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Packing List for New Dell Orders - Needs improvement

Oct 13, 2017

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The packing list STICKER (that is on every new Dell order) needs to be changed to something else.When you get a new machine and you want to keep your packing list, what does a customer do with this sticker?The adhesive is stronger than most duct tape!So what is the direction of Dell?  Customers supposed to stick this to a piece of paper and then file it?Before we get far, examine one.  THE PACKING LIST IS IN ALL CAPS AND THE FONT IS SO SMALL HOW IS ANYONE ABLE TO READ IT?  So there's strike 2.  Not user friendly and IMO, worthless.This entire process needs to be redesigned. Eliminate the STICKER and the CAPS.

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Natural Disaster Triage Teams - Retrieving Memories and E-Waste Collection

Sep 29, 2017

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These are 2 ideas are inspired by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters. What if Dell engineers traveled to communities (globally) that have been hit by natural disasters and helped people:1) Recover seemingly lost data from their devices e.g. the "cake eating" photos from their child's first birthday party  2) Provide dumpsters for clean up crews to dispose of electronic waste responsiblity.Details of ensuring someone "owns" the device they are seeking to retrieve data from would need to be addressed, as well as other logistics to ensure the materials could be reused by Dell Corp.  I believe this is a great "feel good" effort to kickstart. It is a great way to get e-materials are routed to Dell for reuse/purpose. I welcome your thoughts. And, I'd love to help. Please let me know! Thanks!

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