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What if the designers start giving the essential training of Adobe Illustrator?

Jun 23, 2017

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Hello, I am a graphic design expert and I have been working in this industry for past seven years. I am here to propose an idea to the members of this community. As I said above, I am a graphic design expert and after all these years I have gained command over almost all major design channels, be it a custom logo design, website, mobile application UI, stationary, video animation, etc. In fact, I have also worked with several clients who were looking for tri-fold brochure and banner design. Anyways, let’s stick to the idea which I am going to propose here. As we all know, there are fresh grads and individuals who want to pursue their career in the design industry but due to the obliviousness of what to do in order to succeed in their career, they fail. However, I think we can lift them by giving them a hand with this as sharing is caring. Let’s say if you are an expert logo designer or have a specialty in using Adobe Illustrator, you can share tutorials for training or live webinars and seminars to train users for how to use these tools, I am sure you will receive a positive feedback. I hope you guys would surely like my idea.  

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Electronic paper, Business concept

Jun 23, 2017

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SurfaceTronics Company/Team: My name is Brandon, and I’m the CEO of SurfaceTronics. I’m a High School Senior, and I have spent the past two years working on a revolutionary product to solve the United States’ massive consumption of printer paper in schools and businesses.      I have a patent for my device, I have also contacted multiple Austin TX based product development companies for quotes. But let me take you to the beginning of the idea, I was walking past my school printer room on test day and noticed thousands upon thousands of pages of printer paper of which I knew would be simply thrown away after being graded. And I thought how can students or even business men and women utilize today's tech instead of paper? Syncing data with tablets in mass quantities was the answer. This would simulate what paper does but in an upgradeable and reusable manner. Opportunity’s and Value: Every Year U.S. businesses and schools together spend over 217 Billion dollars on printer paper, most of which simply ends up in the trash never to be used again. But here at SurfaceTronics, we are in the process of developing a revolutionary device to solve this major problem. Our device is the SurfacePage; the first ever easy to use document editing tablet. The SurfacePage will make creating, editing, and filling out documents incredibly easy for consumers, businesses, and schools compared to the traditional use of paper.     But wait, if you think the Surfacepage is cool just know it’s not the only cool product we’re bringing to the table. The GreenBox is a patent pending device that joins forces with the Surfacepage to create an amazing environmentally friendly product that everyone will be able to afford. The GreenBox will transfer documents and data from your computer onto document editing tablets. SurfacePages, as we like to call them, will be fully equipped to display any document or written piece so the user can write or fill out multiple documents at a time and upload via GreenBox or by Wi-Fi. You can also clear work history and data by simply inserting a tablet in the Greenbox and clicking clear on the display menu; after which you can easily move on to other documents saving you time, paper, and money.     I’m creating this device specifically to give consumer’s the opportunity of working more comfortably and efficiently compared to the conventional use of paper and notebooks. The GreenBox will also charge and update the SurfacePages, and with micro magnetic USB technology, the GreenBox ports will transfer workable documents quickly onto your SurfacePages without the typical damage that is usually caused by slots on tablet carts.    SurfacePages will save the average consumer thousands of dollars per year on printer paper and ink cartridges by eliminating the need for these items little by little. And because you can now do everything you would usually do with paper on the SurfacePage, you may want to consider making room for the GreenBox next to your printer, because the future of technology does not house room for wasteful paper machines. Competition: -Rocketbook,    Our concept is similar to the idea behind the Everlast notebook in saving paper and increasing productivity. But the SurfacePage is a million times better, The Surfacepage, unlike the Everlast notebook, will allow you to draw, write documents or type documents. And best of all, everything you create is a workable document, not a deceiving PDF image synced to your mobile devices or computer, but really useful material that you can use. -LocknCharge,    You've probably heard of LocknCharge, one of the world's most successful tablet cart companies. Their products are mostly used in schools to charge iPad, yet they have never utilized their market outreach by forcing users to obtain specific softwares for the transfer of data between their tablet carts and tablets. By using my market strategy, a more prolonged market plan can be established within this industry. -Xerox Paper, This is an experimental company working on reusable paper. They have spent serval years on this project and have not been successful yet. The purpose of Invention: This device serves many uses for document creation and editing electronically; users can now manually send electronic PDF documents and workable electronic documents in massive quantities via tablet to computers and vice versa, via Bluetooth and by micromagnetic USB. The device will immensely improve the efficiency of school grading procedures and business documentation, saving schools, businesses, and consumers money and paper.  Specific Problems Invention Solves: The primary writing material used by people, schools, and businesses is paper. Paper is used in such a high volume causing depletion of forests and then is never reused making it wasteful. This “Tablet Syncing Device” will offer people an affordable option to paper being that this device is a one-time purchase allowing people to reuse their tablets for documentation repeatedly without the need for ink cartridges or any external substance for it to work such as paper. Like the E-reader replacing the use of paper books, saving millions of trees. The “document editing tablet” with the “Tablet syncing Device” will replace the wastefulness of printer paper; this will save schools and businesses as well as consumers thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run.     

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Dell-AR Innovation

May 31, 2016

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Augmented reality is current in "beta" phase as far as technology and application goes.  A lot of groundwork has been done by Microsoft and Google with the Holo-lens and Glass respectively.  I propose that dell takes advantage of the existing interest of AR technologies, and expands them into large scale environments. Some of the environments that would be good to see are Zoos, Aquariums and Planetariums where instead of just seeing a docile elephant in a pen, or a limited number of small fish in bowls, and immersive experience where one can stand inches away from a life size Gorilla or Lion.  Or enter into a massive water tank and "swim" with life size whales, sharks, and creatures iof the deep that cannot be housed in current aquariums due to varius circumstances (enviornmental/habitat restrictions etc.)  The educational applications are limitless, and if the technologies are implimented into a self contained environment, can lead to an ever changing experience for end users.  Every week/month a new "exhibit" could be launched to bring back patrons, leading to a year round income source with drastically reduced overhead expenses vs traditional zoos/aquariums.  Other applications include, but are not limited to: AR-Gaming, AR-Educational programs, AR-Enterprise support applications, AR-client support applications. 

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Include MAC address on package labels

Mar 31, 2016

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It would be nice to include the MAC address on the same label with the Service Tag information.  It would be great to have a barcode for the MAC address without any colons.  We need to add the MAC address of each device to Active Directory for wireless network authentication.  We also include the device MAC address in our inventory database.Other options would be to add a barcode label on the device with the MAC address or allow us to download the Service Tag and MAC address information from the Dell Premier website.

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Pre-installed Linux must play commercial DVDs

May 3, 2007

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You probably know this, but a "show stopper" requirement for most consumers and many educators and business road warriers is having laptops and desktops that can play commmercial DVDs. I have a hunch that preinstalled Linux on Dell machines will be a terrific success if Dell Linux desktops and laptops have this capability. I've been told that has one possible approach. Having Linux playing commercial DVDs may also catapult Dell into the complex Digital Rights Management contoversy so it would be wise to get Dell's legal staff involved ASAP and also have this discussed this at the highest strategic management levels at Dell (if this is not already being done). Status Update Check out the Ideas in Action post from Daniel Judd. And you can also check out this follow-up post from John Hull who leads our engineering efforts behind Linux on consumer systems.

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Dell Needs You! Help name Dell’s new retail program.


Oct 20, 2011

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                                                                                                    "DELL".                                                                                         "DOOR TO DOOR"                                                                                           "HEART TO HEART"

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