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Programmable keys on keyboard

Jan 4, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

With a job where I'm constantly writing letters and correspondences all day, it would be extremely handy to have 3 or 4 keys that you could program on your keyboard to type a specific thing, i.e. my email, our company name, "thank you", etc.  I find myself constantly writing these things on misc. correspondences all day and with a very long company name and email, having a shortcut with a click of a button would come in handy.

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), IdeaStorm, Small Business,

Virtual Printer Paper

Mar 16, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

This is a pad with the capability of holding any kind of document. The user sends the document from a computer to the device. This is its sole purpose. It would be about the same size as printer paper. Somebody could buy more than one while being able to change the document at any time. It acts as if it was printed out. A user can set the pad next to his/her computer/laptop and view it with ease. The pads could be taken to meetings or speeches. Because it holds temporary documents the memory does not have to be too big.

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mobile charging through laptop battery in OFF mode of laptop also

Mar 10, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

"Market Problem" : In INDIA Power cuts are very high and usage of mobiles are also very high but with continues usage power in the battery is getting to zero percent and mobiles are going to shutting down. At this time mobiles are connected to laptops when the laptop is ON mode only. But it is a time consuming one and some of the power is wasted due to active mode of laptop and totally it is a lengthy process to charge mobile battery."Solution" : For these problem, with the help of an extra USB port and a POWER BUTTON we setuped nearer to laptop battery to connect mobile battery and laptop battery to transmit power from lapi battery to mobile battery in the presence of lapi off mode also."Existing Alternates" : power banks , laptop when in ON mode only etc.,"Differentator" : Mobile battery can be charged when lapi is in OFF mode also in my idea and above existing alternates it cant possible."view design" : 

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Lightweight Precision

Nov 19, 2011

10 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

I would like to see a Light Weight (truly portable) PRecision class Laptop.  I need the graphis processing power of a Precision Laptop to run My Graphics intense CAD Software.  I also Travel a lot. When in the office I dock the Laptop and us a Large Screen.  Very few Designers, or CAD jickies work on the 15 or 17 inch screen offered on the current Laptops.  When traveling, it is more convenient to have a computer that I can actually open on an airplane and wont require a roller bag to carry around.  I would like to see a 14" precision Laptop with the same graphics and processing power as the the current 15 and 17 inch models. Previous versions of the Precision line did offer a 14" scfreen on ocassion.Status Update: While it may be a larger screen than you asked for the Precision M3800 starts at only 4.15 Lbs. Thank you for posting!

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Categories: Desktops and Laptops, Small Business,

SME Server Form Factor

Nov 7, 2011

2 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

My idea is based around the need for Small and Medium sized enterprises to have a new form factor created around their very specific need to get datacenter capable components that cannot be situated in a dedicated datacenter.   Their needs are getting ever more sophisticated but its hard for them to have multiple tower servers or one powerful server situated in an office environment. If they did go for rack servers a large rack dominates the office space and of course remains loud due to the BPU output. I am therefore proposing a new standard be created around the traditional rack platform but meets specific criteria for SME; 1. Size (Office Space) 2. Power (Efficiency) 3. Cooling (Reduced active cooling)   My idea is around taking the traditional server rack 'U' format and shrinking it to a more suitable standard for SME's. i.e. 'Mini U'. It could be around 50-70% of the normal depth and width and a maximum of perhaps 50% of the height. This rack could then take mini U servers, storage, switches, routers, UPS's, patch cabling etc. It would likely need to be an open standard in order for other vendors to build equipment to the new standard or offer rack mount kits for their existing equipment.   With Mini ITX and ATX becoming more commonplace and Intel driving down the TDP of their processors we must surely be in a situation where these servers could be produced effectively. Think along the lines of a blade computer but one that is stand alone and mountable.   These racks could also be used for Enterprises for satellite offices too.   When working for a Microsoft Gold Partner we were frequently told by Microsoft that theres a lot of consultancies going for the large corporates and yet there are literally hundreds of thousands of SME's in the marketplace desperate for more IT maturity.   Obviously cost is always going to be a factor but the volume might become comparable to large enterprises when taking into account the number of businesses out there.   With Microsoft's essentials platforms you could pretty much have an OEM appliance marketplace developed as well as Open source opportunities.   I know for me as an SME consultant I would love to have equipment like this available that allows me to help a small business but allow them the headroom for years to come. Especially because VMWare offer ESX SME solutions too.   Its an idea I have been thinking about for a couple of years so happy for it to be dissected, good or bad, pros and cons.   Richard Status Update: This idea has been Partially Implemented with the announcement of the Dell PowerEdge VRTX converged solution.  Thank you for posting!

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Vostro 1000-1700 Ubuntu Systems

Jul 18, 2007

105 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

the Vostro 1000-1700 line looks like a perfect fit to the ubuntu/linux os show your support in getting ubuntu office computers and hopfully these will be good options as low cost school computers to for students with ok graphics power and performance Status Update Please see vida_k's comment

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Categories: Linux, Small Business, Vostro,

Make Dell Ubuntu PCs available to businesses and non-profits

Jun 20, 2007

824 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

Dell is apparently not yet willing to sell Ubuntu-based PCs to business users, non-profits, or other organizations larger than a "home office." See this Ubuntu forum thread for more: If Dell is serious about offering "choice" to consumers -- the main reason that they're offering up Ubuntu -- they ought to offer it to all their customers, including commercial and non-profit organizations. Perhaps the greatest barrier here is that these other customers often require different support contracts than home users. It wouldn't be necessary to offer the same support options to organizations that purchase Ubuntu PCs as are offered to home users, or to organizations that purchase Windows PCs. (Perhaps Dell doesn't need to offer any support at all, except for hardware; as long as Canonical can support these organizations.) But they ought to at least have the option of buying the boxes, even if they have to get support in a different way. Status Update :  This idea has been Partially Implemented.  Please see john_h's comment about Vostro systems.  Thanks for the idea!

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Categories: Linux, Sales Strategies, Small Business,

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