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To enhance feature of desktop computer

Mar 18, 2016

4 Votes

Status: Acknowledged

Most of the people using desktop computer at home, company, organization, institute and many other palaces according to their requirement. Most of the time they are doing very important work on their desktop. While they are working, suddenly power goes off and desktop has been shut down and they lost their important work or document.For this problem, I have a solution. Why don’t you HP people provide a small power backup like small cell or battery in CPU that save current data at any desired place in the system, That power backup provide power for only that particular time in which operating system save current data so that people can get back that data easily when power back.You people also have to talk with windows provider Microsoft so that they can add this feature in there operating system software because you are providing power backup but pro-grammatically this will handle by operating system.   

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Bring back Dell UNIX

Jan 23, 2016

1 Vote

Status: Acknowledged

It seems that Dell had the idea for Mac OS X before Apple did, but then failed to stick with it long enough for it to do well: Dell should get a team working on it again and stick with it for the long term.

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Windows 8 Secure Boot

Oct 27, 2011

16 Votes

Status: Under Review

As an avid Linux user I would like to ask Dell to either have an option in the Bios to disable Secure Boot or an avenue to boot into a second OS.  Status Update:  This idea is currently under review.  Please understand that our ability to share information during this time will be limited. 

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Dell Streak With Android Honeycomb

Apr 16, 2011

25 Votes

Status: Partially Implemented

 There needs to be a new Dell Streak, but with AT&T's 4G network, Android Honeycomb, 16GB or higher, and 10 inches or more (like the iPad, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 inch (i think that's what it is), etc.) Status Update:  Please see this post on Direct2Dell about the Dell Streak Pro which is currently available in China.  Thanks for posting.

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Expand the ability to buy the OS DVD from the Inspiron line to include the XPS line.

Jan 17, 2011

5 Votes

Status: Implemented

I built an Inspiron desktop earlier today and saw that I could buy the OS DVD for the modest fee of $15.00.  I had already asked for that to be done in this idea and it has been implemented on the Insiron`s. I needed more features than the Inspiron allowed in the build, so I built an XPS. You can not get the OS DVD in the XPS build. Dell, offer the disc`s in XPS to. Status update: See comments from Bill_b below.

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Give us the option of buying recovery CD/DVD for Windows 7

Apr 11, 2010

12 Votes

Status: Implemented

Robin Breden and Mary have discovered a potentially huge problem with Windows 7. Dell does not supply the recovery CD/DVD any more. You have to make your own. The average computer user dosen`t have a clue of how to do this.That also leads us to tech support having increasing call volumes.  We all know that tech support is more trouble than it`s worth, being outsourced. I see many more unhappy Dell consumers, and far less new sales.      Read the article I propose that Dell offer the CD/DVD at the nominal cost of $10 or so. I paid that for the disc`s for my Dell pc. Consumers don`t mind paying a little extra for the peace of mind, incase of hard drive corruption or failure.

12 Votes | 3 Comments

Categories: Dell, Operating Systems, Service and Support,

Please provide dell mini 12 with Ubuntu

Nov 13, 2008

66 Votes

Status: Implemented

hi,  I use Ubuntu in my dell. it just great specially the Ibex which just works for everything and really fast in 1GB ram. I am looking to buy a netbook .. I was eagerly waiting for dell mini 12 for 2 months when the news came up, as I don't like 10 inch screen with low resolution. But I am disapointed  to find that dell decides Vista instead of Ubuntu. Vista is even slow in 2GB dual core machines .What performance will it give in netbook ?? Ultimately I have to remove the OS to install Ubuntu in it. So there no reason to pay microsoft for it's OS which I am not going to use. It would be nice if dell mini 12 is also lanched with ubuntu like mini 9 with less price .So lot of people like who wanna use Ubuntu will save some money . Status Update Please see vida_k's comment

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8GB memory support for XPS M1330

Sep 22, 2008

106 Votes

Status: Implemented

Linux Ubuntu x86_64 and Vista x64 editions support 8GB without any hassle. It's an important feature when working e.g. with many virtual machines. Please enhance your BIOS to support 8GB for the XPS M1330! The M1330 features the PM965/GM965 chipset and for this chipset you developed already support for >4GB for the following notebooks. Just reuse the code: . Dell XPS M1730 8GB support . Dell XPS M1530 6GB support . Dell Precision M4400/M6300 8GB support We'd even appreciate this feature as an undocumented and unsupported feature. Just there and working for those who need it. Status Update 8GB memory is now supported in the XPS M1330

106 Votes | 26 Comments

Categories: Operating Systems, XPS,

Mini 9 netbook Ubuntu price must be cheaper than XP price with same config

Sep 4, 2008

439 Votes

Status: Implemented

OK, one more time. Dell marketing must think we are stupid or can't figure out how to add. There are three Mini 9 configurations: WinXPHome_fat, WinXPHome_lean, and Ubuntu_superlean. They are priced at $449, $399 and $349, respectively, after the usual mystery Dell discounts on only the WinXPHome versions. However, when you price out the Ubuntu model with the features of the WinXPHome versions it comes out the same compared to the WinXPHome_lean, and $65 more than the WinXPHome_fat. DUH??? Where is the inherent discount because there is no external cost to build it with Ubuntu, and how can you explain a surprise $65 charge to build it like the WinXPHome_fat model (1GB RAM/16GB SSD/0.3MPxl Camera)? They do have a chance to fix this before the Ubuntu version ships IN OCTOBER!! I guess Dell developers are as clueless as the marketers since they need an extra month to figure out how to install Ubuntu. Here's a hint, use PXE. I've used it for a little 5W geode-based server, so I am sure that an Atom CPU can do it! " Glad I could help, but I'll wait to order one of these until you get your act straight on the Ubuntu version. You should also add a disclaimer that the WinXP version is the XPHome and that it is really crippled compared to WinXPPro, while the Ubuntu is the full featured version (well except that you are probably still removing Wine and the OpenOffice suite from your install so you don't PO that chair throwing ogre in Redmond. Status Update Please see Vida_K's comment below

439 Votes | 43 Comments

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