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IdeaStorm Feedback - Actual Dell Rep Respond to Posters of Ideas

Nov 1, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Here's an idea... how about Dell or a Dell rep acknowledge the threads on this site?Yes, I see that the status is "Acknowledged", but that looks scripted to me - automatic server process.We're taking time out of our day to give Dell free ideas, when we actually don't even know if our posts are being read.Perception is everything.

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New marketing concept - 3 S Stability Security Save

Oct 26, 2017

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3 s – stability security save A new concept for smart people Ordinary people use computer for different goals- use computer to play games or navigate to internet and to use social media- use to write, to draw or to calculate tax- use to make shopping and payThe specialist use computer at work for different and special jobs But all this need 3 s 1.stability at operation system and have a button or a key combination to revert at a stability version of software when take a virus2. security for date who use and for work who periodically the work For example, an account makes and write everyday thousand of operation and he is needing to save his work. Maybe if the computer has an additional hard disk who save the accounts work - the account is happier – this is a computer for accounting – your data is save automatically A parent want that the children make safety when navigate to internet and maybe if parents receive a data report (make a simple software) and have possibility to block some address … a intelligent parents choose this product who have a little software When your computer receives a virus is a bad day and is must to go to a specialist to fixes ..but if I have a key combination…  PS. a account search for a solution to save daily work, a parent search a solution to control internet navigation 

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