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Car technology

Thu Mar 22 15:59:12 GMT 2018 - 3:59 PM

I think this is a good idea and I am in full support. Drunk driving is a serious issue and is being overlooked. However, I feel like people would avoid buying such cars to avoid being locked out of their cars when drunk. I also feel like not a lot of car companes would want to adopt this.

Battery Life

Wed Mar 21 20:56:16 GMT 2018 - Yesterday

I agree that there should be a more effecient way of charging our cellular devices. It seems as if my phone battery gets low at the worse times. To make things worse, I rarely take my charger out with me. I would definately appreciate something better. Solar power is not a bad suggestion.

Battery Life

Wed Mar 21 17:19:41 GMT 2018 - Yesterday

Hello, I think we all have had this sort of problem with laptop batteries. This would be a plausible solution that has not been done by other companies.It would be so easy to chage our devices.

To improve battery life of computer

Wed Mar 21 16:20:39 GMT 2018 - Yesterday

I think that this is cool but sounds familiar. Maybe they could create a usb that goes in to charge the laptops. That way it is very convenient. 

Battery Life

Wed Mar 21 11:57:03 GMT 2018 - Yesterday


I also agree that there should be a better way in charging technology. Charging my stuff is annoying and inconvenient 100% of the time. I agree that solar power charging would be very beneficial and would save alot of money as well. 

Dual laptop monitor

Wed Feb 21 16:07:54 GMT 2018 - Feb 21, 2018

Fantastic idea! I am so used to working with dual monitors that I feel handicapped when I have to make due with only one.

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