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Laptop Ban friendly laptops - Easily inspected & fully functional laptops

Jun 14, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Situation/Problem:With all the news about the laptop bans in the cabins on flights from the Middle East to the U.S.A. and the high possibility of expanding it to 70+ additional International locations - it is not far fetched to think that this may eventually expand to flights between the east to west coast.. With that train of through, in practicality all domestic flights would also have a laptop ban...The reason for the ban, seems to primarily be centered around the lithium batteries they use (that can be swapped with bombs) and general mistrust of whats really in a laptop chassis.  Most would be quite hesitant putting their laptop (with confidential company data) in a checked bag, where they are out of sight and things can go missing or get damaged, not to mention losing productivity time on a 4-16+ hour flight. 

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