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External mobile/portable GPU

Jan 18, 2017

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Status: New

Motivation: Everybody knows it: We would like to have a decent ultrabook with long battery life, high portability and sleek design like an XPS-13. On the other hand, sometimes we need a bit more juice to play games or do some photo or video editing. However, nobody wants to buy multiple maschines, right? Moreover, if you travel a lot, this is not an option either. You would not take two laptops with you on the plane, would you? I find myself often in the situation that I stay in a place for a few weeks or months before coming back home. Thus, I have to decide whether I carry a 15 inch laptop with me to work every day or if I prefer the 13 inch more portable solution. In the latter case, gaming and video editing is virtually impossible and photo editing a pain in th a...  Idea: Make an external GPU solution similar to the Razer Core. However, do not put a Desktop-GPU in there but a Laptop-GPU. This way, you can keep it small and portable. I guess something in between a 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch external hard drive should be the right size. Also, I do not expect that thing to be upgradable like the Core. To get it small and mostly noise-free a custom design is required. So I am totally fine with buying a new one every other year. It should look nice and sleek, though. Extras: I would recommend combining the device with some other functionality content creators typically need in order to further increase its value. Therefore, it should definitely have a build-in card reader and usb hub. Also, since it is a GPU, of course a displayport and maybe hdmi are essential. I could further imagine, though this might be a pro version, offering internal flash storage. Ethernet might also be nice to have. In any way, those additional features should not compromise the portability of the device. If it doesn't fit in my hand-lauggage with my xps-13, my camera and a few lenses, it is too large.

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Computer Mouse Finger Straps!

Jan 16, 2017

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Status: New

Computer Mouse Finger Straps!: These seem unneccessary but once you try them you will notice that you no longer have to hold and guide the mouse, you can simply move your hand around and the mouse follows... UX is enhanced dramatically! See Link to Similar Tech for Mobile Devices!: See Concept Image:

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Unstructured supplement service data

Jan 11, 2017

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Status: New

I have discovered the space or Lake between customers and business which is the ability to get any business contract without googling or the use of Internet and sometimes searching a company number take time, which will lead to customer lots  For more information please contact me at and you can also own it Thank you for your time. Looking forward hearing from you Mr Dell 

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Dynamically manage intensity of sound of speaker according patient's heart and pulse rate.

Dec 25, 2016

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Status: New

I woud suggest Dell to come up with a device and software that can synchronize the sound of speaker and play music according to the pulse rate,heart rate and body temparature recevied from the device like Smart phone. Suppose smart phne will send person's data like if he is low in calorie now or pulse rate etc. via bluetoth to Dell Laptop/Speaker or earphone then the receiving device would manipulate the data and will figure out what emotion he is going through right now and it would play music accordingly to refresh hs moods.  Concepts used IOT,Data Mart

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Monitor with integrated docking station (next-gen)

Dec 11, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Now that traditional snap-in docking stations are becoming less relevant with ultrabooks (e.g. XPS 13), and since a docking station usually only makes sense next to a monitor, why not integrate the two devices?In my head, such a monitor would feature at least the following: A Thunderbolt port capable of: DP 1.2PCIe 3.0USB 3.0compatible with USB Power Delivery Thunderbolt's DP signal should be routed internally to the panel's electronics. Please don't provide a DP-out and expect us to use a jumper cable to connect it with the monitor's DP-in.A speaker/headphone out analogue port and a mic-in/line-in analogue port.A gigabit Ethernet port (with MAC Pass-through)Integrated speaker OR compatibility with a Dell SoundbarMonitor made compatible with arm mounts (i.e. the dock should be part of the monitor, and not part of the monitor base: this already kind of exists in the form of MKS14)Everything (monitor and dock features) should be powered from a single AC input. Taking the idea a little further, a few optional features come to mind: Introduce an ultra-wide version of above monitor (to cater for two-monitor setup use cases)Introduce a version of the above monitor without the dock features if it doesn't already exists (for visual consistency among desktop and laptop users in the same office space)Instead of providing a thunderbolt-in port, include a retractable thunderbolt cable of, say 20-40 cm on either the left or right side of the monitor. The cable's plug should attach securely onto the monitor's body when the cable is fully retracted (e.g. in a partially exposed pocket in the monitor's body, so that is is flush with the monitor's edge when in place and so that it can be easily extended the next time it is to be attached to a laptop). This mechanism should be robust enough that it can sustain daily extensions/retractions of the cable. Since this is likely to be hidden out of view when sitting in front of the device, it would be necessary for this feature to be ergonomically accessible by the sense of touch alone (we wouldn't want the user to have to lean over her desk and behind the monitor to locate the thunderbolt port, unlatch it and extend the cord by pulling in order to attach it to her laptop).Integrate a Dell Wireless mouse and keyboard receiver with the monitorCamera add-on which can be attached on the top edge of the displayA keyboard with special-purpose power-on button, which can be used to turn on a connected laptop. When a laptop is connected and this button is pressed, it should ignore lid state (function as a desktop from a power management perspective). It would also be great if this could also be used for hardware-enforced ACPI shutdown (long-press for 4 seconds, not sure if this can be implemented over thunderbolt though).Include a DP-out port for dual monitor setup using MST.Include some diagnostic LEDs for the laptop when connected (HDD Activity/Power). My goal with the idea for such a product is a desk which is uncluttered as much as possible, and which is functional without dangling cables or cables kept (and often lost) in briefcases or drawers. For example: Only power and cat6 cabling need to be routed to the deskThese two cables can be attached to the monitor at all times, so cable management isn't left to the userIf a wired keyboard and mouse are required, these can be permanently attached directly to the monitor's USB hub, thus making sure their respective cables aren't moved around (and unavoidably out of the monitor's cable management pathways) by the user.A connected laptop is connected to all peripherals and power via the thunderbolt port. When no laptop is attached, there are no extra cables on the desk, nor does the user need to carry cables and peripherals in their backpack or briefcase. Regarding product placement and pricing, I would expect something along the following lines: For a panel already found in Dell's range, monitor with integrated dock should be priced competitively against buying the monitor and a compatible dock seperatelyI think an ultra-wide monitor at a lower price point than the current curved offerings (perhaps with a cheaper panel?) and an integrated dock would be appealing to some roaming users (if priced competitively against a dual monitor + dock setup). Unfortunately ultra-wide seems to be carrying a hefty premium at Dell currently compared to other brands.If the following dillema arises: feature parity with existing dock or lower price point, go with lower pricing, provided you have checked all the boxes in the first bulleted list of this idea.If you're an engineer working on this and feel tempted to move dock functionality into the monitor stand to achieve feature parity with current docks, thus making the monitor incompatible with arm mounts, please don't. Hope there's others out there who think this caters to their needs, after all this isn't very revolutionary, but I think it does make sense for docking station users.

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Modular Desktop PC

Oct 9, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

I would suggest that Dell come out with a new desktop PC, similar to the Acer Revo Build and HP Elite Slice. This type of PC is called a "Modular Desktop PC", which lets you configure it with stackable modules. These modules include the PC itself, portable hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards, audio modules, mobile charging stations, etc.

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Dell-AR Innovation

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Augmented reality is current in "beta" phase as far as technology and application goes.  A lot of groundwork has been done by Microsoft and Google with the Holo-lens and Glass respectively.  I propose that dell takes advantage of the existing interest of AR technologies, and expands them into large scale environments. Some of the environments that would be good to see are Zoos, Aquariums and Planetariums where instead of just seeing a docile elephant in a pen, or a limited number of small fish in bowls, and immersive experience where one can stand inches away from a life size Gorilla or Lion.  Or enter into a massive water tank and "swim" with life size whales, sharks, and creatures iof the deep that cannot be housed in current aquariums due to varius circumstances (enviornmental/habitat restrictions etc.)  The educational applications are limitless, and if the technologies are implimented into a self contained environment, can lead to an ever changing experience for end users.  Every week/month a new "exhibit" could be launched to bring back patrons, leading to a year round income source with drastically reduced overhead expenses vs traditional zoos/aquariums.  Other applications include, but are not limited to: AR-Gaming, AR-Educational programs, AR-Enterprise support applications, AR-client support applications. 

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Horizontal and Vertical sliding Dual Screen Laptop

May 31, 2016

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Status: Acknowledged

Dell,Nowadays, thin display screens are available in the range 1mm to 2mm thickness and light weight. So there should be  no problem in stacking two screens one beind the another.There are many ideas about implementing a dual screen laptop. This is one idea where the screens can be slided horizontally or verically based on user convenience and application.In screnarios, where tasks are related,example: stock trading - stock analysis, geograaphical satellit image editing analysis, audio channel waveform editing analysis, animation graphics studio work, web videocast and questions to the presenter,  multiple screens are needed.  Here  comparison of the content of one screen with another is must for doing work, Based on large number of peoples' experience it is found  users prefer screens  be present one above the other in vertical  mode.In screnarios, where tasks are independent,example:  in one screen  text editing, in another screen  web browsing a typical user prefers screens be present side by side in horizontal mode. As an extension to this idea, in the vertical mode the top screen can be bent 180 degrees using swivel or hinge so that the top screen face the person sitting opposite to the laptop user.The chassis development experts of Dell, can make a better approach of implementing these ideas.These ideas can also be implemented in the monitor of the desktop computer.Few images about this dual screen laptop setups are shown below:- voxmu

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