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Cooling & Generating Power From Data Center Waste Heat

Mar 19, 2018

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Status: New

 Direct micro evaporator cooling of the silicon substrate where by the micro evaporator channels or features are etched into the silicon substrate and R134a refrigerant is pumped through the micro channels in a two phase latent heat cooling process. This approach is by far the most advanced and is only limited by the current state of the art power bus technologies.  To the astute reader or engineers schooled in the art, he or she can comprehend the myriad of applications to this kind of cooling where watt densities can go beyond 500W/cm2. Other applications include but are not limited to, EV batteries that need to be kept cool while fast charging or high current discharging (Electric Vehicles). Mag LEV train switching gear (IGBT’s) would benefit along with hypersonic jet engine parts (Exhaust) and airframe structures to name a few. A note about server immersion cooling. We have studied the pros and cons of both latent heat and sensible heat immersion cooling. One of the most talked about latent heat immersion cooling processes utilizing 3M Novec fluids unfortunately have a fatal flaw where the $45,000 cost per rack of NOVEC fluid at $300-$400 per gallon has to be replaced due to evaporation.  Some might argue that through proper design of condensing coils and good tank design practices this can be avoided or minimized. In the end however the very expensive Novec fluid will evaporate and the owner will be saddled with the cost of constant replacement. This cost of ownership ultimately effects the system capitol efficiency and should be disregarded.  The sensible heat immersion cooling approach utilizing oil is better in terms of cost to operate but you must modify your servers for immersion in oil and you are limited to 10W/CM2 power density. Sensible heat immersion cooling has its place and works for some but it is only a step along the way to micro evaporator cooling pumped via an ORC system that spins a turbine to generate power for the data center.   The ORC generator functions as follows: A constant subzero mass encapsulating the evaporation coils of the refrigeration cycle transfers external thermal energy from the data center servers into the working fluid of the cycle. Upon this discharge by the compressor, the working fluid rejects thermal energy out of the refrigeration cycle condensing coil into the thermally coupled Rankine cycle working fluid within the expansion tank. This thermal energy “hand-off” elevates the temperature and pressure of the Rankine cycle by the turbine while lowering the temperature and pressure of the refrigeration cycle working fluid enabling electrical power generation by the turbine while lowering the temperature and pressure refrigeration cycle working fluid in the condensing coil. Upon exiting the turbine the working fluid of the Rankine cycle enters a low pressure condensing tank thermally coupled to the sub-zero mass encapsulating the evaporation coils of the refrigeration cycle.  

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Natural Disaster Triage Teams - Retrieving Memories and E-Waste Collection

Sep 29, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

These are 2 ideas are inspired by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters. What if Dell engineers traveled to communities (globally) that have been hit by natural disasters and helped people:1) Recover seemingly lost data from their devices e.g. the "cake eating" photos from their child's first birthday party  2) Provide dumpsters for clean up crews to dispose of electronic waste responsiblity.Details of ensuring someone "owns" the device they are seeking to retrieve data from would need to be addressed, as well as other logistics to ensure the materials could be reused by Dell Corp.  I believe this is a great "feel good" effort to kickstart. It is a great way to get e-materials are routed to Dell for reuse/purpose. I welcome your thoughts. And, I'd love to help. Please let me know! Thanks!

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Pure Air PC

Dec 5, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I would like to present to you interesting idea to make the cases for desktops better home and office equipment.   Every desktop collects inside the dust. At the same time, it moves more than 1.000 CF of the air every hour, 2-4 times the volume of the air in small room or individual office space.   When the interior of the desktop is coated with FNNANO and illuminated by UVA LED, the desktop will efficiently purify all the passing air, it will eliminate the contamination in the room and it will reduce the inside dust, keeping the fast rate of processing data.   We can achieve three concepts at once: help clean the environment, share the pure room concept and make the PC run faster.   If you are interested to develop this option with us we would be happy to provide more details.

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Dell-AR Innovation

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Augmented reality is current in "beta" phase as far as technology and application goes.  A lot of groundwork has been done by Microsoft and Google with the Holo-lens and Glass respectively.  I propose that dell takes advantage of the existing interest of AR technologies, and expands them into large scale environments. Some of the environments that would be good to see are Zoos, Aquariums and Planetariums where instead of just seeing a docile elephant in a pen, or a limited number of small fish in bowls, and immersive experience where one can stand inches away from a life size Gorilla or Lion.  Or enter into a massive water tank and "swim" with life size whales, sharks, and creatures iof the deep that cannot be housed in current aquariums due to varius circumstances (enviornmental/habitat restrictions etc.)  The educational applications are limitless, and if the technologies are implimented into a self contained environment, can lead to an ever changing experience for end users.  Every week/month a new "exhibit" could be launched to bring back patrons, leading to a year round income source with drastically reduced overhead expenses vs traditional zoos/aquariums.  Other applications include, but are not limited to: AR-Gaming, AR-Educational programs, AR-Enterprise support applications, AR-client support applications. 

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No more plastic wrap, please

May 22, 2008

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Status: Implemented

In the last shipment of computers I received I was shocked by the amount of plastic wrap used for items like power cords, USB cables, VGA/DVI cables. Do these items really need to be individually wrapped in a plastic bag. I can just imagine the tons of plastic used by Dell annually... Something to think about Status Update Dell Adds Renewable Bamboo to its Packaging Portfolio

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Show your EPEAT ratings on the Dell website

Mar 14, 2008

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Status: Implemented "The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has released it's evaluation for electronic products that meet "green" standards. Included in this test are desktops, monitors, notebooks and Tablet PCs." Of the 61 Dell products evaluated NONE received less than a Silver and 7 received Gold status. Status Update Please see jackie_c's comment

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Produce Good Value "Green" Desktops & Laptops

Jan 22, 2008

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Status: Partially Implemented

There are many suggestions here for various changes that could make a PC "greener". As part of the companies green credentials, I believe that not only should as many of these as possible be a "default" option, but there should be specific "greener" models of desktops and laptops. These would have lower power usage and should be created and shipped in a more environmentally friendly way. Components, too, could be kept to a minimum - onboard graphics and sound and a removal in "legacy" ports. The desktop version of this could use laptop components to better embrace this idea. The vast majority of PC users require one for emails, internet browsing and office applications - a low powered (but not under-powered) PC and laptop that are more than sufficient for this should be easy to produce. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

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Reduce the amount of packaging

Sep 11, 2007

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Status: Implemented

Having recently been involved with rolling out a large number of Dell Optiplex systems. I found it amazing how many boxes, plastic bags, cable ties & polystyrene had to be removed and disposed of. This ended up taking much more time than installing and configuring the systems. I understand that Dell need to protect their products during shipping but there must be away of making the unpackaging process easier for corporate customers as well as reducing the environmental impact. Status Update: We are recuding over 20 million pounds of packaging over the next 4 years.  Read more here.

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Every printer should duplex! (two sided printing)

Jul 2, 2007

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Status: Partially Implemented

As an environmentally aware company that makes long shelf-life products (not food or toys) you should be aware that the biggest environmental impact your products have are the results of their use, not their manufacture. Towards this end all your printers should duplex as standard, and if taken to the extreme the drivers should be set to duplex by default. They should also go into a very low power state shortly after going idle. Cheers, Luke Status Update We offer this capability in some printer products. We constantly seek improvements printers. Thanks for your great suggestions.

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