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Norton 360 Support Phone Number 1-800-745-8605

Apr 21, 2018

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Norton 360 technical support number 1-800-745-8605 antivirus which is one of prominent antivirus widely used by multiple people across the world as utilization of this awesome antivirus is acquired by more than 85 % people among multiple countries. There might be some circumstances that some users face several technical sort of dreadful difficulties which might become a severe blockage for entire Norton Users. In this situation straightway connect with our Norton 360 antivirus technical Support Number +1800-745-8605 to avail instant and continually conclusions.  

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Nerd Up Gaming

Mar 23, 2018

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In today's world everyone has some form of social media it seems.  I have thought of an idea over the years and am not sure if it is necessarily something that is around.  While I am not one of those who plays computer games I do realize that there are a good bit of college students who do.  Sometimes I feel like some of these individuals get stuck playing these games on the weekends because they don't have many friends.  So I have an idea for a new social media, it would be called Nerd Up Gaming.  And this is how it works, this would only be for college students, you would sign up with your .edu.  And then you would list the games that you play.  This way you would be able to connect with individuals at your school or surronding schoosl in the area that play the same game or similar games.   

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