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call 1800 921 4167 quickbooks online tech support phone number

Mar 19, 2018

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Status: New

QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and highly preferred accounting software that provides an interactive platform to perform accounting related various transactions like invoicing, billing, payroll management and inventory management. You can use QuickBooks on a single computer or multiple systems running on Windows or Mac OS platforms with customize options to enter all incoming and outgoing records of all business dealing and financial transactions. With QuickBooks software your business will reach new heights and if there in any problem while using this accounting software you have best option to get QuickBooks Support with quick online solution by experts.  We are one of the most admired and preferred choice among the QuickBooks software users to help them quickly with right approach. If you face any technical problem just dial quickbooks online tech support phone number with toll-free calling and nonstop online assistance. Our toll-free number is open 24-hour fix your problems with quick results. We work with complete satisfaction and always make sure problem is completely solved.  More visit::

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Cooling & Generating Power From Data Center Waste Heat

Mar 19, 2018

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Status: New

 Direct micro evaporator cooling of the silicon substrate where by the micro evaporator channels or features are etched into the silicon substrate and R134a refrigerant is pumped through the micro channels in a two phase latent heat cooling process. This approach is by far the most advanced and is only limited by the current state of the art power bus technologies.  To the astute reader or engineers schooled in the art, he or she can comprehend the myriad of applications to this kind of cooling where watt densities can go beyond 500W/cm2. Other applications include but are not limited to, EV batteries that need to be kept cool while fast charging or high current discharging (Electric Vehicles). Mag LEV train switching gear (IGBT’s) would benefit along with hypersonic jet engine parts (Exhaust) and airframe structures to name a few. A note about server immersion cooling. We have studied the pros and cons of both latent heat and sensible heat immersion cooling. One of the most talked about latent heat immersion cooling processes utilizing 3M Novec fluids unfortunately have a fatal flaw where the $45,000 cost per rack of NOVEC fluid at $300-$400 per gallon has to be replaced due to evaporation.  Some might argue that through proper design of condensing coils and good tank design practices this can be avoided or minimized. In the end however the very expensive Novec fluid will evaporate and the owner will be saddled with the cost of constant replacement. This cost of ownership ultimately effects the system capitol efficiency and should be disregarded.  The sensible heat immersion cooling approach utilizing oil is better in terms of cost to operate but you must modify your servers for immersion in oil and you are limited to 10W/CM2 power density. Sensible heat immersion cooling has its place and works for some but it is only a step along the way to micro evaporator cooling pumped via an ORC system that spins a turbine to generate power for the data center.   The ORC generator functions as follows: A constant subzero mass encapsulating the evaporation coils of the refrigeration cycle transfers external thermal energy from the data center servers into the working fluid of the cycle. Upon this discharge by the compressor, the working fluid rejects thermal energy out of the refrigeration cycle condensing coil into the thermally coupled Rankine cycle working fluid within the expansion tank. This thermal energy “hand-off” elevates the temperature and pressure of the Rankine cycle by the turbine while lowering the temperature and pressure of the refrigeration cycle working fluid enabling electrical power generation by the turbine while lowering the temperature and pressure refrigeration cycle working fluid in the condensing coil. Upon exiting the turbine the working fluid of the Rankine cycle enters a low pressure condensing tank thermally coupled to the sub-zero mass encapsulating the evaporation coils of the refrigeration cycle.  

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Dual laptop monitor

Feb 15, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

You better do if fast..the first to market wins the lion share of the profits... Please come up with a dual monitor laptop. Every one has one on their desk, except on tdy trips or travel. Wouldn't it be a site to behold if someone had a dual monitor laptop while on travel... wow!! It would force everyone else to produce one or be out of date.Respectfully,Glenn Corbett 

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BIOS update numbering

Mar 1, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Within the past year, Dell has slightly changed how they give version numbers to BIOS updates for newer models.  For example, before this change BIOS version 1.1.9 gets replaced with 1.2.0.  But after the change, instead 1.1.9 gets replaced with 1.1.10.  Or, 1.9.1 gets replaced with 1.10.1.  There is a problem with this change. When organizations use SCCM OSD imaging to update the BIOS, they often will WMI query the version number of the BIOS to see if it needs to be updated with the one on the server.  However, it thinks that version 1.1.9 is higher than 1.1.10, because in reality 1.1.9 is a larger number, so it thinks the BIOS doesn't need to be updated but in reality it does.  Please go back to the older BIOS numbering system

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IdeaStorm Feedback - Actual Dell Rep Respond to Posters of Ideas

Nov 1, 2017

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Status: Acknowledged

Here's an idea... how about Dell or a Dell rep acknowledge the threads on this site?Yes, I see that the status is "Acknowledged", but that looks scripted to me - automatic server process.We're taking time out of our day to give Dell free ideas, when we actually don't even know if our posts are being read.Perception is everything.

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Incorporate web cams in monitors

Jun 30, 2007

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Status: Partially Implemented

How about building webcams into Dell's line of LCD monitors.Status Update: This idea has been partially implemented with the release of Dell's new UltraSharp Multimedia Monitors. Thank you for posting! 

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Honest suggestion

Feb 20, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

Ok here it goes for both alienware 15 & 171. Heat is still issue like other brands have more mesh at back. Dust may be issue but the gain of airflow will reduce temps significantly. Pls also make back cover of 15 & 16 so that one can buy it as optional accessory.2. The user have very old looking limited control on alienware i am watching same command centre past 5 years plus. Have a look at asus, lenovo, msi. The functionality and quality of software really outshines the alienware decade old look.3. Alienrespawn was best to get system restored, even though microsoft gave something new win win 10 still alien respawn is best and would take few seconds to restore entire ssd.4. Keep old loyal customers with you else with more offerings from other brands you will see people switching .5. Listen to feedback just do not document it.6. My laptop is new alienware 15 with 7820hk but the moment i enable overclocking via bios at OC level 1 it does not boot but throws win 10 not able to boot error.7. Both software and hardware needs more integration and something new for consumer to feel cared for.

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Photo-reactive Chassis

Jan 24, 2018

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Status: Acknowledged

I think it would be cool if there was a case design with photo-reactive features (i.e. when the system is running, parts of it become transparent).It wouldn't have to be a lot, as the coating is placed on tempered glass areas only, so you could add it to sections where there might be led fans, or the gpu/ram areas.

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