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3D interativ Tablet with Multitouch

Oct 16, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Create a Tablet that creates 3D holographic (and interactiv) content for schools to help kids get Project Based Learning courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and maths. This enables them to interact with the content as individuals and as a group and will help them acquire the skills that are needed in the future:agility, proactivity, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, interdisciplinary knowledge & human-IT interaction

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Dell xps 15 refresh

Sep 22, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

It would be nice to see some of the following things in the next dell xps refresh. Because of these reasons I haven't bought one yet/waiting for refresh. I am a student and I'm only at home in the weekends so I am looking for a nice laptop. I know the dell xps can handle all these things but still it would be great to see these things change. - full speed thunderbolt connection- maybe a maxq gtx 1060 as the power is only 60 watt instead of 50 with the 1050 (don't know if this is actually possible but it would be very nice)- coffee lake cpu- 1 tb ssd option (only 500 gb available where I am from)- maybe option for other colors (not so important)- charging via usb/c thunderbolt and more of these ports would be nice aswell- reaction time for screen a little lower, I think it is about 20 ms which is very high not sure if it actually makes a big impactThese are the things I would like to see. Tell me what you think about it and what you would like to see on the next refresh. 

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Jun 24, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

DEVICE:KEYPAD: Dumb person would write, slips would come out for written material instantly, multiple copies options would be addition to visual display of WRITTEN MATERIAL.SMALL SCREEN for visual display would be there.User can have device hanged around neck with tight rope attached to device.Portable device:"DELL- WRITER". 

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Dell-AR Innovation

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Augmented reality is current in "beta" phase as far as technology and application goes.  A lot of groundwork has been done by Microsoft and Google with the Holo-lens and Glass respectively.  I propose that dell takes advantage of the existing interest of AR technologies, and expands them into large scale environments. Some of the environments that would be good to see are Zoos, Aquariums and Planetariums where instead of just seeing a docile elephant in a pen, or a limited number of small fish in bowls, and immersive experience where one can stand inches away from a life size Gorilla or Lion.  Or enter into a massive water tank and "swim" with life size whales, sharks, and creatures iof the deep that cannot be housed in current aquariums due to varius circumstances (enviornmental/habitat restrictions etc.)  The educational applications are limitless, and if the technologies are implimented into a self contained environment, can lead to an ever changing experience for end users.  Every week/month a new "exhibit" could be launched to bring back patrons, leading to a year round income source with drastically reduced overhead expenses vs traditional zoos/aquariums.  Other applications include, but are not limited to: AR-Gaming, AR-Educational programs, AR-Enterprise support applications, AR-client support applications. 

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Include MAC address on package labels

Mar 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

It would be nice to include the MAC address on the same label with the Service Tag information.  It would be great to have a barcode for the MAC address without any colons.  We need to add the MAC address of each device to Active Directory for wireless network authentication.  We also include the device MAC address in our inventory database.Other options would be to add a barcode label on the device with the MAC address or allow us to download the Service Tag and MAC address information from the Dell Premier website.

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Dell Needs You! Help name Dell’s new retail program.


Oct 20, 2011

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Status: Acknowledged

                                                                                                    "DELL".                                                                                         "DOOR TO DOOR"                                                                                           "HEART TO HEART"

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Children's PC

Oct 7, 2008

36 Votes

Status: Implemented

Build a pc just for kids. As a mother of two young primary school children I find that there is an enormous amount of pc games for my children, but I do not want to grant them access to my pc as they would possibly destroy any information or programmes that I may have on it. At the same time they are too young to use the internet or "eral" programmes. Can Dell build a kids pc, which would give them the speed necessary for the so-called skills games, the screen for optimum view especially now that you are venturing into different colours (soemthing all kids love). There is no need for internet connection, but you must be able to play a cd and/or dvd on it. Status Update Check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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For toddlers

Aug 23, 2007

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Status: Implemented

creat a computer that is simple for a 3year old. One that does not have so many keys maybe your basic alphabet and numbers. It could come in fun colors or cartoon theme. And the computer can come with educational programs and also you can upgrade. Status Update Please check out The Nickelodeon Edition Inspiron Mini

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Pre-installed Linux must play commercial DVDs

May 3, 2007

505 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

You probably know this, but a "show stopper" requirement for most consumers and many educators and business road warriers is having laptops and desktops that can play commmercial DVDs. I have a hunch that preinstalled Linux on Dell machines will be a terrific success if Dell Linux desktops and laptops have this capability. I've been told that has one possible approach. Having Linux playing commercial DVDs may also catapult Dell into the complex Digital Rights Management contoversy so it would be wise to get Dell's legal staff involved ASAP and also have this discussed this at the highest strategic management levels at Dell (if this is not already being done). Status Update Check out the Ideas in Action post from Daniel Judd. And you can also check out this follow-up post from John Hull who leads our engineering efforts behind Linux on consumer systems.

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ubuntu on my computer: open source for education

Mar 23, 2007

747 Votes

Status: Implemented

I am a french teacher working in the south of France .The school's computers are Dell and Nec computers. Like most of my colleagues, I am using "opensource" (free) softwares, and specially Ubuntu for 2 years. It works perfectly and the pupils who tried Ubuntu like it very much. I hope it will be possible to buy a Dell computer without Windows very soon and I hope that all the Dell computers of my school will use Ubuntu. Not only because Ubuntu is free (even if it's not insignificant in a french school...) , but because working with Ubuntu forces you to understand and to think how and why you are using your (Dell) computer. I know that I'm speaking and writing english language like a spanish cow, so I'm sorry. I just want to finish my message with this: please be the first big computer manufacturer offering Ubuntu or Windows (which is very performant, but not the only one and specially at school) . Status Update Check out the Latitude 2100.

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