviously you'd have to consider its benefit/ROI...and hopefully this post would be a decent (or atleast a small )'s worth it  : ) Ps: If anyone has any design ideas...please feel free to share it Thanks : ) 

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Split Display

Feb 9, 2016

1 Vote

Status: Acknowledged

Hi,I work in the Logistics side of an I.t. company and i like getting involved with all the aspects, we were busy setting up for a client where we were using VGA Splitters to divide the display from one screen to 3 others then back to another splitter and so on and so forth. Honestly it caused a lot of loose cabling and looked extremely untidy.Is it not possible to install a Mini Splitter with one IN and one Out VGA or HDMI port? that way, we would just be able to run one cable in and another out, Eliminatiing the normal splitter, and making life more easier. 

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A Change In Marketing.

Feb 8, 2016

1 Vote

Status: Acknowledged

Hey Dell! When advertising something like your new Dell Venue Tablet, outline "WHY" you produced it, rather then "WHAT" it is. Customers are more interested in the "WHY" then the "WHAT". Instead of doing a Facebook ad outlining "The Dell Venue 7000 has the newest intel core processor, and is the thinnest tablet on the market...etc", all that means nothing unless a customer can relate to it. Instead of going from What -> How -> Why, try going in the reverse order Why -> How -> What. "We want to make your life simpler, more efficient, and productive. We did this by challenging the Status Quo. By incorporating the newest intel core processor, speeds are faster then you can ever imagine. Not to mention, it is the thinnest tablet on the market. This is the Dell Venue 7000." The "WHAT" (Product) is just the proof of "WHY" you do something. The "HOW" is the process behind the "WHAT". Thought I would just give my opinion. Cheers!

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256 GB Max SSD? More opportunity lost. It's sad. XPS 12 and Latitude 6430u

Feb 14, 2013

3 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

I have made a bunch of posts today.  I actually signed up for this site so that perhaps it would get to the person that is making these luke warm decisions about your product offerings. Why is it that you offer 512GB SSD on some products and NOT on others?  Are they not the same mSATA connection inside?  Couldn't you make $100+ dollars on the upgrade? I tried to configure a XPS 12 and a Latitude 6430u with 512GB SSD and the option is not available on your site AND I could not get anyone from sales to get them configured.  I currently have a 320GB 7200 RPM drive with a second bay with another 320GB 7200 RPM drive (in the optical bay). How do you expect us to downgrade to 256GB?  Why should I have to buy a laptop from you guys with the lowest SSD (64GB), then go to another retailer to get a 512GB drive and reinstall everything?  This just makes so little sense to me. I'd love to personally speak with someone at Dell about these situations I'm having. dootndo2 Status Update: This idea has been Partially Implemented with the recent upgrade of the XPS 12. Up to a 512 GB SSD is now available. Thank you for posting!  

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