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Clear cart button

Sep 11, 2017

2 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Hi, if I want to make a new order but haven't sent the old one, I have to remove every single item by hand. A "clear cart" button which removes everything from the cart would be a fantastic tool to speed up that process.Regards, F. Esche

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One page for BIOS and TPM updates

Sep 29, 2017

2 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

It would be great if all the current BIOS updates could be posted on a single page for SCCM system administrators, such as the Dell Command | Deploy page or Command | Configure page.  It would also be nice to have the newest 32bit/64bit TPM 1.2/2.0 updaters and the x64 BIOS updater on the same page.  Finding the newest TPM updater is especially difficult right now, because they are not all on one page, and when you do find a page for one of them it doesn't say whether it is the most current.

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save cart

Sep 11, 2017

1 Vote

Status: Acknowledged

Hi, ist it possible to provide a "save cart" option, which simply stores the current cart?To get the price, I add everything to the cart, see how much it costs.  I tell my boss what it costs. Now I need to order a few cables quickly. I have to empty the cart, buy the cables, and add everything back to the cart again.A "save cart" button (similar to lists) would be a huge time saver.Regards, F. Esche

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Enhance Download & Drivers page

May 28, 2011

52 Votes

Status: Under Review

Having muddled around with the Downloads & Drivers page, trying to add updates only to find I did it in the wrong order which caused problems with my Dell, my suggestion is that for users who log in and supply their Service Tag, have the list that displays show the recommended updates in the correct order to be installed, based on How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order.  Or at least have a link to it from that page.  I think that page needs some work anyway because even after I installed a bios update, it told me I needed the bios update.   My experience with it left me frustrated enough that I've decided to wait to use it until it's more "fool proof" because I'm obviously a fool. Status Update:  This idea is currently under review.  Please be patient as we are limited in the information we can share during this process.

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Price in Quotation not stay in Premier portal

Feb 4, 2016

2 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Hi, I have noticed when the quote across the month but still within the quotation validity, the price will get changed in Premier ordering portal.It caused our ordering process difficult. I have to make sure the amount in the quotation is correct right before I submit the request for approval. But still, I checked 2 days ago and order today, the shipment and handling charge changed!!It is not a big amount, but I have to amend our PO otherwise it will cause mismatch when invoice arrived.Few months back I had the same issue in which all the prices get changed, and required our Account manager from Dell to honour the order.Can the Premier portal be more professional?Thx 

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Dell should offer direct comparisons to competing products on their website

Jul 2, 2007

33 Votes

Status: Under Review

All the car companies alow you to compare their products to the competition, insurance companies have started doing the same thing. Dell should show me side by side comparisons of its products vs other manufacturers like Lenovo, Sony, HP, Sager etc. and prove they provide a better product for my money. As suggested in comments by jmxz: "And software products too - a Vista vs MacOS page and a Linux vs BSD page would surely generate lots of interest." Status Update Please see tommy_l's comment

33 Votes | 18 Comments

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Make the dell ubuntu models available through the main webpage

Jun 19, 2007

3905 Votes

Status: Under Review

Instead of having the model listings on a different webpage ( have these models available from the product search you have on the main page or a link available through the main page ( When I go to and I search for the product model numbers I never can find them I have to go to the other page and then I see it. The only thing I saw on the main page is a small flash ad which then takes you to the page. Why cant you place these models with the other models on your page......... Status Update

3905 Votes | 29 Comments

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Dell Outlet needs your help creating a new interactive buying guide.

Sorry. No inventory ... was found at this time.

Feb 21, 2012

4 Votes

Status: Under Review

I'd like to see the shopping experience simplified by 100-fold by only listing systems that are in stock.  It's like having empty shelves at the store - what was there? was it better? will it be back? was it a better deal?.  Currently, you have to click on the system listed, then Check Prices to see if there are any in stock.  I'd like to see a more streamlined approach to selling these:  Click on Servers and see a list of currently-in-stock systems, then have the ability to filter that list by model, memory, drives, etc.Status Update: This idea is currently under review by the Dell Outlet team. Please understand that we will be limited in the information we can share during this process.

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Implement OPENID : Make it easier for the user

Feb 22, 2011

11 Votes

Status: Under Review

A situation: Suppose that you have 100 friends, and each of them call you by a different name. The situation will make me a nut. I wont be able to remember all my names. Its difficult for me to memorize 100 different names. Maybe there are geniuses who can remember more, but even they will admit that its not easy to do so.   How many names do you people have? For me, I have a nickname and I do have my real name. I really dont like the idea of having 100+ names for myself. How many websites have you registered to? I cant even remember all of them. What if I need to register to each of them seperately. I might need to remember so many different credentials. I might forget those. I can ofcourse use the " Forgot my password" feature provided by most websites. But isnt it easier if all of these websites identify me based on a single credentials. Thats what I'm going to talk about in this suggestion. How many of you do not have an account on Google/Yahoo/Facebook ? Im most of you are members here. Why not use the OpenID API provided by these providers on What is OpenID? This is OpenID. You can log onto a website with your Google/Yahoo/Facebook etc. credentials. It is 100% secure and it can make the registration process for users easier. All the profile details are automatically imported to our website.  You dont need to remember all the different credentials you use to register to different websites. Instead you can use your Google/Facebook/Yahoo credentials to log onto If OpenID is implemented for, we can have more users coming into our website without the tedious registration process.   

11 Votes | 2 Comments

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Feb 18, 2011

93 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented


93 Votes | 10 Comments

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