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Dell Tablet PC

Feb 17, 2007

1138 Votes

Status: Implemented

The XPS and E series notebooks are great, but a move into making 12.1 and 14.1 inch tablet PC convertible notebooks would be fantastic. I can easily see the m1210 and the e1405 being ported to the tablet medium. Status Update Check out what Glenn from the tablet team has to say about the Latitude XT.

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Solid State Drive as option in Notebooks

Mar 28, 2007

821 Votes

Status: Implemented

Definition A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive. A solid state drive is based on non-volatile memory instead of the spinning platter and mechanical-magnetic head found in a conventional hard disk drive. With no moving parts, a solid state drive eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive. Advantages * Faster startup - Since no spin-up required. * Faster read time – In some cases, twice or more than that of the fastest hard drives. * Low read and write latency (seek) time, hundreds of times faster than a mechanical disk. * Faster boot and application launch time - Result of the faster read and especially seek time. But only if application already resides in flash and is more dependent on read speed than other issues, eg. OS bootup that detects devices will not be significantly sped up even with faster seeks & reads. * Lower power consumption and heat production - no mechanical parts results in less power consumption. * No noise - Lack of mechanical parts makes the SSD completely silent. * Better mechanical reliability - Lack of mechanical parts results in less wear and tear. High level of ability to endure extreme shock, vibration and temperatures, which apply to laptops and other mobile devices, or when transported. * Security - allowing a very quick "wipe" of all data stored. * Deterministic performance - unlike mechanical hard drives, performance of SSDs is constant and deterministic across the entire storage. "Seek" time is constant, and performance does not deteriorate as the media fills up (See: Fragmentation). * Lower weight and (depending upon type) size * Faster than conventional disks on random I/O Status Update Check out the Idea in Action on the SSD enhancements Dell is making.

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Laptop Fans

Feb 19, 2007

606 Votes

Status: Implemented

Heat rises! Get the exhaust ports off the bottom of the laptops where it just blows back up into the machine. Put them out the side or the top and everything including processors, drives, batteries and the cooling systems themselves will run cooler and more efficiently. I already burned out one mother board, which thankfully was replaced under extended warrantee. I am so protective now that I never use my laptop without a supplemental cooling pad underneath, which blows the air out the sides. Unless this changes I would think twice about buying another or recommending a Dell laptop to anyone else without advising them of the problem. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on laptop cooling.  Thanks for posting!

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Affordability and Durability for Student Laptop Initiative

Feb 21, 2007

427 Votes

Status: Implemented

If our district was to even consider a 1:1 student to computer ratio, we would need something much more affordable than what is out there now. Money could be saved by cutting storage space, video quality, and more. What our students generally need at their desks is the ability to surf the net and work in an "office" suite. Advanced projects can be done in our more robust labs. Also, a laptop initiative is no good if in-house support increases 10-fold. These have to be durable. If they fall off a desk, they have to keep working. Replacement batteries need to be less expensive or an extra battery should come with each purchase. Status Update The Latitude 2100 offers this.  Please check out this blog for more details.

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Lighter laptops - some suggestions

Feb 17, 2007

323 Votes

Status: Implemented

Would like to see more laptops below 2kg (4.4lbs). Suggestions: 1. Replace Hard Disk with solid state storage device. Advantage: 1) lighter 2)no moving parts means less probability of breaking down (esp due to wear & tear) 2. External DVD drives. On the road, most things needed are already in the laptop. Leave the movie-watching & software-installing to the home/office/hotel room. The DVD drive can be checked in the suitcase. 3. Option to power off graphics card, camera, etc when not used for task at hand. Prolong battery life. 4. Lithium polymer batteries? For comparable charge densities, aren't they lighter? Challenge: Fujitsu already has a 15" notebook at 2.4kg, though specs aren't so impressive, imho. Can Dell produce one at 2kg or less, & with specs "to die for"? Status Update Please see jackie_c's comment

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Offer Ubuntu Netbook Remix OS on your Ultra portables

May 26, 2008

264 Votes

Status: Implemented

The new Ubuntu Netbook Remix OS will be announced the first week of June according to an interview with Canonical chief executive Mark Shuttleworth. The OS is Tailor made for ultraportable type systems. They have been working with Intel on the project so it should run very well on the Atom Processor Status Update Please see this blog for details

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15.4 size XPS system

Feb 17, 2007

263 Votes

Status: Implemented

I think theyre needs to be another 15.4" size XPS system, currently the XPS lineup has no middle ground, theres either the m1210 which is too small, or the m1710 which is too large ( I dont count the m2010, since its not really a laptop, its more of its own hybrid desktop/laptop comptuer thing) use the e1505 chassis, give it the cool XPS lights, and a D-dock connectior below Status Update Check out the Idea in Action post for details about our new 15in system.

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Don't put the Dell logo upside down on the Mini Inspiron

May 29, 2008

255 Votes

Status: Implemented

I didn't notice this last night as I was checking out the pictures of the new Dell Mini but it was pointed out by JamesWeb on Dell's "yourblog" that the Dell logo is upside down. Please don't leave the logo like that, it looks bad. Status Update The Mini launched with the Dell logo facing the right direction on 9/4/08

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Carbon-fiber notebook

Mar 3, 2007

195 Votes

Status: Implemented

Offer some sleek, light notebook (12" and 13,3" screen) with carbon fiber casing to achieve weight saving - and at the same time a stunning good look. Status update:  Please see bill_b's comment for further details.  Thank you for posting!

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Design a UMPC to counter HP's mini-note 2133

Mar 27, 2008

142 Votes

Status: Implemented

8.9" LCD w 1366x768 resolution. Up to 2GB ram Intel silverthorne or VIA Isaiah processor Choice of Vista or Linux. USB port(s) Multi card reader port. 7200RPM HD or SSD Gigabit Ethernet Wifi - N Bluetooth Graphics solution that can handle Vista's Aero. Status Update Please see the Inspiron 910 launched on 9/4/08

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