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Get the Best Solution for Yahoo Phone Number 1-800-418-4400

Feb 24, 2018

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If you have any problem or query regarding your Yahoo account, feel free to get in touch with our Yahoo customer support. Our team has professionals who are experienced and capable of delivering reliable solution regardless of the complexity of the issue. If you wish to seek assistance from our prudent experts, we are just a call away. Contact us on our Yahoo customer care helpline number anytime. It is toll-free and available round the clock. Also, you can get your issue resolved via our email support or live-chat support service.  

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Dual laptop monitor

Feb 15, 2018

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You better do if fast..the first to market wins the lion share of the profits... Please come up with a dual monitor laptop. Every one has one on their desk, except on tdy trips or travel. Wouldn't it be a site to behold if someone had a dual monitor laptop while on travel... wow!! It would force everyone else to produce one or be out of date.Respectfully,Glenn Corbett 

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Product design - hybrid keyboard

Jan 25, 2018

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Think of a device something like a keyboard (foldable to make the size smaller so that it can be carried in pocket) with embedded projector or something like that( I believe a mobile was available in market similar to that ).Then this will be connected to network through WiFi and office servers.This should be used as laptop in offices.What is the benefit:Major one is data security that is threatening most of the organizations. This is because no data is saved in the device, everything directly gets stored in secured servers.Added advantages,1)less physical network requirements in office2) less office space, since no space required to install docking stations or desktop3) no data breach due to loss of deviceNot sure if this is something that is achievable or its already available.Your views please.

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