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Flat Mouse

Dec 15, 2016

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Hace poco en mi trabajo leyendo un buen material note que cada vez que leia una hoja debia acercarme para usar el mouse y pasar a la siguiente pagina cuando note esto es incomodo el mouse no ha cambiado nada su diseño orginal sigue siendo el mismo mouse.  Y me pregunte porque no podemos sacar el mousepad de una portatil en una version mas grande para usarlo como Mouse en las desktop, que fuese incluso inhalambrico y me permita moverlo de mi escritorio para usarlo como una tableta y haci poder navegar comodamente desde mi silla reclinable en un monitor grande sin necesidad de cada vez estar usando el mouse tradicional. Incluso me parece que la el mouse actual produce el tunel carpiano y algo plano ayudaria mas a las manos a no usar esa posicion incomoda actual ya es tiempo que el Mouse evolucione, Atte: Marco Fonseca Cel 504-98001453 Recently in my work reading a good material note that every time I read a sheet should approach me to use the mouse and move to the next page when I notice this is uncomfortable the mouse has not changed anything its original design is still the same mouse. And I wondered why we can not take the mousepad from a laptop in a larger version to use as a mouse on the desktop, which was even wireless and allow me to move it from my desk to use it as a tablet and made it convenient to navigate from my reclining chair On a large monitor without ever having to use the traditional mouse. It even seems to me that the current mouse produces the carpal tunnel and something flat would help the hands not to use that current uncomfortable position and it is time for the Mouse to evolve,

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A Vote Of Thanks To Those Who Have Served In American Service & Their Families Who Have Sacreficed And Are Disabled

Oct 21, 2011

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Hello, and thank you for this opportunity to share my ideas here.  I am speaking on behalf myself and other "Mother's of Service Men and Women Who Have Served and Veterans Who Have Returned, And Are In Distressed, Homeless or Unemployed Situations Here At Home"  Okay, I know... long title... but here is my idea and story. I got to thinking of myself and others who might be in simular situations. I am the daughter of Ret. Air Force parents, a Navy husband who served, a mom of a Navy son, a Army son and Army daughter-in-law, and a Marine stepson. So to say the least... we are American Proud" During the my childrens' service in Iraq (2003 to present they are still over seas working in some capacity). I don't really get to see them or talk to them much (because of distance, lack of pc and phone costs).  During their tour of duty I spent my four years homelessness, (2003-2007) due to a disability which occurred when I was attacked, which occured while they were away serving. Two of my children are still over seas today still working for the army in Kuait. I cant see them but for a day or two each year, if that, but I realize the importance of what they might be doing so I pray for them, (and myself) as they made or are making their sacrefice. No brothers, father or family to help or sustain me while my boys were away. And it got me to thinking. What about the veterans who have returned and are struggling to sustain themselves or the parents who have sacreficed, and are fallen? (ie. homeless, jobless, disabled) or stuggling heros here at home? Let me explain and share my story, for as it unfolded for me, I realized it must be other single moms who have given so much, yet have fallen themselves during their sacrefice. Much is thought of about the soldiers as they serve, but what about after they have served? Or, the single moms or fathers who have fallen while their children serve? Our veterans who have fought in most dire parts of the world return to little or no accolades or assistance. Returning to joblessness, homelessness and gunfire or threat of crime on the streets here at home. Yes, there are veteran services, but not the type of empoweing and self sustaining abilities that your current contest holds. They need to be afforded the same award of computers of their own to start businesses, research benefits, re-educate or just be able to keep in touch with their familes. After the gunfire... there still the silence of distance, and impovishment. I am proud of your actions to unite those who serve... I wish I had that opportunity, then and now to be able to reach my children who are over seas now too. But having had struggled through the worst event in my life, homelessness due to violence while my childen proudly serve(d) and still fighting to find my way back... I got to thinking... in this economic recovery phase we are in here.. there are mothers of soldiers, and soldiers retired, here at home who really, really, really need this same opportunity. Please don't forget about us too. Thank you. Diamond Ryan A mother of soldiers, a volunteer, and grassroots community advocate for homelessness and abuse.

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The 'finger' mouse

Oct 20, 2011

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Many laptop users like me, use a mouse to speed up ops. No doubt the mouse is quite handy and a good one is ergonomic and causes no strain on the hand/fingers, I still feel, if a device let's say 'finger-mouse' is created which can be wrapped around the finger (either index or center) can be used as a mouse with specified force pads for clicks, right or left, would be wonderful and less taxing on the fingers.  Perhaps Dell could design and patent!!!

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