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XPS 13, 15: Non-Glare, Non-Touch Version?

Dec 1, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

People are increasingly choosing high-resolution displays. The XPS screens are just great. Unfortunately, all XPS versions with resolutions higher than Full-HD are only offered with reflective touch displays. This is actually the main reason why we still tend to buy Thinkpads.Some years ago, Full HD was the maximum limit you could find. Luckily, this has drastically changed. For people using notebooks outdoors, and for developers, it would be just marvellous if you could also offer non-glare, non-touch versions of the QHD+ and 4K displays!

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Categories: Accessories (Keyboards, etc.), Desktops and Laptops,

Alienware Dust Collection

Mar 9, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Dust is a pretty big deal in a laptop...simply because, in most cases, the laptop moves. So why not implment a dust filtration system, or removable dust pad that can be cleaned. Basically to make cleaning alot easier and to increase the overall lifespan of components. And it's an additional feature to market ;P  

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Horizontal and Vertical sliding Dual Screen Laptop

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell,Nowadays, thin display screens are available in the range 1mm to 2mm thickness and light weight. So there should be  no problem in stacking two screens one beind the another.There are many ideas about implementing a dual screen laptop. This is one idea where the screens can be slided horizontally or verically based on user convenience and application.In screnarios, where tasks are related,example: stock trading - stock analysis, geograaphical satellit image editing analysis, audio channel waveform editing analysis, animation graphics studio work, web videocast and questions to the presenter,  multiple screens are needed.  Here  comparison of the content of one screen with another is must for doing work, Based on large number of peoples' experience it is found  users prefer screens  be present one above the other in vertical  mode.In screnarios, where tasks are independent,example:  in one screen  text editing, in another screen  web browsing a typical user prefers screens be present side by side in horizontal mode. As an extension to this idea, in the vertical mode the top screen can be bent 180 degrees using swivel or hinge so that the top screen face the person sitting opposite to the laptop user.The chassis development experts of Dell, can make a better approach of implementing these ideas.These ideas can also be implemented in the monitor of the desktop computer.Few images about this dual screen laptop setups are shown below:- voxmu

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GE's dual piezo cooling technology for tablets, laptops.

Jun 7, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell,GE's  dual piezo cooling jets, acts as a miniature pair of bellows: Expanding to intake  cool air, and then contracting to expel hot air. They're just 1mm thick,  high-performance cooler.This technology is better than hyperbaric fan or a regular fan cooling technology that is used in laptop today.The dual piezo cooling jet can move the same amount of air as a comparable axial  cooling fan twice its size while consuming half the amount of electricity and being cheaper to make. It  allows for slimmer designs of laptop, increases battery life and almost silent in operation.This technology is scalable, so can be made smaller or larger to suit the application.The following are images about this product:References:  ( fan description)  ( air flow demo)  (performance analysis)  ( thermal management )- voxmu 

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Dell-AR Innovation

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Augmented reality is current in "beta" phase as far as technology and application goes.  A lot of groundwork has been done by Microsoft and Google with the Holo-lens and Glass respectively.  I propose that dell takes advantage of the existing interest of AR technologies, and expands them into large scale environments. Some of the environments that would be good to see are Zoos, Aquariums and Planetariums where instead of just seeing a docile elephant in a pen, or a limited number of small fish in bowls, and immersive experience where one can stand inches away from a life size Gorilla or Lion.  Or enter into a massive water tank and "swim" with life size whales, sharks, and creatures iof the deep that cannot be housed in current aquariums due to varius circumstances (enviornmental/habitat restrictions etc.)  The educational applications are limitless, and if the technologies are implimented into a self contained environment, can lead to an ever changing experience for end users.  Every week/month a new "exhibit" could be launched to bring back patrons, leading to a year round income source with drastically reduced overhead expenses vs traditional zoos/aquariums.  Other applications include, but are not limited to: AR-Gaming, AR-Educational programs, AR-Enterprise support applications, AR-client support applications. 

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Enhance Download & Drivers page

May 28, 2011

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Status: Under Review

Having muddled around with the Downloads & Drivers page, trying to add updates only to find I did it in the wrong order which caused problems with my Dell, my suggestion is that for users who log in and supply their Service Tag, have the list that displays show the recommended updates in the correct order to be installed, based on How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order.  Or at least have a link to it from that page.  I think that page needs some work anyway because even after I installed a bios update, it told me I needed the bios update.   My experience with it left me frustrated enough that I've decided to wait to use it until it's more "fool proof" because I'm obviously a fool. Status Update:  This idea is currently under review.  Please be patient as we are limited in the information we can share during this process.

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Modular Desktop PC

Oct 9, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I would suggest that Dell come out with a new desktop PC, similar to the Acer Revo Build and HP Elite Slice. This type of PC is called a "Modular Desktop PC", which lets you configure it with stackable modules. These modules include the PC itself, portable hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards, audio modules, mobile charging stations, etc.

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Alienware laptops -battery life

Oct 8, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I think there should be a way for gamers to play for long periods of times without charging. This would make it similar to a desktop in a way. What if the power supply had a switch or some kind of mechanism to switch from charging to stationery? It would have to do this in a efficient manor and not be faulty. I'm not sure if this is possible and I don't know if it could charge and power the system simultaneously. I think that is a fire hazard but with the right parts it could be possible and safe. Thank you

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Biodegradable Packing material

Apr 19, 2007

211 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

When I received my 32" lcd screen it had an extremely large amount of Styrofoam. Dell is working to be environmentally friendly, maybe they should consider a better packing material at least one that will biodegrade. Status Update:  Dell's latest strategy on better packaging for the environment can be found here and here.

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