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3D interativ Tablet with Multitouch

Oct 16, 2017

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Create a Tablet that creates 3D holographic (and interactiv) content for schools to help kids get Project Based Learning courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and maths. This enables them to interact with the content as individuals and as a group and will help them acquire the skills that are needed in the future:agility, proactivity, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, interdisciplinary knowledge & human-IT interaction

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Dell xps 15 refresh

Sep 22, 2017

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It would be nice to see some of the following things in the next dell xps refresh. Because of these reasons I haven't bought one yet/waiting for refresh. I am a student and I'm only at home in the weekends so I am looking for a nice laptop. I know the dell xps can handle all these things but still it would be great to see these things change. - full speed thunderbolt connection- maybe a maxq gtx 1060 as the power is only 60 watt instead of 50 with the 1050 (don't know if this is actually possible but it would be very nice)- coffee lake cpu- 1 tb ssd option (only 500 gb available where I am from)- maybe option for other colors (not so important)- charging via usb/c thunderbolt and more of these ports would be nice aswell- reaction time for screen a little lower, I think it is about 20 ms which is very high not sure if it actually makes a big impactThese are the things I would like to see. Tell me what you think about it and what you would like to see on the next refresh. 

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