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Alienware club or student ambassadors

Oct 8, 2016

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I'm Hazem Essam, a computer science student at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport  (AAST) Abuqir campus in Egypt/Alexandria.I am one from the biggest fans of alienware and i would like to make something big with alienware in my country and to be more specific i want to make it in my college, I loved this idea when i saw many clubs and student ambassadors in my college like google student ambassador or firefox club and student ambassador and it's really great and gives great population for these students and what they represent and so i get a new idea to make it different not with google or firefox or anything like this i want to make it about gaming and laptops and alienware products that would be different because we are talking about different technologies and products not only web technologies but hardware and gaming so it will be great specially i love alienware so i will work hard for it and make a great population for it and the idea will be as the following to make student ambassadors represent alienware in many places not only my college and alienware club which make many things like sessions about products or technologies or gaming sessions and i will be the alienware club chairman in my college and to get the students by interview and organizing sessions and all of this.

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Ergonomic Key Pad for Digital Artists & Creators

Mar 18, 2017

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I noticed that Dell is attempting to foray into the Digital Artist field; the stylus for the Dell Canvas sporting Wacom tech, says to me that they're serious. What these Interactive Pen Displays lack - particularly the larger ones that take up more space - is a comfortable, efficient means of accessing a vast array tools and functions within a program. The Dell Canvas ships with the "totem" radial dial, but it doesn't strike me as ideal, and isn't viable on a vertically-mounted display. Even Wacom hasn't managed to release an outstanding solution; most professionals are partial to using keyboards, and neither the Wacom ExpressKey Remote, nor the buttons on the side of their Intuos & Cintiq tablets are effective at increasing workflow. I used a 27QHD cintiq for a year, with my keyboard awkwardly on my lap (lack of space), and used the ExpressKey Remote for the first two days before never touching it again. What Digital Artists need is a specially-designed "Gaming Pad". I've been using a Logitech G13 for the past year, and it's such an amazing difference; I'm 85% confident that it would be a roaring success, and if I had the skills to design a prototype and the necessary drivers myself, then I'd be on Kickstarter right now. While I'm content to go on using the G13, with the knowledge that it could be so much better, I'd love to see the concept pushed to the next level. If the G13 had two analog sticks (one customizable, and one that instantly snaps to the directional Hue), and a touch strip (similar to those on the Cintiq 24HD), it would be incredibly efficient, and drastically improve workflow. The overall position of the upper keys on the G13 is very comfortable, so I'd take that layout into consideration and adapt it to be more suitable. Here's a quick example of what I mean And here's how I have mine configured: (I'm about 2 buttons short; 4 at the bottom right would've been perfect). It's targetted at gamers, but accidentally caters extremely well to professional creators. Someone definitely needs to capitalize on that.     tl;dr - build a custom Gaming Pad accessory, designed for professional artists. Set the drivers up to support changing of Hue & Brightness using an Analog Stick & Touch Strip. Give it 30+ customizable buttons and TWO analog sticks(or an up-left/down-right facing toggle fin - important to have something more than just 1 analog). Succeed at something that every other company has failed to address for over a decade.

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Inertia reel into power supply

Jan 18, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

I tend to hot dek and carry my piower supply with me all the time. THe annoying thing about this is the way the power cable and power supply seem to be strabngers to one another. They have not been designed for purpose. So whay not look at incoproating a inertia reel or make it easier for users to wrap the cable round their power supply?Taking the idea further you could also consider including a way to dock the plug inton the power supply to keep it all secure and easy to pack and un pack.My thinkpad from ten years ago made it easy to coil the power cable to the supply yet my current model Latitude does not.

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Realtek processor limited to 10-100 Mbits/sec

Mar 18, 2017

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I have just purchased a new Inspiron AIO 22 3000.  Although my IP provider sells me 200 mbits/sec download speed I only get 100 on this new machine.  My other older Dell machines get 200.My idea is that Dell should stop equiping new models with 10-100 processors and make sure that all are 10-100-1000.  100 maximum is obsoleteI received good service from Dell who have agreed to my returning the machine for a full refund. 

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Dell Smartphone

Feb 16, 2017

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Dell should create an Android based smartphone that will directly connect with its computer hardware as well as Windows Software. Just like there is a tight link between Apple devices, Dell should create a phone that will talk directly to its computers and Windows software. Maybe this phone could even run Windows instead of Android. For that, Winows phones would have to be fine-tuned a bit more.

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