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Dell Command ideas

Aug 18, 2017

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Status: New

I work a lot with SCCM OSD task sequences, and I have some ideas for the cctk component of Dell Command. 1. Create some way to modify the UEFI boot order without knowing the ID numbers, like we were able to do in legacy mode.  This is needed for automation in OSD.  For example, if I want to prevent the machine from automatically booting to a USB drive, IPv4 or IPv6, I would have to know the ID numbers of those to do it in UEFI. 2.  Create a way to disable SecureBoot by command line, so we can do this for machines that have SecureBoot enabled by default but need to have Windows 7 installed.  I realize this could be considered a security issue but you could require a BIOS password like you do for activating TPM. 3.  Similar to the above request, having a way to clear TPM ownership in WinPE would be very useful for machines that already have a TPM ownership but need to be rebuilt.  I noticed there is a --tpmclear command now in the latest version of Command but it does not appear to work, even with using a BIOS password. 4. If possible, create a way to perform multiple commands but require only one reboot.  For example, these are things I do in my task sequence: Enable TPM, clear TPM, disable legacy roms, enable UEFI, enable SecureBoot, update TPM 1.2 to 2.0, and update the BIOS. It would be nice to not have to do a reboot after each one of those.

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OC control, Alienware Sound control

Jul 13, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Hello,I suggest Dell developers release OC control application to the previous generation of the Alienware gaming laptops with HK proccessors.And an Alienware sound control instead of the outdated Sound Blaster app.And Happy gaming for Alienware users,

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XPS 15 9570 wishlist -- add your wishes here too

May 12, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Bought and with deep regrets, returned the 9560: - Arrived formatted in legacy boot, took an hour to realize BIOS were wrong and reconfigure- Service tag was unkown to Dell Support on day of delivery and first call- Basic web browsing was extremely laggy, apparently was a driver bugAs far as feature request: - more emphasis on quality control at the factory- no bloatware, pure Windows install- Intel Iris Graphics for those seeking power efficient option in CPU-bound workloads- 4K USB-C monitor, 27-32 inch size with 5 port USB hub to remove need to docking station and power cable- Better keyboard on par with Lenovo T and P series- Non-fingerprint magnet chassis- Keep up the excellent 4K display in the 9560. It is/was fantasticIf I get the XPS15 9570 it will be used as desktop replacement for video editing. Thanks!

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Dynamically manage intensity of sound of speaker according patient's heart and pulse rate.

Dec 25, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I woud suggest Dell to come up with a device and software that can synchronize the sound of speaker and play music according to the pulse rate,heart rate and body temparature recevied from the device like Smart phone.Suppose smart phne will send person's data like if he is low in calorie now or pulse rate etc. via bluetoth to Dell Laptop/Speaker or earphone then the receiving device would manipulate the data and will figure out what emotion he is going through right now and it would play music accordingly to refresh hs moods. Concepts used IOT,Data Mart

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Dec 5, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

search engion ......almost every one have a vedio uploaded to internet,what if we can design a tool, to grab all vidios that have same music from internt, and see how many different visual contants has been assoiated to same it possible ?

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AVG pre-installed

Jun 9, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell has pre-installed McAfee for years, and now I think it's high time to end that partnership and partner with AVG to pre-install their software on new Dell systems. AVG offers a free antivirus that never expires, and it's better than Windows 10's built-in Windows Defender (i.e. you can't schedule scans in Defender, but in AVG). When you purchase a Dell system, you can select either the free edition of AVG, or a paid subscription. Most people would want the free edition, but to get more features (such as Firewall), you would have to purchase a subscription. I think pre-installing AVG would be a good option for Dell, because it would be inconvenient for people to uninstall McAfee and install AVG.

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App for travel

Apr 2, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I love to travel but at the most economical prices though.  I would like an app that one could enter specific hotels and/or cruises with exact dates.  The app would search back one year from date for price comparison and alert one to the lowest price possible so one could book.  In addition, the app will continue to monitor those dates for any lowered prices and obtain an adjustment for the client and send an update of said changes.  Currently, I book my trips sometimes a year out, but keep following for price drops.  As one can imagine, this can be very time consuming and likely missed opps.Thanks,Chiquitta

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Mobile Phone AirDrop for Battery

Mar 30, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Apple's iPhone has a popular feature known as AirDrop where individuals can transfer files between their phone and laptop without attaching the two electronic devices physically with a cord. Instead, the information is transferred electronically when they two devices are near one another. I think that this idea could be very useful if it were applied to the battery life of devices. There are times when my phone battery is dying and I transfer my files to my laptop to continue working. However, I would like to discover a way to electronically charge/transfer battery power from my charged laptop to my dying mobile device. Although the idea is vague, I believe it would be very beneficial to all mobile device owners.

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