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Alienware cellphone, mobile phone

Jan 31, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Is Alienware making a mobile phone that can play games with all the same hardware and performance for gaming without buffering or lagging out? I am looking for a cellphone that can out perform most cellphones out there, something I can play games on and 3D gaming. Thinking about a cool designed Alienware cellphone that can do everything the Alienware laptops can do with a awesome case with a Built in signal monster and a longer lasting battery.

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Tell us what WiFi chipset a laptop has.

Aug 29, 2007

1631 Votes

Status: Under Review

Tell us the WiFi chipset used in a laptop before we buy it so we know if the WiFi chipset supports a feature we want, or if it supports Linux or another operating system that we intend to use. The WiFi chipset being like "Intel ipw2200" or "Broadcom BCM4306", or "Ralink rt2500". Status Update

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Bluetooth enabled printers

Aug 17, 2007

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Status: Partially Implemented

The technology is out, Bluetooth has demostrated to be a reliable and fast way to transmit data. D-Link even has a bluetooth printer adapter that sells for $99. Why not make a photo/laser printer with a built-in bluetooth adapter.? Less cables, less weight for shipping, less space for packing and ability to share the printer without having a network (and a print server) setup.

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