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FreeBSD-based Secure Laptop for execs/security specialists

May 20, 2017

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Status: New

FreeBSD is an extremely stable OS. OpenBSD is an an extremely secure OS. DELL should offer it a synthesis of these two OS's as an optional install. Security will be the most important criteria in the acquisition of technological goods.  The greater the diversity of OS's the greater the chances of being able to minimise the spread of malware contagions.   DELL, invest in FreeBSD! You will not regret it. Best wishes zeke  

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Be again Dell, Be artist, Be Disruptive

May 16, 2017

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Status: New

Hi Michael, mi name is Marco Venegas, I am system director of the construction group, I have followed important trajectories such as yours Michael and from a very young age admire your determination, innovation and work. Today it even hurts to see Dell losing my soul, I'll tell you straight away, DELL has stopped being DELL, today I see it and it seems to me a company so distant that I met as a young man, looking for agreements with other companies to survive and not fall A lot, this makes me sad from a certain point of view, DELL is successful and is recovering, but what good is it if it is not DELL anymore. If you allow me as user friend you have seen your trajectory from start to finish. Allow me to dare to tell you as a crazy idea how to save the real DELL (since nowadays I see a cheap copy of the original DELL that captivates many users). I have had success in my measure in every thing I undertake (here among us I tell you to help create cornpop as an idea) and I am also a friend of several interesting people with whom I share opinions like google exCEO in Mexico, and he is Director of developments of Ofice365 of Microsoft, etc. For Dell to recover the soul, it needs 4 things that must be followed to the letter, and the order is very important, I do not describe each factor in detail, but I will try to explain a brief summary:   A) Remember that it is a massive market for people rather than business. For such generate disruptive campaigns that are needed in the market, if DELL in massive only makes PC, wasting time will only be a slower death. Just as Steve Jobs reinvented his computers and cannibalized Mac sales to save the company with Ipod, iPad, etc. DELL should start disruption with Multi-Purpose Tablets easy to convert to a PC or an Android, and without adapters! If you need more information you can ask me I will not charge for anything, I will do it to see a star born again. Dream again!   B) Dell already has a change in processes from its factories, operation, etc, but they are nobody without I could not make improvements in the equipment that are worthwhile and reach the end user with improvements that surprise, not only that they are expected, but Which truly surprise, an example is a PC / Tablet that is born designed for "augmented reality" and "Virtual reality" this really would be exciting for everyone. Details of the idea can consult me. Be artist!   C) Create more than a hardware system that allows the real compatibility between the multiple platforms of unified mobile phones in a single system within the Dell hardware either in PC or Tablet, this although it is easy to do, I do not know why nobody Has done?!, Everyone needs it but nobody does it, it is very depressing. D) In LinkedIn all the entrepreneurs learned a great lesson, that the offices are only material like cement and rod, but the real company is made of people, and all the people we look for in the work a trait of sociability, and there are even surveys that Says that there are people who like what is most in their office is the social environment, and is valued every effort that is directed at them. That's why LinkedIn is famous, it's a niche, a necessity !, for such you have to do teams based on sociability (I'm not talking about social networks), like ... every PC is a network, not a single user, Systems must naturally be made to create societies based on business sectors such as construction, medicine, accounting, and so on.   This is really better !, not only to buy companies, the truth is to be disruptive, to be the soul of Dell again, to be better, to be ahead, to see the improvements beyond, if they like what I say, can contact me with pleasure I will support. Otherwise I will only pass the idea to a company detail that if you are interested in being great, I just want to see that angel who lost Dell live again in the spirit of Dell and see how surprising the competition and the whole world a phoenix.   Regards Marco Venegas  

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XPS 15 9570 wishlist -- add your wishes here too

May 12, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Bought and with deep regrets, returned the 9560: - Arrived formatted in legacy boot, took an hour to realize BIOS were wrong and reconfigure- Service tag was unkown to Dell Support on day of delivery and first call- Basic web browsing was extremely laggy, apparently was a driver bugAs far as feature request: - more emphasis on quality control at the factory- no bloatware, pure Windows install- Intel Iris Graphics for those seeking power efficient option in CPU-bound workloads- 4K USB-C monitor, 27-32 inch size with 5 port USB hub to remove need to docking station and power cable- Better keyboard on par with Lenovo T and P series- Non-fingerprint magnet chassis- Keep up the excellent 4K display in the 9560. It is/was fantasticIf I get the XPS15 9570 it will be used as desktop replacement for video editing. Thanks!

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Windows 8 Secure Boot

Oct 27, 2011

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Status: Under Review

As an avid Linux user I would like to ask Dell to either have an option in the Bios to disable Secure Boot or an avenue to boot into a second OS.  Status Update:  This idea is currently under review.  Please understand that our ability to share information during this time will be limited. 

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Realtek processor limited to 10-100 Mbits/sec

Mar 18, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

I have just purchased a new Inspiron AIO 22 3000.  Although my IP provider sells me 200 mbits/sec download speed I only get 100 on this new machine.  My other older Dell machines get 200.My idea is that Dell should stop equiping new models with 10-100 processors and make sure that all are 10-100-1000.  100 maximum is obsoleteI received good service from Dell who have agreed to my returning the machine for a full refund. 

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XPS 15, USB-C on both sides

May 10, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

The XPS15 I have has only one USB-C port on the left side of the laptop. Currently I would like to use a Displayport, network (RJ45) and some extra USB ports. With this I do not want to take my docking station with me and I was looking for a portable solution. Now I have a few USB-C extentions for DP en network but I cannot use them at the same time because the laptop has only one USB-C port.My suggestion is to put another USB-C port on the right side of the laptop. It does not have to be a loading port.

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Coloured laptops

Dec 27, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I am sending this message from my much-loved pink Inspiron 1545. Sadly, this is not a well laptop and is nearing the end of its useful life. I am not a technically-minded person so my key laptop requirement was: "Another pretty one, preferably pink or lilac."I have had to settle for a humdrum metal Dell laptop, allegedly Jingle Gold, but not particularly golden. My beautiful pink laptop has always been a talking point, why can't we still have lovely-looking laptops?

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ELIMINATE built-in microphones and cameras

Mar 15, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Add a microUSB or USB-C plug on top of notebook displays and monitors, and sell a separate, flexible little accessory with camera and microphones to plug in, WHEN DESIRED.  Delete 'built in' cameras and microphones and other sensors.Most times, built-in cameras and microphones are INSECURE.  Otherwise, a physical switch to visibly, physically disconnect such devices.Similarly, even for tablets, these sensors should be plug & play, not hard-wired into the hardware.  Include any 'GPS' along with external accessories.  Make it slim and flush, but make it possible to make it GO AWAY.A little camera and two stereo microphones, even molded to cute character shapes can be trivially plugged in for the one time in thousands that you want to 'teleconference', and it can be absent all the other times when it's possible for leaky, daily-compromised operating systems and software to grant access to creeps. 

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Alienware Laptop Keyboard

Mar 30, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Hi, I was recently looking at Razer's blade stealth and to be honest I'm quite the keyboard ligthing. I was also looking at lenovos upcomming y900...and I was quite the keyboard lighting...Both these laptops have implemented rgb customisable lighting that's never been seen on a laptop...with waves, raibows, touch and ripple effects...both have extremely customisable options. Alienware's lighting system is a trademark of their's quintessential! However other manufactures have taken, what once was a unique selling point and made it even better. So my idea would be to implement more lighting configurability, (not sure if per key lighting is feasable but it'd be a welcome addition)...but the basics (like the one stated above would be adequate. Lenovo have also implemented a mechanical keyboard into their y900 without the extra bulk, that'd be another welcome feature on alienware's machines. So how do they go about doing this ? well, they could either do it in house....or (what I was hoping they'd do) was partner with Roccat (who they are currently partnering with when it comes to periferals)...You could work with Roccat to design a great customisable (hopefully mechanical) rbg backlit keyboard.That's the ideawhat do you think ? Thanks :)  

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