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Dell Command ideas

Aug 18, 2017

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I work a lot with SCCM OSD task sequences, and I have some ideas for the cctk component of Dell Command. 1. Create some way to modify the UEFI boot order without knowing the ID numbers, like we were able to do in legacy mode.  This is needed for automation in OSD.  For example, if I want to prevent the machine from automatically booting to a USB drive, IPv4 or IPv6, I would have to know the ID numbers of those to do it in UEFI. 2.  Create a way to disable SecureBoot by command line, so we can do this for machines that have SecureBoot enabled by default but need to have Windows 7 installed.  I realize this could be considered a security issue but you could require a BIOS password like you do for activating TPM. 3.  Similar to the above request, having a way to clear TPM ownership in WinPE would be very useful for machines that already have a TPM ownership but need to be rebuilt.  I noticed there is a --tpmclear command now in the latest version of Command but it does not appear to work, even with using a BIOS password. 4. If possible, create a way to perform multiple commands but require only one reboot.  For example, these are things I do in my task sequence: Enable TPM, clear TPM, disable legacy roms, enable UEFI, enable SecureBoot, update TPM 1.2 to 2.0, and update the BIOS. It would be nice to not have to do a reboot after each one of those.

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