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Backlit Keyboards

Feb 21, 2007

3227 Votes

Status: Implemented

I find myself many, many times in dark or poorly lit environments having to guess the various keys - would be fantastic to have a backlit keyboard - with backlit individual keys as the best option. I would actually pay extra for that convenience if the option was available. This could be done for desktops or notebooks. Status Update Please see bill_b's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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Solid State Drive as option in Notebooks

Mar 28, 2007

821 Votes

Status: Implemented

Definition A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive. A solid state drive is based on non-volatile memory instead of the spinning platter and mechanical-magnetic head found in a conventional hard disk drive. With no moving parts, a solid state drive eliminates seek time, latency and other electro-mechanical delays and failures associated with a conventional hard disk drive. Advantages * Faster startup - Since no spin-up required. * Faster read time – In some cases, twice or more than that of the fastest hard drives. * Low read and write latency (seek) time, hundreds of times faster than a mechanical disk. * Faster boot and application launch time - Result of the faster read and especially seek time. But only if application already resides in flash and is more dependent on read speed than other issues, eg. OS bootup that detects devices will not be significantly sped up even with faster seeks & reads. * Lower power consumption and heat production - no mechanical parts results in less power consumption. * No noise - Lack of mechanical parts makes the SSD completely silent. * Better mechanical reliability - Lack of mechanical parts results in less wear and tear. High level of ability to endure extreme shock, vibration and temperatures, which apply to laptops and other mobile devices, or when transported. * Security - allowing a very quick "wipe" of all data stored. * Deterministic performance - unlike mechanical hard drives, performance of SSDs is constant and deterministic across the entire storage. "Seek" time is constant, and performance does not deteriorate as the media fills up (See: Fragmentation). * Lower weight and (depending upon type) size * Faster than conventional disks on random I/O Status Update Check out the Idea in Action on the SSD enhancements Dell is making.

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Make A Wireless Dell

Aug 7, 2007

660 Votes

Status: Implemented

Apple has a real, valid point: Too many cables in a typical PC setup. I think Dell could make a combo cable, or a unified display (display/camera/stereo speakers). Dell should work on a nice clean design - like Apple's clean design - less cable rat nests, more computing power. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on Dell's All in One systems.  Thanks for posting.

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Desktops, Monitors and Displays,

Laptop Fans

Feb 19, 2007

606 Votes

Status: Implemented

Heat rises! Get the exhaust ports off the bottom of the laptops where it just blows back up into the machine. Put them out the side or the top and everything including processors, drives, batteries and the cooling systems themselves will run cooler and more efficiently. I already burned out one mother board, which thankfully was replaced under extended warrantee. I am so protective now that I never use my laptop without a supplemental cooling pad underneath, which blows the air out the sides. Unless this changes I would think twice about buying another or recommending a Dell laptop to anyone else without advising them of the problem. Status Update:  Please see bill_b's comment on laptop cooling.  Thanks for posting!

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Laptops,

Carbon-fiber notebook

Mar 3, 2007

195 Votes

Status: Implemented

Offer some sleek, light notebook (12" and 13,3" screen) with carbon fiber casing to achieve weight saving - and at the same time a stunning good look. Status update:  Please see bill_b's comment for further details.  Thank you for posting!

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Laptops,

Add some colors!

Feb 25, 2007

114 Votes

Status: Implemented

In my opinion nowadays colors like gray or black are getting too old. Why Dell does not follow other companies like Sony or Apple or the tiny Flybook. People like colors because it expresses their personality, not everybody is a businessman or businesswoman, we like colors. For example white is getting more and more popular but there are other trendy colors out there. So PLEASE ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR NOTEBOOK AND DESKTOP LINES and make them look like jewelry and not like a piece of plastic, do some cool design. We like to show a laptop to which people say WOW. So the "WOW STARTS NOW"! Status Update Please see Lionel's blog:

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Desktops and Laptops,

USB 3.0 Motherboards

Jan 3, 2011

45 Votes

Status: Implemented

A motherboard with integrated USB 3.0 would be nice. A number of other companies are now selling desktop computers with integrated USB 3.0 motherboards, not a separate card. In Dell and Alienware, if you want dual graphic cards, there is no room for a USB 3.0 controller card, due to not having enough PCI-e slots. So if you want high-end graphics control, you have no high-speed file transfer, and vice versa. Are Dell and Alienware getting left behind in the "cutting edge" department? Status Update:  Please see David_V's comment for further details.  Thanks for posting!

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